cinderemmings [l.h.]

she never thought she would met with this way. after all, the best relationships often happen unexpectedly. but did she expect him lying to her about his identity?


1. x one [prologue]

prologue & cast

v a l e r i e ' s   p o v

I stared blankly at my computer screen, as my hands froze upon the smooth keyboard. Taking a deep breath, I shut my eyes, and threw my head back. My mind was blacking out. My hands were cold. My heart stopped. Maybe this was how love felt like. I built my walls so high, but he still managed to tear them down. Why didn't I realize this earlier? Love is a myth. Love doesn't exist. 

And the worst part? He lied. Something I thought he would never do.

Luke Hemmings, I fucking hate you.


c a s t

valerie brooks - undecided

luke hemmings as himself

evie brooks - Madison Beer

eva brooks - Madison Pattis

mrs. brooks - roselyn sanchez


yay :D i've been wanting to write this book for so long and here it is! <3

i reaaaaaally hope you like whats of it so far

(please don't be mad at me since i made madison pattis the bad girl. haha i love her )

please comment below on who should be valerie. its literally so late and i'm still google searching. i literally googled 'victoria secret models under 25' 



i'm not 

yay :D Bye


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