What happens when Ashely gets adopted by Ashton Irwin? What happens when she gets feelings for one of the band mates? Read to find out!

I suck at writing blurbs so bear with me here. :)


2. 2

'You okay, Hun?' Ashton said looking at my eyes


'Y-yeah.. I'm just.. S-scarred that's all.. I'm going to a new house, in a new place w-with new people. Y-you know what I mean?' I ask him



'Yes, I do. And Mike Luke and Cal will absolutely love you! There is not a thing to worry about. At all.' He tells me



'Who Mike Luke and mall?' I ask him


'Mall? You mean Cal?' He chuckles


'Y-yeah.' I say with a little giggle


'Well there my, well bandmates, aswell as my best mates. We have a band called Five Seconds Of Summer'He tells me smiling ' or Five Sauce.'


'Oh ok.' I say looking out the window again. I watch at the world whiz sees by my window, taking me far away from my life. My old home.






'Ashley, wake up we're here!' A voice whispers in my ear, I didn't realise I fell asleep. I fluter my eyes open and get out of the SUV. I grab my bass and penny board and Ashton takes my bag. Ashton puts my bag outside the door and I hand him my bass and penny board to put beside it.


Ashton twists the door handle and opens the door revealing a large room with dark hardwood floors and off white painted walls. In the middle of the room a white leather couch is placed on a red rug. A TV Is mounted on the wall directly across from the couch.



Three boys sit in the couch playing FIFA on an Xbox. The boy in the middle has his blonde hair styled in a quiff, the one to the right has lime green hair and pale skin and the one to the left has dark brown hair.


'Hey Ash.' The brunnete one says pausing the game and turning around. 'W-who's your new girlfriend?'



The other boys whip their heads around at the word girlfriend.


'This is Ashley, she's the chi- teen, I adopted.' Ashton explains


'Ohhhhh.' They chorus


'Hi.' I say shyly


'IM MICHAEL AND I LIKE TO PARTY!' The one with lime green hair yells

I look at Ashton and he chuckles.


'He's just joking around' he whispers into my ear

'Haha okay' I tell Ashton

'Im Luke!' The blonde says

'I-I'm C-calum.' The brunnete- Calum says

'Okay well I'm going to unpack. Can one of you show me to my room, please?' I ask making sure to use my manners


'I will.' Ashton says

'Okay' I reply simply


We go out side to get my bags and he leads me up a flight of stairs, and into a room. He opens the door and I drop my stuff, my jaw drops to the ground and my eyes bulge. The room is a lavender color, a double bed covered in black sheets is placed in the middle of the wall, a white night table at each side if the bed. There is a white desk on the other side if the room with a white dresser sitting next to it. My floors are a grey carpet. A bathroom with a huge glass shower and bathtub are accompanied with a toilet and a counter with two sinks and many drawers. My closet is a giant walk in with bright baby blue walls. Many dresses hang from the wooden tube. Shoes from converse to high heels to Vans to flats line a shoe rack.


'D-do you like it? The boys and I did it for you.' Ashton asks

'Ash, I love it!' I tell him




I place my last tee shirt in the drawer as my bedroom door opens.


'Hi!' A deep voice says

'Hi!' I say turning around and looking at the brunette boy standing in front of me in only black shorts 'Calum, right?'

'Yep. Well anyways the boys and I are going to bed, my room is right across the hall if you need me, okay?' He says

'Okay!' I say hugging him and pecking his cheek 'Night!'

'Goodnight.' He says leaving and shutting the door behind him

I put on a pair of batman pyjama pants and a pink over sized tee shirt I found in one if my drawers. I brushed my teeth and hopped into my bed and fell asleep.


I woke up and took a shower, I put my hair in a messy bun and put on a purple tee shirt with some jean shorts. I walk down the stairs and look through the cupboards trying to find a pop tart. After I find the tasty treat I follow the instructions on the box and put it in the toaster. While that heats up I find a small saucer and place the treat on it. I eat the chocolate flavoured treat and walk into the living room where the boys are playing FIFA, again.

