Not falling

This book is about 'luke hemmings the bad boy' and thats all the info I'm giving you so please read to find out more :)


3. Laura's😶

Me and Laura got into my car and I started it up and left the car park. As we drove out if the car park 'what do you mean came in and me and Laura started screaming the lyrics as loud as we could no matter who heard us.


When the song ended we just both burst out laughing. As we reached her house her sister Aleisha had just pulled up before us ugh god do I hate. As we were walking up the driveway behind her she opened the door for herself and then slammed it in both of our faces.

"For fuck sake Aleisha" Laura says while opening the door. We both walked into her hall and into the living room.

"Are your parents still away in business?"I ask

"Yeah if they weren't Luke wouldn't be staying here for the past 4 nights, god I can't wait until they come home so I can get some sleep! Luke and aleisha are extremely fucking loud" she says while rolling her eyes.

"You're only jealous love" I hear aleisha yelling from the kitchen.

"It's rude to eavesdrop" Laura shouted into the kitchen.

Just then the doorbell rang and aleisha came skipping out from the kitchen and stuck her tongue out at us and opened the door and there stood ugh.... Luke.

"Oh hey there Ellie didn't know you'd be here" he said smirking.

"Just don't bug me..." I snap.

"Ugh Luke lets just go upstairs" Aleisha said while smiling at me and Laura and dragging Luke up the stairs.

"Those two actually make me sick" I say turning my head to Laura.

"Ugh it's horrible having aleisha as a sister but having like coming over most days Aswell it's just horrible" she says whining.

"Anyway let's just chillax and watch something on Netflix" I say sitting back down.

Laura agreed and we watched Mean girls. During the film Luke came downstairs with messed up hair and fixing the buttons of his jeans but he then stops out of no where and jumps on the couch in between me and Laura.

"Could have told me you were watching this I love mean girls" Luke says excited. To be honest I'm not even sure if he was mocking us or genuinely being serious.

"Well Laura I have to go now but enjoy the film" I say getting up and giving Luke a confused look.

"Bye" Laura says.

"See you tomorrow sexy" Luke says and I swing my head around to see him smirking and just sitting there and putting his arm around Laura and then Laura grabs his arm and twists it so it hurt Luke. I laughed a little at this and then left. I then heard aleisha screaming at Laura to get away from Luke from just outside the door. God that girl has some issues.

I walked home and walked into my kitchen and saw my little sister just staring at me.

"What?!" I half yell.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that" she snaps at me.

"Who the hell do you think you are dint ever tell me what to do"

I saw a note left in the table saying that mam was working a late shift tonight.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I mumble to myself.

"What's the problem?" My sister said with a huge smug smile on her caked face.

"I have to fucking baby sit you! So as you can see I'm obviously gonna be pissed at that. I swear to god grow a pair of balls and stay alone for once" I snap at her and just leave the room and go upstairs to my room and blast my music.

"Turn that shit down!!!!" My sister screams from her room.

"Why don't you fucking make me!" I scream back and turn it up louder.

Nobody will ever understand the hate I have on my sister!

"You have to make me dinner now mam told me she will be backs midnight and I can't wait till then!" My sister whined outside my door.

"Ugh fine" I say jumping off my bed and stomping out if any room in ugg boots and my pyjamas and my hair in a messy bun.

"Do you actually call this food?" My sister says gesturing to the burnt pasta... Yes I burnt pasta:/

"Just eat it and I'll tell mam that you were good tonight!" I snap

"Or you could just order a pizza" my sister says pushing away her food.

"No eat it now or just starve" I say pushing the food back to her.

"Fine but if I die of food poisoning it's your fault.." My sister says while slowing scooping up some of the pasta and examining it carefully.

"Well if you died because of me I wouldn't feel guilty" I smile back and walk upstairs to my room with my salad because I wasn't gonna talk to her anymore.

When I was finished I went back downstairs and put my plate back and went into the sitting room and saw Amy in the sitting room watching Tv.

"You have to go to bed now it's 10:30" I say to her even though I didn't really care but usually when I baby sit her she has to go to bed at 10 so she was already late.

"Make me" she snaps back. That got me so angry because I wasn't in the mood at all I just wanted a relaxing night of Netflix and bed but no u had to baby sit her...

"I swear to god if you don't go to bed I will literally snap you in half and I'm not joking" I say sounding like I was about to explode with Anger.

"No I don't care what you say I'm not going... Jesus you have some issues." She says while getting up and flicking her hair in my face.

"Right that's it!" I yell and jump on her back bringing her back onto the couch then she starts screaming and pulling my hair really hard. I quickly hit her on the top of her head and got off her and stood up fixed my hair and said as calm as possible

"I said go to bed" gesturing to the stairs.

"Fine" she hisses and then stomps off slamming her bedroom door.

I swear to god I will kill her. To calm myself down I watched abit of Tv and then saw it was 11 so I went up to my bed room and got into my bed. While I was trying to fall asleep I remember I had to go to lukes house tomorrow... Great.

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