Inheritance Cycle: Barzûl

After the defeat of Galbatorix, Eragon sets out to find a new home for the new era of Dragon Riders. With the knowledge that only the Eldunarí carry, they guide him across Alagaësia until they reach the destined home for the Dragon Riders. As they settle in, Eragon contacts Nasuada to tell of the place where they are settled, and to only share the information with the Riders who are able to make the journey. But when a new young Rider named Barzûl (Dwarf language means cursed with ill fate) becomes Eragon's third apprentice, the tables begin to turn. As time goes on, Barzûl begins to become eager in learning about Galbatorix and soon begins acting much like the overthrower of the Riders. Can Eragon help Barzûl before he seeps into the insane mind that Galbatorix was once enslaved in? Or will the Riders be destroyed before they are even rebuilt?


5. The Reveal

"Excitement is a mixture of enthusiasm, motivation, intuition, and a hint of creativity." - Anonymous

    Eragon  Saphira hummed, shaking him awake.  I think you should contact Nasuada.  You haven't talked to her in days and I'm pretty sure she is getting impatient with you.  Groaning, Eragon rolled and sat up. 

     Can't I sleep a little more?  It seems I only just went to sleep.  How is it already time to wake up?

     You have slept for a day and a half, and you are going to sleep no more.  

    Well then, miss bossy dragon, I will get up, and I will scurry Nasuada, and I will see if anything exciting has happen, though I doubt anything has.  Does this please you?  Eragon's voice had light humor and Saphira could tell he was kidding, though she replied,

     If you continue that attitude you'll find that you can't scurry Nasuada, because you'll be in my stomach.  Saphira hummed with laughter and Eragon finally groaned and pushed himself up.  Stumbling over to the clear lake that was just across from where he lay, he scurried Nasuada.  Her face appeared with a mix of happiness, joy, and questioning.

     "Eragon!!  Finally!!  You don't know whats happened!!"  Nasuada was practically bursting with excitement.  Still groggy, Eragon replied,

     "I would know what has happen if you tell me, Nasuada.  How have you been?"  Yelling into the mirror Nasuada said,

     "THERE ARE TWO NEW RIDERS ERAGON!!  TWO!!"  Snapping to attention Eragon froze.

     "Come again?"

     "There.  Are.  Two.  New.  Riders.  Eragon."

     "Yes, yes I got that, what race?"  Impatientness gripped Eragon in pure excitement. 

     "Human and Elf.  I met the human boy, his name is Colbert and his dragon Sirath are a great team.  He's been bonded for 3 weeks and he's big enough to be ridden, though he can't maintain any time, and he hasn't breathed fire.  The elf named Taeron is in Ellesméra, and I don't have any details on how far his dragon is now, or name wise, I do know that he can do magic and is ready to join you.  Blödhgarm is going to work with Colbert on magic and understanding his bond with his dragon."  

     "Oh...ttthhhaatt's...umm...wwwelll great!  Send the elf, and then scurry me when Colbert is able."  

     "Now that's all well and good Eragon, but I need to know where you are so we can send him over."  Eragon ran a hand through his hair as he thought of how to tell Nasuada where he was without giving locations out, powerful magicians would be able to break through minds and find where they were.  Finally he thought of it.

    "Nasuada, I can't give you my location in fear of magicians breaking into minds, but, tell the elf this: Du Shur'tugal Nángoröths.  I will bind the name to my location, so only dragon Riders can feel the pull and it will direct them."  

     Nasuada became sober.  

     "I miss you Eragon.  I wish you could come back."  Sighing for the hundredth time that day, Eragon replied,

     "Yes, but my fate lays in the mountains.  As you know, my offer still stands in you coming to live with us sometime, should you want to."  

     "Thank you."

     "No problem.  Have a good night."


     A/N  Hey guys, it's just getting good!  thanks for reading, and have a great day or night!


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