Not falling

This book is about 'luke hemmings the bad boy' and thats all the info I'm giving you so please read to find out more :)


4. Luke's 😵

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and slam it off because I really don't want to get up. I wouldn't be surprised if it was broken lol.

I get out of bed go into my bathroom and brush my teeth and get into the shower and wash my hair shave etc...

I get out of the shower dry my self and go to pick out my out fit. I put on a pair of black leggings and a blue tank top with a black and white flannel tied around my waist. I wear blue vans to match my top and dry my hair and then straighten it and put it up in a high pony tail. I then walk over to my mirror to do my makeup I out on a small bit of foundation and mascara and was ready to go.


I walk downstairs to see my mam and sister at the table eating breakfast.

"Hey sweetie how was your day yesterday?"

"Just leave me alone you know it was shit because you made me baby sit Amy and of course I wasn't going to have a good day because stupid like hemmings and Michael Clifford and Aleisha Mc Donald!" I slightly yell. Then just realising what I just said out loud and the look on my mam and sisters faces:/

"Stop complaining Ellie you have it easy don't you realise how hard it is on your sister her always having to be baby sat"

"ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL?!!!" I shout "it's not hard on her I'm the one who has to cancel my plans to babysit HER so don't say it's hard on her and she's 12 I am 17 and have ALOT more work than she does so you can go fuck yourself!" I say while leaving the room. To be honest now I was kinda happy I was going to lukes after school so I wouldn't have to come back here straight away.

I storm out of my car in the school car park and I see Rebecca walking over to me.

"Well someone looks like they're having a rough day..." She says keeping her distance.

"Ugh yeah I just hate my little sister sooooo fucking much!"

"You'll be fine just don't think about it" she says smiling putting her arm around me.

"Oh and even better news I have to work in a project at your house with your stupid brother" I hiss

"Oh god crap, I won't even be home to tell him to stop annoying you if he does!" She said worrying.

"It's fine I just want this day to go by quickly"

~skip to the end of school~

I open my locker door taking out the books u needed for home and while I was doing so someone slammed my locker shut. There I see Michael standing there with a cheeky smirk on his face.

"Bet you'll have some fun at Lukes tonight.... Won't be able to keep your hands off eachother will you?!"

"What the actual fuck?" I say really confused while reopening my locker to get the rest if my books.

"You know what I mean stupid" Michael says laughing to himself like I was some sort of dope.

"Michael shut up I think you just speak with out thinking so just leave" I say back while slamming my locker and walking off with a bitta sass.

While I was walking up the corridor to get out the door I feel someone grabbing the back of my bra strap trying to pull me back but making it slap back REALLY hard back into me. OUCHHHHH!!!!

"WHAT THE HELL" I scream out in pain turning around quickly to see Luke there laughing his ass off.

"Not funny hemmings!" I snap

"Get a sense of humour Ellie" he says still laughing.

He then pulls me in closer to him and puts his arm around my shoulder and starts walking me out. His hand then slyly slipped down to my ass.

"What are you doing hemmings"

"I don't know Morris what am I doing" he said back blankly.

I then take his hand off me and walk over to my car and get in waiting for him to get in but he then says

"I'm taking my car don't expect me to get into yours" he said cockily and then walks away to his own car.

As I pulled out if the school car park I follow him. He drives like a mad man. You never knew what he was gonna do next. After awhile we pulled outside up to this big house. He got out of his car with sunglasses on god he looked good. Wait what the fuck did I just say?!

We both walked up the driveway in silence he just opened the door and walked in so I followed slightly scared. He then just puts his keys on a table in the car and walks into the kitchen.

"You hungry?" He asks blankly

"No I'm fine thanks" I reply.

He then walks out of the kitchen and into his sitting room so I followed. He plops himself down on the couch. I walk over to the couch beside his and sat down.

"Are you scared of me or something?" he grins

"No I just don't want to sit beside you, anyway when are we gonna start on this maths project?" I say getting slightly frustrated.

"Hah you think we were gonna actually work on This" he says laughing.

"Well yeah I wasn't gonna come to house for a play date now was I?"

"Well maybe I know the reason why you came" he said getting up from the couch and coming over to me and sitting down beside me.

"Oh yeah and what's that?" I reply with sass

"This" he says then pulling me from the back if my neck close to him and before I knew it he was kissing me.

"Luke what the fuck are you doing?" I say pulling away.

"C'mon Ellie you know you want this"

"No Luke I don't want you, you treat girls like shit and if you haven't remembered we hate each other.

"Yeah but I still think you're hot" he says pulling me back and now demanding I kiss him back he starts kissing en very passionately and let's his hands slip down to my ass.

Being caught up in the moment I was actually enjoying this he was one good kisser. By now I was kissing back and we were slightly grinding in eachother. He then puts his hand up my top. This is when I snap out of it and push him off me and get up.

"Luke you can't just do that! You are with Aleisha and I don't like you."

"I'm not with Aleisha... I fuck aleisha"

"Ugh this is why I don't like you"

"I don't like you either"he laughs "do I have to like you to want to fuck you dumbas?"

"I'm leaving" I say getting up and storming out if the room and hearing Luke laugh from the door.

I get into my car and drive home.

"Where have you been young lady, you can't act the way you did today and not come home."

"I was at Rebecca's" I say storming out if the room and going up to my room. I get into the shower to clear my head. When I was done I got out and got straight into my pyjamas and slippers and put my hair in a messy bun and turned in my tv got into bed and watched scream queens.

I then realise what time it was and turn off my Tv and go to sleep.It's Friday tomorrow thank god!

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