The bad boy

A bad boys dream to become charge of me what do your friends expect when I fall for him but will I get access to Luke when there's the queen slut in the way


1. prologue

Hi I'm Julie today is the first day of my new school I had to move to Sydney because my brother John who is eighteen I'm only sixteen had a job it was a discover thing . I had to leave my boyfriend we were dating two years and he didn't want a long distance thing I'm never gonna find true love. so as I was saying it's the first day of my new school I'm scared. I used to get bullied in my old school until I told someone. So this storey is how I fell for a bad boy.

My Alarm goes of "holy shit it's the first of my new school what the fuck am I going to wear" I say while getting up of the bed

I look through my wardrobe eeager to find something to wear finally I pick out my white vans a nirvana top and a pair of jeans with holes in them I stick them on brush my teeth and straightened my hair I go down the stairs to my mum and dad kissing

"Get a room" I shout over to the

"Julie I never knew u were standing there" my mum quietly mumbles

I giggle and ask "I was just getting my beanie and some strawberries um dad can u drive me to school"

"Of course" my dad awnsers

I hop into the car and sat my bag on my knee wile putting on lipstick looking in the car dad gets into the car and puts his seatbelt on wile telling me to

"Dad I'm not two years old I know "

"Ok honey" my dad says to me in a sarcastic voice

After a 10 minute car ride I arrive at the new school I get out of the car with my school bag on one shoulder gazing at the biggest school I've ever seen in my life

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