Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


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Hang on tight.  We're going for a ride!!

Welcome back reader.  Hope you enjoy the second installment of Ronon and Jennifer's journey together.  It is a rough one!  I would appreciate any feedback from  you.  Comments are always welcome.

Thanks again and enjoy the reading!



Jennifer had awoken early and couldn't go back to sleep. Looking at her bedside clock, she calculated that it would be nearly another four hours until her shift started. Sighing, she got up to go for a run. Thoughts of a certain tall, green-eyed warrior danced through her mind as she jogged her route. He was off-world on a trade mission. He'd only been gone for two days; and, yet it felt like months since last she'd seen him. She expected him back sometime today. She was glad about that because she missed him terribly.

Coming to the east pier Jennifer stood at the railing and watched the sunrise. She watched the horizon as the pale golden orb slowly rose over the depths of the calm blue ocean and began stretching its rays out towards her as if in need to touch her; to make sure she was really there watching its grand beginning of the day. As the sun lovingly kissed her skin, she stood pondering the last two weeks since returning from her first off-world trip. She caught herself smiling a stupid silly grin. A lot had happened since then.

After the confrontation in the alley, Ronon had become more attentive towards her. Once back through the gate, he had continued to carry the medical bags to the infirmary. She had assured him that she could carry them now. She had felt guilty because Ronon had hauled the heavy bags for miles. However, he refused to relinquish the burden to her and waved his hand for her to lead the way to the infirmary. The man was insistent that was for sure. Having deposited the bags to the medical stock room; he had offered to help her put everything back. She thanked him but politely told him that she could do it. He had nodded and left.

After restocking the medical supplies, Jennifer went to her office and had gotten caught up on some paper work. When she had looked up an hour later, Ronon had been standing in the doorway to her office watching her. Ronon did not have to make a grand entrance anywhere, she concluded. All he had to do was just stand in any spot and his presence alone commanded attention. He had asked her to join him for a late dinner and impulsively she'd agreed. Since then they had hardly been apart from each other.

Her smile broadened when she remembered just last week the incident at the Atlantis bar. Ronon had gone off-world for a couple days. Lieutenant Laura Cadman had come by the infirmary and had invited Jennifer to the newly established bar. Jennifer liked Lt. Cadman – Laura. They were becoming fast friends. She was outgoing, fun-loving and very adventurous. Cadman would not take no for an answer. So she went.

While there Jennifer actually had fun. She had laughed at Cadman's rather off-colored jokes and was just having a relaxing good time. That was until two Marines had come up to both women and pulled a Maverick / Goose re-enactment of Top Gun – singing 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' to them.

Jennifer's face was beet red with the attention. Cadman just rolled her eyes, shook her head and ordered two more shots of whiskey. Jennifer wondered what Ronon would do if he were here to witness this spectacle. She didn't have to wonder for long. As if she'd conjured him up just by her thoughts, he was suddenly standing behind the two annoying recruits. With his brows knitted together, he had looked from one to the other, and then finally stepped in between them disrupting their pick-up routine. Ronon took Jennifer's hand and led her out of the bar.

One of the Marines had decided to flirt with disaster when he heatedly claimed to Ronon that Jennifer was with him. She had her mouth open to deny such a claim, when Ronon stopped, turned and just glared at the man. Jennifer was terrified. If the Marine had said such a thing to Brian, he would have been grilling her once out of ear shot of everyone. But Ronon was not Brian she reminded herself for the hundredth time. He just silently glared at the man who was doing a terrible job at posturing his dominance over the situation. Finally after a tense moment, Ronon just looked the guy up and down then snorted and walked out of the bar with Jennifer in tow.

Ronon still had that gruff exterior, but she started to see through it to a more intricate man. She realized he shielded himself from others so that he would not hurt them emotionally nor be hurt by them. There were only a handful of people that Ronon lowered the shield a bit for, and there was only one that he let it fall completely away – that was with her. He trusted her. He had trusted her enough, in their short time together, to tell her of the dream that always woke him from a sound sleep. A dream that he never remembered, but somehow knew was important.

At the end of only two weeks, she had fallen madly, completely, and hopelessly in love with Ronon Dex. Shaking her head she just couldn't believe how intense the feelings she had towards the man had become. Being around him made the one thousand and one butterflies in her stomach multiply to about a million. She felt like a giddy school girl. She never felt like this with Brian; not even when they first met. This was something special with Ronon.

The sun was just barely skimming the horizon when she felt him standing behind her – silent as always - he was back early. She still hadn't gotten used to that – knowing when he was near. She didn't know what it was; if it was his alien DNA or the galaxy itself, but she knew when he was close – just as he knew, more often than not, where to find her. It was like they were somehow connected. She could not explain it nor did she want to. She just accepted it as a part of them.

"Beautiful." he whispered, his strong arms wrapping around her from behind. He pulled her close; molding their bodies together.

"Yes. Earth's sunrises are beautiful but here on Atlantis the sun is spectacular." She leaned back enjoying his closeness.

He nuzzled her neck. His warm breath tickled as he spoke, "I wasn't talking about the sun sweetling, I didn't even notice it there."

She just smiled and thought how someone the size of Ronon could have such a soft and romantic side. His touch was always gentle with her. But he possessed raw power that if provoked could demolish an opponent or enemy without blinking.

She turned around in his embrace. Looking up at him she frowned. He looked drained. She placed her hand on the side of his face. "You look tired. Is it the dream again?"

He slid his hand down her bare arm and wrapped his long fingers around her tiny wrist. He smiled slightly when he felt her pulse quicken at his touch. Turning his head he kissed her palm, and then placed her hand over his heart. Sighing, he nodded. "The dream comes more often now."

"And you still can't remember anything about it."

He shook his head no, but in truth he remembered one part of the dream – a most disturbing part. It was where Jennifer was falling into a dark abyss – reaching out to him, calling his name and he was powerless to save her.

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