I'm Ariel, I like to think of myself as a typical teenage girl, but Nick changed all of that and turned my life upside down.

Nick is not your average guy, he runs the biggest baddest gang in California, he's the most known guy but he's still the biggest mystery.


7. chapter 7:

~Nicks pov~

"Actually, what the fuck are you doing here" I demanded angrily.

"Phoenix, is that anyway to greet me?" She pouted, crossing her arms.

"I don't care which way I need to greet you" I scoffed. "You're not the queen around here" I rolled my eyes, she always felt as if she should get special treatment.

"You've become so heartless" she frowned.

"You've come into my house, without an invitation" I sighed. "If you aren't going to tell me why you're here, I have better things to do" I said, thinking about Ariel waiting up there for me again.

"I didn't think I needed an invitation" she trailed off.

"Still wasting my time" I groaned.

"Okay okay" she began. "I got kicked out" she said quietly.

"What the fuck!" I boomed. "Why did you come here? You're an idiot" I tired to say calmly.

"Because I had no where else to go!" She cried.

"That is bull shit" I yelled.

"It's not, I tried everywhere else and they wouldn't even consider it" she yelled back.

"Then go find a foster home, don't come here" I groaned.

"I'm sorry to bother your life, like I did everyone else" she sighed, starting for the door.

"Why'd you get kicked out?" I asked, stopping her.

"I didn't fit into the perfect life anymore" she shrugged.

"Fine, you can stay" I sighed. "But there is something you need to know, and some rules you need to follow" I instructed.

"Of course, anything" she nodded, her face lighting up.

"I run a gang, so you have to listen when anyone tells you to do something, because I know that's why you got kicked out" I said. "And don't date any of my guys please" I said, making a face.

"A gang?" She gasped.

"Yes, the biggest one around" I shrugged. "And you won't be that big of a part of it either so don't worry" I sighed.

"Okay" she nodded. "Thank you" she smiled gratefully.

~Ariel's pov~

Nick disappeared downstairs an hour ago, so me being curious, I walked downstairs and stood outside the living room entrance to eavesdrop.

"What are you doing?" Callum walked past me, confused.

"I just wanted to see what was going on honestly" I muttered.

"He's just talking to some girl" he shrugged.

"WHO!?" I accidentally yelled. "Oh fuck" I gasped, covering my mouth.

"Ariel" Nick said, I peaked my head around the corner and smiled at him sweetly. "Come here" he gestured.

"Are you mad?" I asked, hugging him.

"No, I expected you to come around here at some point" he chuckled. "I want you to meet someone" he said, turning me around to face the girl.

She was pretty, too pretty. Maybe they were together and I'm just going to get kicked to the curb? Man I worry too much.

"This is piper, my little sister" he said and a wave of relief washed over me. "Piper, this is Ariel" he introduced me, I just gave he a small wave.

"Phoenix, she's pretty" she looked at him. "You're gorgeous" she smiled, looking at me.

"You're pretty too" I laughed, leaning back into Nicks chest.

"She's not wrong" he whispered in my ear, causing me to blush hard. "Piper will be living with us" he announced.

"We're going to be best friends" she squealed.

"Callum" Nick called, and he came into the living room seconds later.

"I wasn't listening in, I was-" "don't worry about it" Nick cut him off, with a chuckle. "Show piper to her room" Nick said, handing him her bags and whispered something to him.

"Yes boss" Callum nodded quickly with fear. "Right this way" he gestured, letting her walk in front of her.

"What's you want to tell me?" I asked him eagerly.

"Maybe you're ready or maybe I'm rushing it" he rambled, "but let's do it, you and piper will become a part of the Royals" he shrugged.

"I mean, that's cool" I said. I'm screaming inside, just high pitched screaming. I'm freaking out, but I have to keep my cool.

"We start now" he stated.

"Now?" I gasped.

"What better time?" He asked.

"Like next week" I muttered, hoping he didn't hear me.

"Go to my office and I'll go get Piper" He instructed, I was almost too stunned to move, this is crazy.

I found myself sitting in Nicks big office chair, waiting for them to come in. I was nervous, I mean what kind of stuff will I learn? Probably some pretty bad things...

"Comfy?" Nick asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Quite" I nodded thankfully, but he just gave me a look. "You want me out, I get it" I muttered, going to lay down on the couch he had.

"You two are going to hear a lot of shit, so you have to take an oath" he said. "I, blank swear that anything I hear to day will not be spread to anyone outside of the gang for if I do, I will be found, tortured for 30 days, then finally murdered" he said, me and Piper repeating after him cautiously.

~3 hours later~

I think we learned about everything at this point, so much information. I shouldn't even think about it on fear of being murdered!

"We good?" He asked, standing up.

"Yeah" Piper muttered while I just nodded numbly.

"Well, it's 4am, we should be getting some sleep" he said, starting out of the room.

"Goodnight" I nodded to Piper, quietly heading to Nicks room. He headed into the closest put his laundry away while I went to the bathroom to get some stuff done. Once done, I walked to the closest ignoring Nick as he passed me going to the bathroom, and changing into a pair of shorts and a sports bra.

"Are you okay?" He asked, causing me to jump and grab my chest as my breathing picked up.

"I'm fine" I said quickly, getting into bed.

"Love, please tell me" he sighed, bringing me into his chest.

"I'm just taking in all the info, no biggie" I shook my head.

"Okay, I hope" he trailed off. "Goodnight love" he said, kissing me on the forehead.

"Goodnight" I sighed in content, cuddling into his body more than I already was.

I woke up in the middle of the night and Nick wasn't there beside me, I didn't need him I don't think but I still panicked.

"Nick?" I called, sitting up and looking around. He didn't answer me though, I could either go look or stay here awake waiting... I wasn't really in a good outfit to go walking around so I'll wait. I sat there for what seemed like forever, even the sun came up!

"Ariel, what are you doing awake?" He said, noticing me sitting up once he walked in.

"Nothing" I muttered, fiddling with my fingers.

"Lay down" he said softly, crawling into bed next to me. "Please get some sleep" he whispered, kissing me up top the head.

"Will you stay?" I asked before I could stop the word vomit.

"Of course" he nodded, relaxing into the bed and I followed suit.

"Thank you" I said, while falling asleep.

~nicks pov~

I watched as she slowly fell asleep on my chest, she looked perfect. I brushed her hair away from her face to get a better look, she's gorgeous and I'm lucky. What is she doing to me? Obviously more than we both realize.

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