I'm Ariel, I like to think of myself as a typical teenage girl, but Nick changed all of that and turned my life upside down.

Nick is not your average guy, he runs the biggest baddest gang in California, he's the most known guy but he's still the biggest mystery.


19. chapter 19

~nicks pov~

"WHAT THE FUCK PIPER" I yelled, barging into her room later that night.

"What the hell nick, knock" she looked at me, taking back by the rage in my eyes.

"Don't tell me what the fuck to do, we need to talk" I told her straight up. "Why didn't you tell me about Hunter, you two were best friends I'm sure you fucking knew about him" I gritted out.

"Yeah I did know, she didn't want anyone in the family to know about the baby because" she trailed off, biting her tongue.

"Say it" I pushed, at this point I was fuming. She really doesn't understand anything.

"She didn't know if you or Dylan was the father" she blurted, waiting for my blow up.

"And you wonder why I got in that fight with him, why I resent my family, why I hate her the way I hate her" I shook my head, storming out. As soon as I shut her door I let out a yell and punched a hole through the wall.

"Dude" Felix breathed out behind me.

"Fix it, now" I told him, going up to my room. Ariel was laying down in bed, with hunter cuddled up in her lap. She ran her fingers through is hair and spoke to him softly, his eyes drooping ever so slightly.

"Is he sleeping in here?" She asked me.

"He can sleep in the guest room up here, leave our doors open" I told her, trying not to let my anger show. "I can take him there" I offered, picking him up and disappearing from my room. I took him across the hall and tucked him into the bed that rested there.

"Goodnight daddy" he said sweetly, looking at me.

"Night hunter" I smiled, kissing his forehead and turning out the light while I left.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Ariel asked as soon as I walked in the door.

"Talk about what?" I asked her, taken back a bit.

"Nick, im not blind, I can clearly tell when something is wrong and I know something is right now, so come lay down and talk" she demanded, I quietly followed her orders. I reluctantly laid down so my head was in her lap, she began running her fingers through my hair like she did Hunter.

"Gigi, moved onto our block when we were in elementary school. She's a year older than my sister and a year younger than me. Piper and her became instant friends so Gigi was around a lot. I admittedly admired this girl for a couple years before I decided to actually ask her out in high school" I smiled a bit, shaking my head. "She said yes of course and we dated for about 3 years, before this began to serious in the sense of sex and marriage, we were dumb naive kids and the condom broke on us, we just decided that it was okay and everything was okay" I sighed, closing my eyes into Ariels touch. "One day I had football practice, pretty standard and we got done early because one of our teammates got pretty hurt and coach let us leave, so I had plans with my brother, and decided to go home and just go into his room." I stopped, taking a break from the story.

"You can stop" she offered gently.

"No no, I have to finish, you need to know about my like, especially since there's a kid in the next room" I told her, continuing the story. "So basically I went into his room and walked in on him and Gigi having sex, they assured me it wasn't what I thought but I knew what it was, I wasn't dumb" I scoffed. "I punched my brother in the face, we got into the worst fight and he ended up in the hospital, we were so close and to have him do that, was a backstab, but I ended up getting kicked out of the house and here" I sighed. "Gigi only told my sister about the baby, she didn't tell us because she didn't know who's it was, like some sort of slut" I growled.

"I understand why you have so much resentment towards your family, your bother slept with your girlfriend, your parents kicked you out and your sister kelps the biggest secret ever" she sighed, looking down at me.

"Rub it in a little more why don't you" I rolled my eyes at her.

"You're so immature" she huffed. "I was going to say, you were never really at fault, your not a bad guy, things just didn't go as planned, but your perfect to me" she told me quietly. "You're going to make a great father" I smiled, I wanted so bad to tell her that she's going to make a great mother, but I bit my tongue.

"Thanks, I am going to do my best" I nodded.

"And you're not alone, you have me and the boys, they'll make some odd uncles, but at least we're a big happy family" she laughed.

"Your really right" I sighed, she happens to be right often. I guess that's what makes her Ariel. "What are you going to do once school starts again?" I asked her randomly.

"Well, I'm going to do my senior year, hopefully things will be going well between us and I'll continue spending a lot of time here" she shrugged. "I don't think it's something to worry about now" she told me.

I mean things are going great between us, but I haven't officially asked her to be with me really, maybe it was an implied relationship. I really don't do relationships so I don't know why in hell I'm worrying about how I'm going to possibly keep her around, I really want to keep her around but that's beside the point.

"You're thinking too hard" she interrupted my thought, running her hands gently down my tensed face. "You have the same thinking face all the time" she told me, a small smile on her face.

"I'll have you know I'm thinking of very important things right now" I told her, jokingly rolling my eyes at her.

"What might those things be?" She asked me excitedly, her face lightening up quickly. She won't admit it, but I'm sure she loves drama and secrets.

"I'm thinking about you, and how you mean a lot to me" I shrugged, getting up from her lap. I didn't exactly want to wait for the response, so I quickly got into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I picked up my pyjamas pants I left laying on the floor and slipped those on, slinking back into the room. "You ready for bed?" I asked her, about to shut off the light.

"Yeah, yeah go ahead" she nodded, getting under the covers. "Do you ever regret Gigi?" She asked me, as I got under the covers with her.

"Well yes, but I'm never going to regret hunter" I told her, looking up at the dark ceiling.

"Does that make you not want to date anymore?" She continued on, cuddling into me this time. Her head gently resting on my chest, her breath ticking me slightly.

"It did, I kinda been around a time or two but I've kinda given that up, once the right girl comes along, and things feel right, I'll definitely commit to her" I explained, shrugging a bit. "Now, I know you love to talk but I'd love some sleep" I told her, kissing the top of her head.

"Remember were meeting with Cecelia tomorrow" she reminded me, I instantly huffed.

"Don't remind me, I would never forget her" I pushed out a smile.

"Why don't you like her?" She groaned.

"It's not that I don't like her, you have to realize I run a gang, it's my job to be cautious about everything and everyone to keep me and everyone safe" I explained to her. Okay I'll be honest Cece really does get my nerves a bit, just for the fact that she seems so surprised about my personality and how I speak.

"She's a nice girl" she protested, huffing.

"Goodnight" I told her, shutting my eyes. I didn't hear another protest from her and I got to sleep quite peacefully. It felt like I was asleep for a hot minute, till I felt someone poking my face.

"Daddy" hunter prodded, starting to bounce on me.

"Go back to sleep" I groaned, pulling him down.

"But I'm not tired, I'm hungry" he told me, rolling around.

"Go wake someone else" I muttered into my pillow.

"I want you to cook" he announced.

"Then I'll cook when I wake up" I sighed, if this is what having a kid is like, I'm not going to be a happy camper.

"No, now" he demanded.

"Hunter, don't talk to me like that" I scolded him quickly. "You will use your manners" I told him sternly.

"Can you please make breakfast?" He asked me, looking down in shame.

"Give me a minute" I told him, getting up and grabbing a random shirt and sweats. "Ari, I'm going to go make breakfast, you can stay here" I said, kissing the top of her head and heading down.

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