What happens when Ashely gets adopted by Ashton Irwin? What happens when she gets feelings for one of the band mates? Read to find out!

I suck at writing blurbs so bear with me here. :)


3. 3

Hey guys! Its Sara! Do you like the new cover? I get creds, and well, maybe Google too. 




Dear diary,


I just got adopted! Yay  I cant believe it though, and it was by Ashton Irwin! It was way worth the wait, though. They gave me a bunch of gift cards and money too! Calum took me out the day before yesterday to get a job and then he said he would take me out today to go to the mall to get some clothes an stuff. Oh, and did I mention that the boys also got me an iPhone? Well, they did! Eeek! Well, I should start getting ready to go shopping. Bye.


I shut my diary and stuck it in my drawer and glanced at my alarm clock while doing so;  12:57. Calum said he would take me at half past one. I need to hurry! I ran into my closet and grabbed a pair of maroon Keds, a pair of black trousers because it was rainy outside, and a grey knit sweater. I put my hair a high ponytail and applied some mascara, blush, foundation and pink lipstick. I grabbed my black purse, shoved my phone, wallet and some makeup  in it and zoomed downstairs. Calum was just putting his keys in his pocket when I arrived down stairs.


'Hey, ya ready ta go?' I asked him

'Yup.' He said , rather cheerfully


We ran through the rain to a black dodge journey. Calum opened the door for me as I hopped in, how nice. He shut the door and walked around the front of the car and got in himself. What a gentleman!


'What mall should we go to?'

'I dunno, whats the best one?'

'Sydney Central. It's amazing!' Calum cheered

'Alrighty.To Sydney Central we go!' I cheered








So for this book and my other books I'm going to be doing shory chapters but that means I will also be updating more! Yay? Okay, see you guys later! Baii


(heres a 5souce pic|


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