Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


10. 10

It was nearing dusk as the day's fading sun grudgingly relinquished its rule of the summer sky over to the ascending twin moons. For the briefest of moments the heavenly bodies shared the encroaching night before the sun finally departed behind the ever vigilant mountain. By the time Ronon and Crieve made their way through the gates of the stronghold that surrounded the Common House the warmth of the day was gradually being chased away by the mountain's shadow.

The court yard was a buzz with activity. Ronon watched as people went about their chores. Some lit torches to illuminate the outside area, others rang dinner bells to indicate to the surrounding area that it was time to come and eat. Still others came from the cooking area carrying heavy trays laden with food while others were getting tables ready inside the lodge for what looked like a feast. It seemed everyone was assigned a task and it was all done proficiently. Not too far away Ronon caught sight of Crieve greeting people through all the hustle and bustle. They laughed, shook his hand and patted him on the back in a friendly welcome home gesture. It seemed the people trusted the merchant.

Scanning the area a certain group of villagers caught Ronon's eye. They were standing off to the side near the fortress gates. The villagers were whispering amongst themselves and casting suspicious looks at Ronon. The group fidgeted when he glared at them overly long. He started walking over to them when Ronon's attention was suddenly drawn to the doorway of the Common House. Nearly a dozen overly excited children came spilling out of the building. They immediately honed in on Ronon and Crieve. The men braced themselves for the onslaught. The children jumped up and down, touching and tugging at the men's clothes. They were in awe at seeing Ronon because they had never seen such a giant before in their lives.

Sensing after a moment that Ronon would not hurt them, the younglings squealed, laughed and danced all around the two men. Their laughter and playfulness caused the corners of Ronon's mouth to slightly curl into what possibly could be called a smile. He just stood taking everything all in. Ronon did not think he would ever see again Satedan children experiencing joy and laughter; not after the destruction of their world. Ronon watched as Crieve greeted the children with playful teasing. He chased and grabbed for them which in turn had them running away, screaming and returning for more.

Looking towards the Common House Ronon noticed Thane remained in the doorway of the lodge. His arms were folded across his chest; his face held no emotion which made him look very serious and dangerous. He reminded Ronon of a mini Satedan warrior - cautious and ready to do battle in a split second.

Crieve picked up a little girl and tossed her high into the air. She giggled, squealed and yelled, "More Da-Da!"

Ronon took a closer look at the child. She was possibly 4 years old with jet black curls and eyes as wintery blue as her father's. Her cheeks were a rosy red from all of the excitement. The laughter of the children brought the adults to a halt of their chores taking in the joy of youth. Ronon remembered an old Satedan saying 'The most valuable treasure was that of a child and their laughter'.

"How is my lil one? Hmm? You have been good for your mother while I was away?"

"Yes Da-Da. I have been good. Thane has not." The little girl pouted prettily.

Crieve chuckled at that little information. "No? He has been bad?"

"Yes. He hid my doll from me again!"

The little girls silver eyes bore holes into her brother as he still stood in the doorway. "You must whip him father but not until he tells me where my doll is."

Trying to suppress the laughter Crieve mustered up as much seriousness as he could, "I shall talk to him lil one. I shall get to the bottom of this." Crieve tousled her ebony curls and said, "Lil Melena Da-Da will find your doll. Yes?"

The little girl nodded and smiled.

The color drained from Ronon's face upon hearing the child's name. Crieve had called the girl Melena. It was not a common Satedan name. What were the odds?

Taking control of the horrific memory of his Melena's last moments that threatened to overwhelm him, Ronon silently uttered, "Melena?"

Crieve put down the little girl so that she could go play with her friends. He looked at Ronon and said nothing.

"Is this some sort of sick game?" Ronon questioned.

"Game?" Crieve asked tilting his head puzzlement.

"Why name the child Melena?" Ronon demanded taking a step closer to Crieve his tone threatening. Feeling the tension between the two warriors the children backed away and sought protection from the adults that were gathering around the men.

"Because I am rather fond of the name." a soft female voice came from behind Ronon.

Ronon froze – his heart nearly pounding out of his chest. The familiar voice uttered behind him had the fine hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. It was a voice that he had not heard in nearly a decade – a voice that haunted his dreams and memories on occasion.

He swallowed and then slowly turned to see for himself the true owner of the voice. Standing in the doorway near Thane was a beautiful petite woman. Ronon's knees nearly buckled under him when he laid eyes on her.

"Alianna?" the name was just barely a whisper escaping from his lips.

The petite woman smiled, "Ronon."

Alianna walked the short distance to stand a few feet in front of Ronon. She looked him over not believing that the Satedan warrior that she knew and loved all her life actually stood before her. Ronon did the same. He looked her over from head to toe. Her long black hair was plaited in a braid that hung nearly to her waist. Unshed tears made her dark green eyes even darker. Her lips trembled as she looked at Ronon.

"I thought you were dead."

"And I you, sweet Alianna." Ronon said – his voice cracking with emotions.

They embraced each other trying to think back to happier times together. They hugged each other and thanked whatever gods there were in the universe for such a miracle.

"Ronon." she whispered softly. Now her tears fell down her cheeks. "It really is you." She placed a trembling hand upon his cheek still not believing he was really here.

The last time Ronon had seen Alianna was when the Wraith had come. She had been 18 then.

He wrapped his arms around her again. He had found his family. His actual blood family. He wasn't alone in the universe anymore. He had found Alianna, his baby sister.

"Brother" she whispered. "I only dared to dream for such a day."

Ronon stepped back to look over his little sister.

"You are with child!" he said surprised.

Laughing Alianna stated, "You were ever the astute one, big brother."

"You have bonded?" He looked at her neck but there was no Ny'dar there. "You are bonded, right?" He looked down at her swollen belly, then to her face. She was avoiding his gaze.

"Alianna? Who is responsible for this?" Ronon demanded to know.

Crieve was standing a few feet behind Ronon when he said, "Umm that would be me. I am responsible for putting the babe there."

Ronon turned to face the man who was dumb enough to be smiling with pride.

Ronon clinched and unclenched his fists at his sides. When he spoke he was barely able to contain his anger. "This is the woman you - - you fuckin' stole - -!"Ronon said in a deadly hushed tone.

Ronon was so angry that he was at a loss for words but not for action.

Before Crieve could answer the question, Ronon had nailed him with a right cross; solidly connecting with the man's jaw.

The punch had Crieve reeling back and to the side. He regained his balance and righted himself rather quickly. Moving his jaw back and forth to make sure it wasn't broken he spat blood onto the ground then wiping his mouth gingerly with the back of his hand, he smiled at Ronon. His wintery blue eyes twinkled wickedly as he exclaimed to Ronon "Is that the way you treat family? After all we are Brothers!"

Ronon saw red. He quickly unholstered his gun and aimed it at Crieve. "Time to say good-bye asshole!"

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