Not falling

This book is about 'luke hemmings the bad boy' and thats all the info I'm giving you so please read to find out more :)


2. I hate them so much😡

*alarm clock*


I got out of bed not really minding that there was school today because to be honest I kind of enjoy school because don't have to worry about being bullied because people know if they get on my bad side they will regret it. So basically I'm nice to people if they don't do anything bitchy to me:)


I walked over to my wardrobe to puck out my outfit. I ended up choosing a black crop top with white ripped skinny jeans and a red and black flannel around my waist with my black converse. I then straighten my hair and put on mascara and I'm ready to go.

I walk downstairs and see my mam and my sister having breakfast at the table.

"Are u wearing that?" My sister says like she is my mother.

"Yeah... Is there a problem" I reply

"Yeah I don't want people knowing my sister is a slut"

"Fuck off you're 12 and you're wearing booty shorts and you cake yourself everyday for school so you my friend can definitely not call ME the slut" I say while grabbing an apple and leaving the house.


I got into my car and started driving to school. As I got out of my car and into the car park I saw Rebecca getting out of her car.


"Hi, how was babysitting last night?" She asked me while walking over to me.

"Horrible, I swear if my mam makes me mind that child one more time I will live in my car" I tell her while we walk into the school.


As I was at my locker I feel someone smacking my ass. I turn around to see Michael laughing and winking at me I then roll my eyes back at him and look back at my locker to get my books out.

I then hear Kat behind me saying I have a piece of paper stuck to my ass saying 'kick it'.

"Ughh I actually hate your brother so much" I say to Kat as she took the paper off of my ass.

"I know at least you don't have to live with him." She replies.


When I was done at my locker me and Kat went to English and sat at the back. Just after we sat down Aleisha came over to my and sat infront of me and turned around to talk to me.

"Please put some clothes on, nobody wants to see your body" she says acting like I was a beneath her which definitely wasn't true because I was more popular than her. Yeah sure she was fucking one of the best looking lads in the school but like I said she's the biggest slut.

"Says you, you do realise of you call these slutty clothes what do you call... That" I said pointing to her clothes that were barely covering her boobs and her shorts that didn't cover half of her ass.

"They're called tasteful clothes"

"If they're tasteful clothes that means you wouldn't be a slut... And none of that's true" I said smiling.

"I would watch your mouth sweetheart because I remember laura saying you were coming over today and we wouldn't want anything bad happening there would we now" she says with a pout and then walks back to her seat.

I then turn back to Kat and said

"I have no idea how Laura lives with that girl"

"Ugh I know right" Kat replies.

The class went by pretty quickly so I left the room and went to meet Laura do we would walk to science together.

"I hate your sister so much it's not even funny" I tell as we were walking to class together.

"Ugh I know, tell me about it" she replies.

As we walked into class I saw Luke sitting in his seat which of course was beside mine. I was really hoping that he would ditch as usual or even be late or something anything just to not have to talk to him. I went over to my seat and turned away from luke and started to talk to Laura so I wouldn't have to deal with him.

"You do know avoiding me is very rude, I thought you would have better manners than that Ellie" he said whispering in my ear. His breath in my neck was warm and it was sending shivers up my spine.

"We both know why I'm avoiding so how about you go along with it and leave me alone" I said turning around and giving him a dirty look.

"And why exactly are you avoiding me?" He said while smirking at me.

"Because you are annoying as fuck and you treat people like dirt so there" I say turning back to Laura.

"Hey Laura sorry if I kept you awake last night while I was with Aleisha." He said while winking at her.

"Ugh just leave me alone and don't talk about my sister around me" Laura replies.

"Aw okay sorry I just couldn't help myself, it was so go-"

"Save it" I say cutting him off while he just smirked back at me.

"Oh is someone a little jealous?" Luke said with a fake pout.

"Why the hell would I be jealous of whatever it is you and Aleisha have" I say while laughing a little at the fact that he though I was jealous of HER.

"Aw it's okay to be a virgin babe" he said winking at me.

"I'm sorry but if you think that I'm actually a virgin there's something wrong with you" I say while laughing a little.

Just as he was about to say something back to me the teacher walked in and saw luke in the class, which was very rare.

"Nice of you to join the class for one Mr Hemmings" the teacher said while giving luke a stern look.

"I know it is" luke said back cockily.

The class went by pretty quickly and it was lunch now thank god. I went to get my food which was a salad and a coke, then I walked over to me and the girls bench outside.

During lunch me and the girls just talked about stupid girly things like makeup and nails and stuff but I still enjoyed it. The our conversations were interrupted by Michael and Luke walking over to us asking if the seats were taken.

"Yeah they are now leave" Rebecca said with a bitta sass to Luke so he would back off but it didn't work.

"Too bad, I k ow you want to spend time with your big brother" he said smiling at Rebecca.

Luke then sat beside me and Michael sat on the other side of me.

"So what are y'all girls talking bout" Michael said in a really shitty girl voice.

"Nothing that concerns you, now leave" I said angrily at him.

"Oh luke we better leave before Ellie tells on us" Michael said in a fake scared voice.

"Oh no, please don't Ellie anything but that!" Luke says joining in with Michael.

"Just fuck off guys don't you know where you aren't wanted" I said back then turn around to the girls to signal them that they have to leave.

"Okay bye guys don't miss us too much" Michael says blowing kisses at us.

"How do you live with those two guys" I say to Rebecca and Kat.

"We don't" they say in unison which makes us giggle a little.

I went to my locker to get my books for the next period but I was interrupted by Luke closing my locker and pressing up against me. His face was inches from mine to be honest I though he was gonna kiss me thankfully he didn't.

"You know we are partners for this maths protest?" He says with his lips centimetres from mine.

"Yes I do and we arranged to go to your house tomorrow, don't worry I haven't forgotten" I said pushing him off of me.

"What time are you coming?" He said moving back a small bit from me.

"Does after school suit?" I ask.

"Whatever" he says walking away.


Hey guys I hope u like the first chapter of this book and I'm just going to say this I have absolutley nothing against aleisha I actually think she seems like a really nice person unlike a certain person we recently have seen with luke:'( but anyways thank you for the people who have read this. 


seona xx

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