Not falling

This book is about 'luke hemmings the bad boy' and thats all the info I'm giving you so please read to find out more :)


5. why do you care?

It was the end of school thank god the weekend was ahead of me. I was walking home with Kat, Rebecca and Laura to Kats house.

When we got in I heard michaels voice from the kitchen and then another lads voice but I didn't recognise it.

"Hungry?" Kat asks. Me and Laura nod our heads and walk into the kitchen and I see Michael, Calum and Ashton. Not too bad I suppose. We get our food and leave quickly before they say anything stupid but right as I was about to close the door behind me Michael calls me back in.

"Heard what happened between you and Luke" Michael says blankly.

"What exactly happened between me and Luke?" I ask actually curious to hear what Luke said.

"You were all over him" Calum laughs.

"And theres you acting like you don't even know... It's pathetic" Michael says with abit of an aggressive tone.

"Michael what the fuck is wrong with you yeah we kissed but he kissed me and I pulled out and left after...why does it even matter to you??" I ask confused.

"Not what Luke told us" says Ashton

"And what exactly did Luke say?"

"I already said e told us you were all over him!" Michael says blankly.

"Is this all you called me in for?"

"Yeah why?"

"Right" I say turning around and walking out the door back into the sitting room but then I hear michael


I then sit down on the couch beside the girls.

"Why did Michael just call you a slut" Kat says getting up to go into the kitchen but I then stopped her just saying he was acting his usual annoying self. I didn't want to tell them about yesterday because I'm not sure how they would react.



Hi guys I'm so sorry for such a short and shitty chapter but I haven't updated in so long so I put this up lololol I'll update something better soon!WOOHOO JHDHFAYLKHAHGYGR

Seona 🙃

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