My Escape~Avicii.

The world. A dark place. As I walk down the street, I'm enveloped in sadness, depression and darkness. I fade right into it. I'm reminded of him. Tim. Whenever I see his smile, I feel hope. Happiness. He's my escape. The only one who makes me feel better. Tim. Tim Bergling. My escape.


1. Tears

I walked down the street, tears falling from my eyes. The rain poured down on me. I was cold, lonely, and depressed. How could he? I was always there for him. I helped him when he was down. I thought he loved me...and I see him with another girl? Saying she's the only one for him? What was I, old dirt? 

Tears filled my eyes as I sat down on the side of the pavement, tired, cold, and depressed.

All of a sudden I heard a laugh behind me. I started to get up and run, but I was too slow.

Two arms surrounded my neck. I was being choked. I tried to scream and fight. It was useless.

I kicked. The arms slipped off my neck and I ran. A man appeared infront of me and grabbed me.

"What do you want?! Leave me alone!"

"Ella! I'm coming!" A voice said.

A smile crept onto my face. 


He ran up and smacked both the men hard in the chest.

"Can't you leave a girl alone? PERVERTS!" He shouted.

As the men ran away, he came towards me and gave me a hug. The warmth from his arms made all the negativity fade away.

"Ella..What happened? Why are you all alone?"

"He...he.." My voice broke off.



"No. He's going to pay for this. I've always told you that.. if the sky comes falling down..for you, there's nothing in this world I would do.",he said. His lyrical ways always made me smile. He was the best friend I could ever ask for.

"Tim..thank you. You always make me feel better. But please, don't hurt Eric."

He sighed and said," Fine. Next time he hurts you,I won't listen."

I smiled. "Thank you, Avicii.", I grinned.

He laughed and said, "Thanks for the name again. I finally got a gig!"

With a shocked face I said, "What? No way! Thats amazing." and gave him a big hug.

"I know."


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