What happens when Ashely gets adopted by Ashton Irwin? What happens when she gets feelings for one of the band mates? Read to find out!

I suck at writing blurbs so bear with me here. :)


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Hey! I'm Sara! (The author of the story!) I just wanted to let you know what some of this stuff is.

POV: Point of veiw, who's telling the story

A/N: an authors note, a note from the author

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Ashely Brimms was a normal seventeen year old, aside from the fact that she was orphaned. You see, her parents died in a deadly car crash when she was five, she had been in and out of foster homes untill she was eight, and in an orphan edge up untill she was ten, when she turned eleven she was put in an adoption center. Well anyways, now that your up to date Ashely has long straight blonde hair, green and blue eyes a tall but slim figure and an awsome personality.


Ashely smoothed any creases out her uniform- a navy blue skirt and shirt with a crest labled 'MAJICLAS WANNA BE ADOPTIES' with a royal blue tie hairband and socks.- and walked down the small, cramped hallway to the steep stairs, and into the navy blue painted front room. The grey carpet brushed aganst Ashelys baby blue shoes as she walked towards the lineup.

Mrs Majicla came out of her office with a young man, in his twenties, mabye. The man had a grey beanie covering his light brown hair, he had on a pair of sunglasses, a pair of ripped up black skinny jeans a grey tee shirt and black vans.

'Girls, this is Ashton, he is hopefully going to be adopting one of you." She began, 'He has looked over all of your profiles which include your name, date of birth, age,etc. Now can I please have a volunteer for Ashton to interview first?'

Ashley was shy, but she wanted to be adopted, so she put her hand up quick, but not quick enough, Kate, the pretty, but rude one had been chosen first. But that didn't mean he would adopt her for sure, did it? Ashton and Kate went into a small room just aside from Majicla's office. Ashley fumbled with her nails waiting. After a few minutes Ashely heard a door open, her head shot up, seeing Kate leave the room with a smirk on her face.

'Next Ashely go into the room, please' Mrs Majicla's voice echoed around the room

Ashely did as she was told walking to the door. She took a few deep breaths. In, Out, In, Out. She reached for the door handle and opened the door.

'H-hi' Ashely stuttered

'Hey.' Ashton smiled sitting up in his chair a little

'Well, I'm Ashely, I am seventeen and I like to penny board, play the bass and sing.' She told him

'Okay, well I have a few more girls to get through but I honestly think that you have a good chance of being adopted, don't tell' Ashton said in his strong accent- Australian mabye?

'Deal.' Ashely said with a slight smile showing her straight white teeth

Ashely walked out of the room smiling. She found a spot at the back of the room and sat down. She replayed the memory in her head. She might be getting adopted! Might.


'Children! ' Mrs Majicla's shrill voice echoed through the room ' Ashton has chosen one of you. Ashton who did you chose?'

'I choose..., Ashely!' Ashton says

'M-me?' Ashely stuttered

'Yes!' A few voices whispered

Ashely couldn't believe her ears, not only was she getting adopted, but she would finally get out of this place!

'Ashely! Go pack your bags!' Mrs Majicla said

Ashely did as she was told and began to pack her bags, nothing much, really, just a few pairs of underwear , three grey tee shirts a pair of jean shorts, a pair of skinny jeans, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hair brush. She went under her bed and got her bass and her blue and green penny board, she then put everything at her door. She grabbed an old nirvana tank top that she had found and a pair of cut off jean shorts and changed from her uniform into the outfit she brought into the bathroom.

When she came out if the bathroom, she saw Ashton sitting on her single bed.

'Oh, uh hi. I was waiting for you, but I'm not a stalker I promise!' Ashton say with a chuckle

'Okay! If you say so.' Ashely giggled

'Here I'll take your guitar and your bag, you can take your penny board.' Ashton says

' okay. And Ashton?'

'Yeah?' He said smiling

'Its not a guitar it's a bass'


HEY! So, this is adopted! By the way, I'm crap at writing first chapters, so bear with me! Lol.


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