I'm Ariel, I like to think of myself as a typical teenage girl, but Nick changed all of that and turned my life upside down.

Nick is not your average guy, he runs the biggest baddest gang in California, he's the most known guy but he's still the biggest mystery.


2. chapter 2

"Girls, you can't sleep the whole day away" her mom burst into the room. "I made breakfast, your brother is already eating" she pulled the blankets off of us.

"Bring us breakfast in bed?" Cece asked, into her pillow.

"I'll pour ice water on you, does that sound better?" She asked impatiently. "Now get up or I'll throw out the leftovers" she threatened, walking out of the room.

"I want breakfast" I muttered, rolling off of her bed with a thud. " I'm going without you" I announced, walking downstairs to the kitchen.

"Ariel!" Tyler smiled once I came into his view, he was 3 and was just adorable.

"Hey kiddo, how are you?" I asked, taking the spot next to him and grabbing some food.

"Good, how are you?" He replied politely, he was really smart for his age and loved to talk.

"I'm doing better now that I got to see you" I smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"You two are just adorable" Jackie laughed, shaking her head. "He's convinced you two will get married" she smiled, messing up his hair.

"We are!" He defended, swatting his mom away.

"Don't worry babe, I'll wait for you" I smiled.

"If you two get married, we'll actually be sisters" Cece pitched in, taking a seat next to me.

"You guys are practically sisters" Jackie scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"You are just jelly that she likes me more" Cece challenged her mom.

"Totally jealous of you two" she laughed sarcastically. "Now, eat breakfast and take showers because you smell horrible" she said as she made a face.

"You are so sweet" I muttered, finishing my plate up. "Dibs on showering first" I announced, putting my plate in the sink. I grabbed a pair of black crops and a white muscle shirt and a sports bra, me and Cece share everything but underwear because that'd be really weird, we're close definitely not that close.

I couldn't help but think about Nick while I showered, he seemed like he was bad news by the way he handled himself. Although he was jaw dropping hot... I'm not looking to get into whatever trouble he's in.

"Ari, you've been in there for like an hour, is there any hot water leftover?" Cece yelled, pounding on the door.

"Oh yeah, hold on!" I replied, getting out of the shower and quickly drying off and getting dressed. "All yours" I smiled, holding the door open for her.

"There better be hot water or I'll pour a bucket of cold water on you or something " she threatened, slamming the door.

"Oh how I love you too!" I yelled at the door, taking a seat at her vanity and began to blow dry my hair.

~Nicks Pov~

"Callum!" I yelled, from my office within a couple minutes he came in.

"What can I do for you?" He asked, leaning on the doorway.

"Her names Ariel, that's all I know" I said, looking up at him a bit. "I just can't her her out of my head" I laughed bitterly, shaking my head. "You have the rest of the week to find her and bring her here, got it?" I asked him seriously.

"I do" he nodded quickly and clearly.

"No one knows about this project but the two of us" I motioned between us.

"Of course my man" he smiled.

"Good, now get to work" I said, shooing him off. I could probably do all this work myself, but I have people to do it for me super simple.

"Hey, am I interrupting something?" Lucas asked, knocking on the door as he walked in.

"No, what do you want" I sighed.

"You sound like something's wrong, is it about a girl?" He asked, rushing to take a seat.

"What do you want" I gritted out.

"Okay okay, we can talk about it later" he laughed a bit but continued when I glared at him. "Okay, we're down a baiter" he said, waiting for my reaction.

"What the fuck happened" I roared.

"Don't get mad at the messenger" he said, raising his hands in defence.

"What happened" I said lowly.

"Well Hannah just failed at baiting the guy yesterday, maybe she's lost her touch" he shrugged.

"Then we work Bianca harder and for every guy she baits Hannah gets beat" I said, trying to contain my anger.

"How long are we going to do that?" He asked slowly.

"Until the bitch breaks and wants to work again or we replace both of them" I shrugged.

"I- yes" he muttered, he knew not to fight me on stuff like this.

"And bring them both in here" I demanded as he was about to walk out the door. "You fucked up" I said as soon as the two walked in with Lucas after them.

"I'm sorry, it's not my fault" Hannah squeaked out.

"Don't bother, you know I'm not the one to get mad at my sweet little baiters" I trailed off, lifting Hannah's chin lightly.

"You look mad" she muttered.

"Shut up" I demanded, slapping her across the face before gently grabbing her face again. "You know now that you pulled the whole couldn't get a guy a stunt, Bianca's going to do all your jobs and you're getting punished every time she baits" I said fake sadly.

"You can't do that" Hannah gasped.

"Honey, you know better then to fight me on my decisions" I gritted out, grabbing her by the neck. "You're still both going to be out of a job because I'm replacing both of you" I said, dropping Hannah onto the ground. "Bianca don't mess this up before I do" I turned to her and she weakly nodded. "Lucas, get their tattoos removed, they aren't apart of us anymore" I said to him, stepping over Hannah and leaving the room.

"Who's the girl?" Lucas asked, running after me.

"Why are you so nosey?" I asked, a bit irritated.

"I'm not nosey, I like to call it curious" he smiled.

"Okay curious George, fuck off" I sighed.

"You really need to catch that girl" he laughed, walking away. He's right, fuck.

"Callum, update me" I burst into his room.

"I think I found her, but I mean I'm unsure because like I don't know what she looks like" he rambled.

"Let me see" I said, pushing him away from the computer. "That's her" I nodded, looking at the picture of the girl on the screen.

"Okay, I can't get her here alone" he said. "But I do have a plan" he offered.

"Fine, take Lucas the fuckers way too nosey I just want him out of the house for a bit" I groaned.

"Okay boss, I won't let you down" he saluted jokingly.

"You better not" I said in a warning tone as I walked out, he better get that girl here.

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