'Morning.' They say

'Good morning!' I reply cheerfully 'Do one of you know where I can get a job? Like a corner store or somthing?' I ask them


'No, sorry.' Michael says

'Nope' Luke says

'Not off the top if my head' Ashton says

'I do, I can drive you If you want?' Calum asks

'Sure, I'll be ready in half and hour.' I tell him

'Okay' Calum says smiling



I walk upstairs and brush my long blonde hair in a pony tail. I put silver eye shadow on with a black cat eye. I fill in my lowet water line with a white eye pencil to make my eyes look bigger. I put on some black mascara and a pink lipstick. I go down stairs and see Calum waiting.

'Im ready' I say

'Ok.' He replys

He drives me to a local grocery store a few blocks from home.


'I know the owner, and he's pretty cool, I'll talk I him and see what I can do, are you okay staying in here for a few minutes?' He asks

'Uh yeah, Okay.'

'Ill be back in a few minutes, see ya!'

'See ya' I yell waving


As Calum said, he was back in a few minutes, smiling ear to ear like an idiot he tapped on the window and I rolled it down.


'He wants to meet you!' He says jumping up and down

'Ok.' I say laughing at his idiotic jumping

We walk in to the big Walmart store and he leads me to the back. We are greeted by a man with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He is wearing a blue vest and black pants.


'Hi, missy, are you Ashely?' I asked smiling

'Yeah.' I smile

'Come in here and I'll interview you' he tells me pointing to a room that says 'STAFF ONLY'

'I'm going to wait out here okay?' Calum says

'Okay!' I say

The man lead me into the small room that had a desk in the centre if the room with a few book shelves lining the walls which were a grey color.

'Tell me about your self, Ashely.' He says

'Okay, My full name is Ashely Ember Brimms, I am seventeen years old, I grew up in foster care and adoption centres because my parents died in a car crash when I was six. My hobbies are; Singing, playing bass, and penny boarding.' I say

He looks at me for a second and says 'Welcome to the business, Ashely, do you mind starting on Monday at 12:30 am? Today's Thursday, that gives you a few days to take it easy.'


'Yes! That's awsome!' I say smiling




'Thanks for driving me, Calum.'


'No problem, Ashy.' He looks at me smiling

'Ashy? Really?' I say rolling my eyes playfully

'Yup!' He says popping the P


I get out of the car and walk into the big house.


'Home.' I whisper, barley audible

'Home.' I hear a voice whisper behind me

I turn around and see lime head behind me 'Hey lime head' I say

'Micheal.' He says annoyed

'Okay, Limey!' I yell running inside laughing


Suddenly I feel Limey tickle me. All over. I can't contain my laughs. I laugh so hard the whole town can probably here me.


'Limey. Stop. Tickling. Me. Now. Please. ' I say not able to breathe


'Micheal.' He says 'NOT Limey! Got it?' He asks

'Yes!' I yell





'Ashley!' Luke yelled from down stairs 'Can you come in here for a sec?'


'Sure!' I yelled back, jogging to my door


I walked down stairs and the boys were all sitting on the couch. Micheal was eating Doritios, Ashton was tickling Luke and Calum was rolling on the floor laughing. HARD.


'Hemhem' I said cleaing my throat


The boys looked at me.


'Well? What the hell do you want me for?' I asked, putting my hand on my hip for added sassieness


'Well, we have a gift for you!' Micheal told me


'Oh god, it better not be a tickling machine.' I said looking at Micheal


Micheal let out a low chuckle before handing me a small box, covered in bright blue wrapping paper 'Here, open it!' Micheaal cheered

'Okay!' I said beginning to tear iff the paper. I first opened the envelope witch had a $100 Ardennes gift card, a $100 H&M gift card and $350 in cash! 'No way! Thank you!' I said to the boys

'Open the rest!' Luke cheered

'Okay,okay, jeez.' I opened up the rest to reveal an iPhone 6s in the colour rose! 'OHMIGOD! Thank you sooooo much! EEK!' I yell, a little to excitedly.

'No problem, there is already a plan with unlimited data and everything on it! And you can come to the mall with me today to get a case and buy some clothes.' Calum said pointing to my grey avengers t-shirt

'Yeah, okay!' I replied happily, biting my knuckle- a habit if mine


Hey guys! Is sara, the author! Who excited for the next chappie? I am! Sorry this one is short. My birthday was Sunday so I didn't have a lot of time to update! Sorry! Bye guys!




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