What happens when Ashely gets adopted by Ashton Irwin? What happens when she gets feelings for one of the band mates? Read to find out!

I suck at writing blurbs so bear with me here. :)


7. 8


A good looking female doctor walks into the room, looking at her papers.

'Boys? Ashley is going to wake up in the next hour or so,' The doctor began 'However she will need to be checked up on about twice a month for three years and pills every night from now on.'

'Okay, thank you so Much!' Luke says

'When can she come home?' Calum asked curiously

'After she wakes up we will have to do some tests, give her medication then she should be good to go, however she should be monitored for the next week or so.'


Sorry it's short. I'll update in the next few days.

Bye lovelies!

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