How would you describe an abnormal person? One with different abilities? How would you describe a mutant? Dangerous. Selfish. Abnormal. Unpredictable. That's how everybody describes them.

A group of mutants are secretly hiding. Why? If they were found, they would be killed. But when a human asks for their help, they are surprised. Yes, they don't easily trust him, but they soon learn that Earth is in danger. They will have to battle Evil, and even conquer their worst fears. Will everybody accept them, or will they all die?


1. Author's Note

Before I start, I wanna say thanks to powerless. I wanna give credit to her because she made this AMAZING cover! So thumbs-up to her!!!

And I was also hacked. Some hacker hacked into my Movellas account and wrote inappropriate stories such as Kidnapped (sex story), the Blueberry story, and Into the Unknown (took my drafted story and made it into a lesbian sex story!!!)! So I got a notification from a Movellas person and said that they were inappropriate! So I'm sorry if this made you upset-ish and.... yup. Thanks for reading and enjoy the story!!!

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