What happens when Ashely gets adopted by Ashton Irwin? What happens when she gets feelings for one of the band mates? Read to find out!

I suck at writing blurbs so bear with me here. :)


4. 4

We walk into the mall, huge mall, might I say. There has got to be eight floors! 


'What store do you want to go to?' Calum asks

'Apple,' I begin, exitedly 'I need a phone case.'


'Alright. One second, I need to do something.' He says reaching into his back pocket, pulling out a grey beanie he says, 'Disquise' He shoves the beanie on, puts on a fake lip ring and puts on a pair of blue sunglasses, He hands me a black snapback that says; 'Fuck everything,' bad ass.


  We walked into the store and thankfully, nobody noticed who we were. I picked out three iPhone cases, one had union jack, one was a panda, and one had a bunch of tumblr high heels on it. I also got an apple laptop and left the store, after paying the money we racked up, with Calums help.

We went into the next store, witch was ardenes and picked out four outfits. One had jean shorts, with a gray sweatshirt that had pink writing on it, with light brown caramel swayde boots.

The second thing was a dress with a floral design.


The third was a black top with a laced neck, a high waisted teal shirt and gold bracletes.

And the fourth outfit was a light pink sweater with black pants, brown boots and a red infinity scarf. I also picked out a pair of sunglasses, a floral clutch and some bracelets.

We paid the total, witch was $98.48, and walked out of the store into the next store, H&M. I chose a white laptop case, two journals, a notepad, black headphones, an ACDC book, a little blue change purse, and a tribal print sweatshirt.

After we left H&M we were quite hungrey so we went down to the food court, and got two large pizzas..




I just died my hair three diffrent shades of blue, and it looks really good! Anyways, we are going home now and I'm exited to see what the boys will think!

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