Inheritance Cycle: Barzûl

After the defeat of Galbatorix, Eragon sets out to find a new home for the new era of Dragon Riders. With the knowledge that only the Eldunarí carry, they guide him across Alagaësia until they reach the destined home for the Dragon Riders. As they settle in, Eragon contacts Nasuada to tell of the place where they are settled, and to only share the information with the Riders who are able to make the journey. But when a new young Rider named Barzûl (Dwarf language means cursed with ill fate) becomes Eragon's third apprentice, the tables begin to turn. As time goes on, Barzûl begins to become eager in learning about Galbatorix and soon begins acting much like the overthrower of the Riders. Can Eragon help Barzûl before he seeps into the insane mind that Galbatorix was once enslaved in? Or will the Riders be destroyed before they are even rebuilt?


12. The Past and Future

"He who is in love is wise and is becoming wiser, sees newly every time he looks

at the object beloved, drawing from it with his eyes and his mind

those virtues which it possesses." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

     Eragon had pushed Mersoth and Taeron to the limits.  Everyday, he would wake them before dawn, and every night, they would go to sleep after half the night had passed.  Taeron and Mersoth were getting stronger, Eragon knew.  They could fly faster, father, and could master the spiral dive.  Eragon had tested them in mental strength and capability.  He had faced them off in duels for hours at a time, and finally one day, he had given him a rest. 

     "Taeron, Mersoth, come with me."  Eragon beckoned them.  Getting up, and following, he lead them into the weapons mountain.  He opened a hidden door, and there shelves upon shelves of Rider's swords and Dragon armor lay.  Overwhelmed by the amount and variety of it, he gasp out loud.

     "You have earned your Rider's sword, and dragon armor to fit.  Go ahead, pick.  Your sword will be a bright purple, for your dragon is as well.  This dragon armor was enchanted by the elves to expand as your dragon grows.  Take care of it."  Eragon feel silent so that Taeron could pick his sword and armor.  He stopped next to a bright purple sword.  Taking it in his hand, Eragon knew that that was the sword for him.  Walking over, he pronounced,

     "That sword's name is Edoc'sil."  

     "Unconquerable."  Whispered Taeron as he translated it.

     "Yes, because your spirit really is.  When we have new Riders, you will be a mentor for some, if that's okay with you."  Nodding fiercely, he agreed.

     "There is only one more thing I need to show you."  Speaking with the Eldunari, he asked them to show themselves.

     Taeron, Mersoth.  I'm sure that both of you have heard of us, and are eager to hear what we have to say.  We are the heart of hearts of the dragons that fell during the Riders.  We are your last teachers before you become one yourself.  We will be with you for a day, and after that, you will have one of us to be your servant, and we will continue to show you of the past, and be your teachers throughout your time being a Rider.


     Taeron spent 4 days and nights with the heart of hearts, and learned a great deal from them.  After he emerged from his room, he was wieser and knew a great deal more about the past then he would've ever learned in a text book.  He had also learned the significance that Eragon really had in the final battle against Galbatorix.  As he emerged, Eragon and Saphira touched down next to them.

     "Did you learn a lot?"

     "Yes, Master Eragon and Master Saphira."  Bowing his head.

     "Good, because Colbert has finally become fluent in the Ancient Language and is ready to join us."

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