What happens when Ashely gets adopted by Ashton Irwin? What happens when she gets feelings for one of the band mates? Read to find out!

I suck at writing blurbs so bear with me here. :)


5. 6


'Sombody call 911! Quick!'

'I can't find my phone!' Ash yelled

'Here's mine! I'll call!' Mikey shouts 'Hello! I need an ambulance! - She walked into us having a fight and now she's shaking! -HURRY'

'What the hell is happening!? Ashley? Can you hear me? It going to be okay. Alright? C'mon! Your gonna be okay.. You have to! Do it for me- and the boys! There's an ambulance coming! Don't worry!' Calum says

'Hello! Did you call an amulance?'

'YES! You have to help her!' We all shout

'We will do our best! Now two of you ride with us in the ambulance and tell us what happened. The other two drive behind us.' Paramedic number one says. She has blonde hair in a pony tail and blue eyes

'I don't feel a pulse!' The other paramedic says. He is a man with a sharp nose and is black hair styled into a quiff.

'Get her on a backboard!'

They lift her onto the yellow price of plastic.'

'Still no pulse!' He yells

The a take two electric panels and press them to her chest. 'Clear!' She yells


'Still. No. pulse!'

'One more time. Clear!'


'No. Pulse. '

'Cpr! I'll get the gurney!'

'Help her!' Calum yells he has a tear rolling down his cheek


They have to help her! She can't die!

Mikey walks over and engulfs me in a hug. Soon the other boys join in.

'BLONDIE! JAWLINE! Come over here. Curly and bubble gum. Follow us!'

We jump into the back of the ambulance and explain what happened- we were late getting in and the boys were yelling and she just. Fell and shook.

'I can't tell you for sure but she may if just went into a stress induced seizure. '

'What?' Luke and I ask

'A tremendous amount of stress caused her to seizure. Anyways were at the hospital. Wait in the waiting room. We have to do some tests. '


What the hell! What just happened?! I look down the grey hall empty except for the boys who just showed up Calum and I.


By now hours have passed. With still now word from any doctors. Ashton has his head In his hands Calum is pacing and Michael is biting is nails.

'Hello. Are you here for Meagan?' A tall tan lady with brown hair asked

'No. Sorry' I answer

'Ashley! Anyone here for Ashley?'

'Us!' The boys and I yell, jumping out of our seats

'So Lucy, was in fact right. She went into a stress induced seizure. '

'Can w-we see h-her?' Ashton asks

'Yes. But she is still hooked up to tubes. And asleep. '

'O-okay' We say and walk in to the room.

There are tubes hooked up to her and an IV in her hand, she looks so vulnerable, so helpless.

'Ashley,' Calum muttered 'Wake up!'

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