Inheritance Cycle: Barzûl

After the defeat of Galbatorix, Eragon sets out to find a new home for the new era of Dragon Riders. With the knowledge that only the Eldunarí carry, they guide him across Alagaësia until they reach the destined home for the Dragon Riders. As they settle in, Eragon contacts Nasuada to tell of the place where they are settled, and to only share the information with the Riders who are able to make the journey. But when a new young Rider named Barzûl (Dwarf language means cursed with ill fate) becomes Eragon's third apprentice, the tables begin to turn. As time goes on, Barzûl begins to become eager in learning about Galbatorix and soon begins acting much like the overthrower of the Riders. Can Eragon help Barzûl before he seeps into the insane mind that Galbatorix was once enslaved in? Or will the Riders be destroyed before they are even rebuilt?


8. The Runaways

"Eventually all the pieces fall into place.  Until then, laugh in confusion,

live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason..." - Anonymous

     Eragon and Saphira sat side by side on the outskirts of the mountains.  There were two little rabbits playing next to the water, and a buck sitting underneath a tree.


     Yes little one?

     In your mind, why aren't you going after the buck?  It's something that you always like to do, and with the ring that Orik and the elves gave you, it's easy to hunt now, right?

     It's not that I couldn't catch the buck, it's that feeling that you get when you know something's wrong.  Something isn't right Eragon.  Even as she said it, Eragon felt it too.  

     I should scurry Nasuada, and see if there's anything wrong.

    Eragon, It's not with Nasuada, it think it's with Arya.  Eragon knew not to question her, for every time Saphira had a feeling, it had been right.  Scrambling to his feet, he ran over to the pond; both rabbits darted under a bush for cover and the buck leapt away into the forest.  He could hardly contain is worry when Arya's face appeared in the water.

     "Eragon!  Something terrible has happen!"  Dread ripped through Eragon's gut like the knife that had sliced his back open.

     "Are you okay?  Are you hurt?  Do you need me?"  Arya shook her head.

     "Yes, I'm fine, it had nothing to do with me.  It was Taeron and Mersoth, they're gone!"

     "Those were the Elf and Dragon right?"

     "Yes, and they've vanished.  A note was found in his quarters, but it makes no sense.  I'll show it to you."

A symbol appeared on the water as Arya held up the parchment.

     "It's a "M" with wings.  What am I supposed to do with that Eragon?  A Rider has gone missing, and that's all the lead we have."

     "Alright, I'll try and think about what that could mean.  In the meantime, can you tell me anything about Taeron's personality, character, anything about him?"  Closing her eyes, Arya began to talk.

     "Taeron grew up in the heart of Ellesméra.  He was a well known elf throughout the span of his life.  When you freed all the eggs, he took great interest in them, wanting to take care of them, hold them, speak with them. His passion grew, and he told stories of the day when an egg would hatch for him.  He said that it was his destiny and that no one could stand in his way.  When Mersoth finally did hatch for him, they became a great team.  Though Taeron became more foolish with his actions.  Everyone worships him now, and he makes other elves do his bidding.  Taking off Mersoth's saddle or removing his own boots have become other elves responsibilities.  He now slacks off of work, and does as he pleases.  He boasts and is very sure of himself.  Taeron has always been strong willed, but something changed when he became a Rider.  Something very drastic."  Arya paused.  Eragon looked up slowly, and his face was contorted between rage and pity.

     "A Rider who makes everyone else serve him?"  Eragon's voice shook as he continued.

     "He made his own dragon submissive.  He's run away, and has tarnished the Rider's name before he's even earned it.  He's made his fame into making others work for him.  WHAT KIND OF RIDER IS THIS?  HE'S AN ELF FOR HELZVOG'S SAKE!"  Eragon used the dwarf god's name out of reflex.  He had Orik as practically a brother and he'd adapted some of their curses while spending so much time with him.  Arya smiled.

     "Eragon.  Remember, he will be your student.  You will train him.  You will teach him.  You will discipline him.  He's now your student.  Do with him as you please.  Whip him into shape with drills, flying, connections, etc...  If you want him to behave and be a true Rider, then show him what it means to hold that title."

     "You're right.  Thank you Arya."  Suddenly, something in the back of his mind sparked.  All the Eldunarí surged with understanding.

     "Wait!  Arya!  I know what it means!"

     "Know what what means?"

     "The message that he left!"

     "Go on."

     "The wings the M.  He's flying to the mountain!"  Arya covered her mouth ever so slightly.

     "Then you, Eragon, must punish him in the most severe way.  He has run away, and he has disobeyed not only I, but Queen Nasuda as well."

     "I will."

     "Atra esterní ono thelduin." (May good fortune rule over you)

     "Mor'ranr lífa unin hjarta onr." (Peace live in your heart)

     "Un du evarínya ono varda." (And the Stars watch over you)

     Both Eragon and Arya finished off the saying, and Eragon ended the connection.

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