Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


11. 11

Shocked gasps from the people could be heard throughout the court yard as the furious Satedan drew his weapon. Adults began to frantically scurry about gathering up all the children and quickly usher them either into the Common House or out through the gates of the stronghold.

Ronon paid little heed to the villagers running for safety; they were none of his concern. His focus was on the bastard standing a couple yards in front of him; that was until his attention was drawn to a handful of foolhardy young males – no more than teenagers – trying to sneak up on him from behind. They were determined to defend one of their own. The boys were coming to Crieve's defense armed only with primitive spears and naïve bravado.

With a firm shake of his head, Crieve ordered them to draw back from the tense situation. He knew – without a doubt – that their fighting skills were no match against a seasoned warrior such as Ronon – with or without the deadly weapon he wielded. Reluctantly the young men dispersed but were at the ready just in case an opening to take down the enraged Satedan presented itself.

Now having Crieve dead in his sights, Ronon could feel the beast stir deep within him. He glared at the man who had the audacity to kidnap his sister years ago in the hopes of selling her to the highest bidder. She would have been passed around like some common whore – to be used and abused at will. The mere thought of what could have happened to Alianna if Crieve hadn't stolen her back had the beast clawing to get out. Ronon gripped his gun even tighter. His anger rising.

It did not help matters any that she was now heavy with child – Crieve's spawn no less. Ronon was positive that the bastard had forced himself on her since his sister would not, in her right mind, choose this piece of flesh peddling scum as a mate and father to her children. The beast roared its frustration. Ronon felt its thirst for blood – its need for revenge for the injustice done to his sister. The fucker needed to die - had to die - and the beast had no qualms with spilling Crieve's blood to make things right.

Ronon tried to gain control of the violent nature of the dark beast by thinking of Jennifer - his anchor; his compass. He desperately tried to recall the sound of her sweet voice, her gentle touch and her serene lake blue eyes; but, without her actually being there to sooth his inner madness, he felt himself losing his hold on his sanity. The beast within snarled its hatred at Crieve. It demanded to be set free. To extract justice!

Ronon was slowly squeezing the trigger, ready to put an end to the piece of shit, when Alianna appeared in front of him. He blinked several times before his sister's face came into focus. She had watched the situation escalate and knowing Ronon's temper from past experiences, she had run as fast as a pregnant woman could to put herself between the two men. She grabbed Ronon's wrist, which held the death dealing weapon, and tried to move it to the side. Ronon stayed the course and kept the gun trained on Crieve.

"Alianna! No! Get out of the way!" Crieve ordered. "Go inside with the others!"

Ignoring the man behind her, she focused her attention on her brother. "Ronon! Please, no!" she pleaded. Tears glistened in her eyes, "Please don't!"

"Move aside Alianna." Ronon demanded not taking his eyes off of Crieve. He placed his left hand upon her shoulder to gently move her out of the way.

As all three focused on each other, none of them saw Thane quietly sneak up behind Ronon with his knife drawn until it was too late. The boy pressed the tip of his blade just below Ronon's left rib cage and flank – a deadly strike to be sure. If the boy followed through with the strike, then Ronon would be soon dead. The Satedan warrior stiffened and turned his head to glance down at the boy who stood slightly behind him. Ronon's eyes held admiration for the courage the lad showed and annoyance because now he had to deal with this problem.

Crieve shouted for Thane to get out of the way for he knew the deadly strength Ronon possessed and that the warrior was close to losing control. He would have taken action against Ronon but now there were three lives at stake – Alianna, Thane and the unborn babe. If he tried something rash, he did not know what would happen to them, so he stood still waiting for an opportunity to make his move.

Alianna was still holding fast to her brother's wrist when she realized what Thane was up to. "Thane put the knife away! Now!" she sternly told the boy.

"He is a threat mother." He said while pushing the tip of the blade a bit further into Ronon's side. Thane knew he had pierced flesh and drawn blood because he saw Ronon's shirt starting to turn red, however, the massive warrior never gave any indication of the pain.

"Boy," Ronon finally spoke in a steady unemotional tone, "are you prepared to follow through?" Ronon's green eyes were dark with pent up emotion as he glared at the mini-warrior who still stood slightly behind him. "Have you killed anyone before?" Ronon questioned.

Thane did not say a word.

"To be a true Satedan Warrior" Ronon continued, "one must have honor. Killing another from behind holds no such honor. This is a coward's way. Is that what you are? A coward?"

Thane pursed his lips, gripped the handle of the knife tighter and took into consideration what Ronon had said.

"Put away your gun and I might let you live."

"Are you man enough to look your enemy in the eye and take their life? Are you prepared to do that?"

