How would you describe an abnormal person? One with different abilities? How would you describe a mutant? Dangerous. Selfish. Abnormal. Unpredictable. That's how everybody describes them.

A group of mutants are secretly hiding. Why? If they were found, they would be killed. But when a human asks for their help, they are surprised. Yes, they don't easily trust him, but they soon learn that Earth is in danger. They will have to battle Evil, and even conquer their worst fears. Will everybody accept them, or will they all die?


2. Prologue: The War

Bang, bang, bang! The sound of gunshots filled the air. Mutant Rodna, who had vibrant yellow hair, a neon yellow suit, with black shoes, a whip, and a belt, multiplied into twenty. Their eyes glowed yellow as they attacked the military and S.W.A.T. team. Rodna ran to Derick, her true love.

"Don't die," he said, tears streaming down his face. "I won't," she replied as he burned a military member with his pyrokenisis. He grabbed her arm and ran. His combat boots stepped on shards of glass and the other remnants of the broken houses, shops, and cars.

A scream pierced the air. "Mirianda!" Rodna gasped as she ran ahead of Derick. Lying on the ground was Mirianda. She was a mutant too, except, she was a witch. Also, she was known as The Witch. She could get anything by saying her command backwards, just like Zatanna. 

Sweat dropped down her pale skin as her dark blue hair clung to her face. She moaned in pain. "Mirianda!" Derick cried as he hit another military member with his fire. "Protect her for me....." Mirianda muttered as a tear dropped down her face. "I've been shot in the heart," she said weakly. They looked closer and saw a growing dark spot on the left side of her chest. "I'll protect her," Rodna said. "All of them. We'll make a secret school for all mutants... Including your daughter." "Thank you," she breathed as she closed her eyes.

"NO!" Rodna cried angrily as Mirianda breathed her last breath. "Don't," Derick said as he hugged her. Electro (some other mutant and you could guess by the name) killed the remaining military members. The rest fled.

Rodna cried as the twenty remaining mutants gathered and mourned........


Sorry if this was short! It wasn't as good as I expected but I swear, I'll make the next one better!

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