15 year old Anna West can't wait for her 16th birthday party. It all goes as planned until an unexpected visitor shows up. Why him?



                        "Anna! Kate is here! You're supposed to be riding your bike to school with her today. Come downstairs," Mom calls up the stairs.


                      "One sec Mom! I'm just brushing my teeth," I say and roll out of bed. I quickly pull on a green tank top, my denim jacket, and a pair of denim shorts. I put my hair in a ponytail and rush into the bathroom. After I've brushed my teeth I grab my backpack and phone out of my room and run down the stairs.


                  "Honey, you look like you just rolled out of bed. I set your alarm for 6:00. It's already 7:30. What happened to you," Mom asks me. I roll my eyes at her and start walking to the door with Kate.


                   I answer, "It's not a fashion show Mom, it's high school!" I grab my bike out of the garage and start pedaling down the street with Kate.


              "So, what are your plans for your sweet 16," Kate asks me.


           "I'm going to invite the whole school and have a band playing," I tell her as I park my bike at the bike rack.


         Kate says, "You're really lucky Anna West! Maybe Chad Quint will be at your party!" I laugh and walk towards the school doors.


        "See you in Science class," I say.



         After school, I'm walking towards the bike rack when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and I see Kate standing there.


           "Hey Anna, my mom just pulled up. She said I have a dentist appointment and have to leave with her right now. I'm taking my bike with me. Text me later," she tells me.


            I nod as she walks away. When I get home Mom is sitting at the kitchen table on her phone. I grab an apple from the fruit basket and sit down next to her. I pull out my phone and check my texts.


           Mom says, "Anna you need to do your homework. I have a meeting with the girls tonight at 7:00. You need to be done your homework by then. I'll let you stay home alone but I don't want you not caring about your homework. It's important. Have you gotten any replies about your party yet?"


         "I won't mom and let me check. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I need to call Kate right now! Oh my god," I yell and race upstairs and I flop onto my bed. I dial Kate's cell number and she answers right away.


      I say to her, "Oh my god Kate! I have the best news ever! Chad Quint just texted me! He's coming to my party!"


         She replies, "Kate this is the best news I've ever heard! I'm coming over in an hour!"


      I laugh and hang up the phone. I put on my nightstand and grab my homework binder out of my backpack. Mom knocks on my door and comes in.


     "I thought you had just gotten engaged you were so excited! Glad to see you're doing your homework now. I'm making dinner so come down in 10 minutes," Mom tells me.


     I giggle, "I might've be getting engaged! Just kidding! Kate is coming over in an hour and I'll tell her that she can eat dinner with us."


      Mom smiles and leaves the room. I finish the paragraph I'm writing and pull on my hoodie and slippers. I hear footsteps on the stairs so I open my door. Mom is standing there with a bowl of pasta in her hand.


     "You said you would be down in 10 minutes! It's been 20! Come on. Kate is downstairs, already eating honey. Wash your hands and get downstairs," Mom explains.


        After I eat dinner, Kate and I go into my room. It's 5:30 and Mom said Kate has to leave by 6:30. We pull out my magazines and start reading. RING! RING!


Kate picks up her phone, "Yeah. Mom chill. It's all ok. Don't worry. I'll be home in 5."


    "I have to go," She says and runs out of my room. I say goodbye and put down my magazine. Mom comes into my room and sits on my bed.


     "What happened with Kate? Why did she leave," Mom asks me.


     "I don't know. I'm just gonna lay down. I have a headache Mom," I respond.


    She nods and kisses the top of my head. She shuts the door behind her and I turn on my TV. I put on Ghostbusters and eventually fall asleep.




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