I'm Ariel, I like to think of myself as a typical teenage girl, but Nick changed all of that and turned my life upside down.

Nick is not your average guy, he runs the biggest baddest gang in California, he's the most known guy but he's still the biggest mystery.


1. chapter 1

My names Ariel, and this is my story. You could definitely call it a cliche or just like every other love story you've heard, but me being who I am I'd deny it and tell you how different our story is... I bet I sound a bit crazy but I'm crazy about him and our story is still for from over but I'm guessing you want me to start from the beginning.

It started the summer before senior year...

"Honey, it's been a week since summer started and you haven't left the house, let alone your room" she sighed, leaning against the door.

"What's your point?" I gritted out, turning away from my show.

"Get out of the house, got to a party for all I care" she groaned. My mom always wanted me to be the perfect good child, which I wasn't exactly perfect but I wasn't bad, but those words still sounded so foreign coming from her mouth.

"Party?" I looked at her wide eyed.

"I know for a fact you've snuck out to them with your fathers permission and I would like you to get out of the house" she explained.

"This seems too good to be true, am I dreaming? Are you like possessed!?" I gasped, jumping out of bed and poking at her. "Should I pull some supernatural shit on you?" I asked quickly.

"See, too much time watching Netflix, please get a life honey" she joked, laughing a bit.

"For your information, supernatural is teaching me something's that could be useful in an emergency situation!" I exclaimed, she's got a lot of nerve talking about my babies like that...

"Honey, get out of the house, I expect you out tonight or I'll ground you from the house" she threatened.

"That seems like an odd punishment" I laughed, catching a look from her. "Fine, I'll go out tonight for your satisfaction" I smiled, rolling my eyes.

"Thank you!" She cheered, walking out of my room happily.

To: cece

Bruh, my moms MAKING me go to a party, see you in 5

Cece is my best friend, we've been best friends since the first day of kindergarten, people even mistake us for twins sometimes because we look and act alike.

I pulled up to her house and just let myself in, being greeted by her mom instantly.

"Ariel, so good to see you! You haven't been here in so long" she cooed over me, hugging me tightly.

"Jackie, It's only been a week" I laughed, hugging her back.

"A week too long" she laughed, "Cecilia is in her room" she smiled, backing away.

"Thanks!" I smiled, running up to her room. "I haven't seen the world in so long" I sighed, laying down next to her.

"A week can do that to you" she laughed, "okay, there's a party tonight" she said, in a tone I knew a but was coming and I wasn't going to like it.

"What's the catch" I demanded.

"It's a party that gets crashed a lot by the Royals" she trailed off.

"No" I gapped at her, they are hands down the biggest and baddest gang in California... I've never really crossed paths with them because we live in the richer parts but the thought of them definitely make me terrified.

"Don't worry, I hear nothing really goes down" she reasoned, I have her a signal to continue. "I hear a couple of them go, get drunk and find a couple chicks, they haven't gotten into a fight or anything serious" she explained.

"Fine, we go but we avoid them like the Black Plague my friend" I pointed my finger at her sternly.

"You say that now" she laughed. "We should get ready, it's already 9" she hopped up, every since our first party we've vowed to show up late because that's when it's the best and you make an entrance.

We ended up in matching outfits, white high waisted shorts, me in a turquoise crop top and hers was bright pink, and we wore black sparkly heels.

"You look hot" we said at the same time, causing us to laugh.

"We're going to blow up this party" she boasted as we walked down to the party which wasn't terribly far, but in heels it kinda sucked. "Okay party looks in full effect and it's 11, I say we have a few hours till the Royals show up" she explained as we walked up the driveway.

"I'll hopefully be drunk by then" I said determined, swinging the door open and being blasted by the smell of booze and sweat. "To the kitchen?" I laughed, dragging her there and grabbing a bottle of coke and a vodka bottle. About halfway through the bottle, me and Cece were definitely buzzed maybe almost drunk and we were having a hell of a time.

"I need to pee, let's go" she dragged me from the dance floor and to the bathroom downstairs in hopes it'll be less crowded, which it was. "Wait right here please" she told me before slipping into the bathroom, I hope she doesn't take too long.

"You're pretty" some guy slurred from behind me, scaring me. I turned around quickly to stare at him like a deer caught in headlights. "Didn't mean to give you a fright" he laughed, stepping closer to me. "Do you talk?" He asked rudely, but all I did was open and close my mouth like a damn fish out of water.

"Yes" I managed out, just above a whisper. "Could you leave me alone?" I said, a little louder. I'm quite socially awkward you could say, but I like to say I don't like people.

"I don't like being told what to do" he grinded out, slamming both his arms against the wall behind me causing a small scream to come out, what was taking Cece so long holy damn. "We're going to have some fun" he said sternly.

"Leave me alone" I pushed out while I tried to get him off of me.

"I don't think so pre-" "just let her go" another voice pitched in, it was deep and was drool worthy.

"Who do you think you a-" he cut himself off, turning to the guy behind him.

"Leave" the mystery guy said simply, causing him to scurry off. "Are you alright?" He asked, I finally noticed he had a hot Irish accent and was covered in tattoos but super hot.

"I-I- I'm fine" I stuttered out, breathing heavily.

"Well the names Nick" he offered a smirk.

"Ariel" I said quietly.

"Like the mermaid?" He asked shocked.

"Well yes like the mermaid but not after the mermaid" I explained.

"Ohh you met a cute friend" Cece gasped, stumbling out of the bathroom. "I'll leave you two alone if you'd like" she whispered to me, obviously not very quietly when I heard Nick chuckle.

"No, that's fine he was just leaving" I said, turning to him. "I'll see you around" I waved, dragging Cece upstairs behind me.

"Why did you do that?" She groaned, "you could've got on him" she hit me.

"Something set me on edge about him, he just told a guy to leave and he did it" I explained. "He just radiated dominance and power" I muttered.

"Want to go home?" She asked and I just nodded, taking off my heels once we got out of the door. "What was his name?" She asked, breaking the silence.

"Nick" I said, paying attention to the ground.

"Just Nick?" She asked urgently.

"Yeah, he didn't say a last name, why?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

"No reason, don't worry" she shook her head. "Oh look we're home" she announced, before I could open my mouth again. We both got ready for bed and laid in silence before I decided to break it.

"What's it about Nick?" I asked, sitting up and turning on a lamp.

"If he comes up again, I'll tell you but I see no reason to worry you now, go the fuck to sleep" she said, turning off the lamp and rolling away from me.

"You are a shit head" I groaned, flopping back down hard.

~nicks pov~

"Where were you?" Callum asked once I met up with him upstairs.

"I just helped some girl out because some guy wouldn't leave her alone, we was beautiful, but once her friend got out of the bathroom they just left and I wish I got her number dude" I sighed, running my hands down my face.

"I might be able to help you out, I mean I am the gangs tracker" he gloated, brushing of imaginary dust. "Maybe even the best around" he continued, he was right. No matter how cocky the guy is about it, he's the best at his job.

"You've got a week" I said before finding our DD and leaving the party. I just couldn't get Ariel out of my head.

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