Thane thought a moment then moved so that he faced Ronon, the point of the blade still drawing blood from Ronon's side. Thane had to switch hands to get a better angle and when he did like a flash Ronon grasped the boy's wrist that held the blade. With strength that amazed even Crieve, Ronon lifted the boy a good foot up off the ground. He applied enough pressure so that Thane had to drop the knife or have his wrist shattered. Once the boy had dropped the knife Ronon took his boot and slid it closer to him. Ronon easily tossed the boy away from Alianna and himself. Thane stumbled then fell face first into the dirt but was up within seconds - eager to finish what he had started. However between the time Thane got back up Ronon had picked up the knife and tucked it away in his belt.

Before the boy could charge Ronon, a by-stander grabbed Thane and pulled him out of harm's way kicking and screaming.

Without looking at his sister, he still kept the gun trained on Crieve. Finally getting his anger under control Ronon spoke through clenched teeth to Alianna, "You are with child and are not yet bonded. He must die."

"I have asked her many times over to be my mate and she refuses. That is no fault of mine brother."

Ronon growled at being called brother and stepped forward.

"Ronon stop!" Alianna pleaded. "I do not want to be bonded."

"What?" Frowning Ronon looked down at his sister as if she'd lost her mind. "You what? I don't understand."

"This isn't the Sateda that we once grew up in. It is all gone. Things are different." She said as she urged him to put his gun away.

"You know the child cannot hold the title of Al'drid if you are not bonded to the father." Ronon informed her.

"If you haven't noticed brother there is no need to have titles any longer. Our world is gone." With her hand still holding his wrist she placed her other hand upon his chest. "Everything is gone."

Crieve made his way slowly to stand directly behind Alianna. He placed his hands protectively upon her shoulders.

Looking into his sister's emerald eyes, Ronon lowered his gun and holstered it.

After several minutes of thought Ronon finally stated, "No. The tradition stands. As the elder of the house of Al'drid I decree that you will bond with this…this low life flesh peddler."

Hearing what sounded like an ultimatum, she placed her hands on her hips and brought herself to her full height of five foot five. She glared at her older brother. Taking a few deep breathes she angrily stated while poking him in his chest with each word uttered, "Elder? Elder you say?!"

Ronon was shocked at his sister's demeanor. Crieve just rolled his eyes, shook his head and announced, "You stirred up the nest now dear brother." Crieve laughed at the puzzled look on Ronon's face – which was priceless – and cautiously took a few steps back.

"I'll have you know Elder Dex that I have been taking care of these people for a very long time. More or less all by myself. I did not need a man to protect me then nor do I need one now to tell me what I can or cannot do!" she fumed.

Crieve frowned at that statement but wisely kept his mouth shut and let his better half continue her hormonal rant.

"I got them to safety when the Wraith came. I fed them. Kept them clothed. Saw to it that they were always one step away from any type of foe. Organized everything!" Alianna was beside herself with anger being told what to do from a brother that just walked into her life just this afternoon.

Ronon simply stood there not knowing what to do or say. His inner beast had crawled deep within him wanting nothing to do with this type of confrontation.

Emotional tears rolled down her face as she continued, "I did things Ronon; things that I am not proud of just to keep these people alive. I made sacrifices."

Ronon frowned at what she'd meant by that and planned to ask her once she'd cooled down which by the looks of it could possibly be next week.

She continued, "And you have the nerve to stand there and proceed to order..." Alianna's face grimaced. "Oooohhh!" She placed her hands on her stomach and doubled over gasping in pain.

Both men were by her side in an instant.

"Alianna!" they said simultaneously.

"Is it time?" Ronon asked as he took hold of her arm to support her..

Crieve took hold of her other arm. "No" he replied, "Tis too soon." Concern laced his voice when he whispered, "My love."

"I just need to lay down a bit. I need to rest. Please take me home Crieve."

Alianna and Crieve's dwelling wasn't too far away. Thane followed. He too was worried for his mother.

Once at the front door of the house Alianna turned and faced the men. She pleaded with them to get along if not for her sake then for the babe.

Both Alpha Males reluctantly agreed to try and get along.

"Go find Melena and introduce her to her Uncle Ronon." Alianna told Crieve. "Thane go with them. Make sure they keep their promise."

"Yes mother I will." Thane gave Ronon a look that could had frightened a Wraith to death. He was beginning to like this boy more and more.

Alianna kissed Ronon's cheek and then she placed a kiss on Crieve's lips. Seeing the worry in his wintery blue eyes she reassured him that she and the babe were fine. "Just let me rest a bit. And remember no fighting!"

Both men nodded.

Alianna walked into the house and after closing the door behind her she smiled a mischievous smile.

The fear of her going into premature labor should settle down the two hot headed men until they got to know each other better.

Now, she thought, what to make for dinner - she was starving!

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