You're In Control // H.S.

"I didn't date"
"I didn't care"
"I didn't love"
"But when you came into my life, you changed everything."


1. Chapter 1

"Elizabeth!" I hear my mother call from downstairs.

I put my pen down on my desk and peek my head out the door. "Yeah?" I say loud enough for her to hear me. 

No response.

"What, mom?" I yell this time.

Still no response.

"Liz!" She yells once again.

"Wha-" I stop for a second. "Nevermind." I mumble to myself. I head downstairs to see what she wants, humming a song to myself as I stomped on each step. "Yes?" I say before my feet touches the floor.

"Why do you always take so long to respond?" She says with her head in the fridge. "You do this all the time, mom. You call me from so far away that you can't even hear my response." I say taking a seat on a stool. "Anyways," She dodges the subject and takes a bite of an apple that she got out of the fridge. Her lipstick doesn't even smudge.

"Your dad has to stay at work for a few more hours today and he asked me to pick your phone up at the shop." She takes another bite of her apple. "But I can't because I'm going out for lunch with your Aunt." I nod, while she heads down the hallway, ready to leave. I slowly turn in my seat and watch her. "I need you to go pick it up please." I head down the hall, following her.

"Here's the money and the address." She hands me the amount of cash and a small piece of paper. She gives me a quick kiss on the forehead. "Your father got picked up by George today, so his car is in the driveway." I nod, counting the money she gave me. One hundred and ten dollars. I could literally buy so much clothes with this. "Drive safe, Honey. I love you!" She opens the door and then shuts it. 

I attempt to just put the money in my pocket, but then realize I'm wearing leggings. I groan to myself and head upstairs to change. 


I pull up into the small parking lot and find a parking spot right across the entrance of the small store. I open the door and hear the bell from above my head, ring. I walk up to a desk, waiting for someone to assist me. I look around my surroundings and finds lots of cases for lots of phones on my right side, and other random stuff to my left. 

"Ummm... May I help you?" I quickly turn my head, obviously startled. A boy with a big amount of tattoos stares at me, but then quickly focuses on the cash register on the desk. "Oh, y-yeah. Sorry about that." I nervously chuckle to myself. I can't help but notice the tattoos on his chest, that are visible because of his white shirt. "I'm here to pick up my phone." I smile at him.

He looks back up at me. I wait for a response, but he just continues to look at me. "Do you have it?" I ask, my voice squeaking. I am so uncomfortable right now.

"Well, I don't know. I was waiting for you to tell me what your name is so I can see if I have it in the back." He replies with a bit of attitude behind his voice. 

"Oh. It's Liz. I mean Elizabeth." I say quietly but then remember that my dad brought my phone in here, so he might have used his name. "I mean Robert." He looks up at me with a frown, but decides to ignore it. He heads to the back, and I take that time to quietly call myself stupid. 

He comes back out with my phone in his hand. "Is this it?" He asks, not even bothering to look at me. "Yes. Thank you." I say. I hand him the money and he grabs it from me. He places the money into the cash register and hands me the receipt. "Thanks." I say and smile. He turns around and heads to the back, once again.

"Nice attitude." I quietly mutter to myself. 


By the way, Harry is American in this story, and he is also only 17. Just wanted to make that clear :)

Thanks for reading! 10 likes for the next update!

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