Inheritance Cycle: Barzûl

After the defeat of Galbatorix, Eragon sets out to find a new home for the new era of Dragon Riders. With the knowledge that only the Eldunarí carry, they guide him across Alagaësia until they reach the destined home for the Dragon Riders. As they settle in, Eragon contacts Nasuada to tell of the place where they are settled, and to only share the information with the Riders who are able to make the journey. But when a new young Rider named Barzûl (Dwarf language means cursed with ill fate) becomes Eragon's third apprentice, the tables begin to turn. As time goes on, Barzûl begins to become eager in learning about Galbatorix and soon begins acting much like the overthrower of the Riders. Can Eragon help Barzûl before he seeps into the insane mind that Galbatorix was once enslaved in? Or will the Riders be destroyed before they are even rebuilt?


2. The Journey Far and Wide

"The beautiful journey of today can only begin when

we learn to let go of yesterday"

- Dr. Steve Maraboli

     Saphira's wing beats were steady as she glided over the vast landscape.  Eragon had left 4 eggs for every race of being tied to the dragons; Urgals, Dwarf, Human, and Elf, along with a portion of the Eldunarí that would be cared for by Blödhgarm and his elves.  Mainly those that were enslaved by Galbatorix, and needed time for their minds to be mended and healed, if they ever were.

     In the pocket of space that held the Eldunarí, all the unhatched eggs were stored as well as Cuaroc, whose Eldunarí had been taken out of his stone body for the journey and stored within the pocket of space.  As for his stone body, Umaroth, had assisted Eragon in a spell that would make the body weightless to carry, and shrink to the point where he would be able to carry it in a pocket.  The Riders swords that had been found in Galbatorix's treasure room were also placed in the pocket of space, along with everything else Arya and Blödhgarm had seen fit to send with Eragon.

     After leaving the borders of Alagaësia, Eragon and Saphira were guided only by the memories of the Eldunarí.  As Saphira glided, Umaroth and some of the older dragons poured their memories into Eragon's mind just as they had done on the speedy trip back to the Varden from the Vault of Souls.  Though slower this time, for they were not in as much as a hurry to go to battle, or did they have the necessity to remember a specific date or time.  They would learn over time, as it should be.

     Umaroth, we have traveled a good distance over a span of a week, we have passed  oceans, desserts, mountains, and rivers, all good boundaries to have for only a dragon could make the travel including that distance, and only a Rider could survive those climates.  When do we find a place for the Riders?  Saphira inquired after a few hours flying in silence.

     Instead of Umaroth answering, Belgabad, the biggest dragon during the fall of the Riders answered.  Patience, Saphira, in about a day we should come across a fell, or a mountain as you call it.  It should have a good open space behind it, and good hunting grounds.  A bigger lake sides it on the left of the mountain, and fish swell in great numbers.  Hunting should be good for the wild dragons for behind the mountains are vast plains, desserts, and even more mountains beyond that.  With all our energy combine, we should be able to hollow out the mountain and make enough living space for all young dragons and sleeping quarters for the Riders and Dragons.  We would really never run out of space, for there are a few more mountains that side it, and we could build into those, as well as dig deeper into the ground.  With some simple spells we could also make it so deeper into the ground you could still see outside.  Using the name of the Ancient Language, it should take no time at all. As Belgabad talked, he sent images of the places he talked about.  Almost immediately, a sense of home came to Saphira and Eragon.

     That's it Saphira!  That is the new home of the Dragon Riders!  Eragon exclaimed both out loud and mentally to the dragons.  The sun was setting and though with the flowing energy from the Eldunarí, Saphira wasn't tired and insisted going on more.

     What good would it do to carry on, Saphira? Questioned Glaedr, For when we arrive at the mountains, all of us will be exhausted, and we wouldn't be able to do any work on the new home.  Let us rest today, for tomorrow at sun high we should arrive, and we can start.

     Sighing a breath of silver white smoke, Saphira glided down to a shelter of trees and landed.  Eragon loosened the leg straps that bound him in place and stretched his muscles.  Having no need to keep Saphira saddled, he took the saddle off and placed it next to a tree.  Looking to his sheath, he began to unstrap Brisingr when he had an idea.  Sharing this idea to the Eldunarí, they sounded amused about his idea,

     If you must Eragon, if you must.  Miremel said in a weary but amused voice.  Taking Brisingr and placing it beside Saphira's saddle, he began to walk a good distance away, but not before Saphira stated, 

     If your sword should go into flames, do you think that my saddle would too?  Eragon laughed in his own foolishness.  Looking in the direction of his sword he said, "Brisingr rïsa"  The sword burst into shining blue flames but rose off the ground, and replaced itself a good distance away from Saphira's saddle.  As Eragon let the magic from him fade out, his sword's fire flickered out and died.

     Thanks for that, Saphira.

     I wasn't really keen on listening to you complain about how uncomfortable I was to ride all the way to the Mountain.  

     I don't complain that much.

     Speak for yourself, little one.  All of us have to hear it though.

     Chuckling to himself, Eragon walked a few more steps before turning around to face his sword again.  In between him and the sword, he summoned a pile of sticks.  Focusing on the wood, Eragon muttered "Brisingr"  The pile of wood caught flame, but looking over at his sword, it had also erupted into flames.  Ending the spell to his sword, he kept the wood burning.  

     Directing his thoughts to all the Eldunarí watching, Even if I focus all my brain on the pile of wood I'm trying to light, my sword still burst into flames no matter what!  Frustration pulsed through his thoughts.

     It was clear that many of the Eldunarí were chuckling as though they were watching entertainment given to the Kings and Queens.  

     Now that you've tested that using the word 'Brisingr' in any context and situation ends up enflaming your sword, I'm going to go do something useful: Hunt.  I'll bring you back some meat so you can cook it and have something as well if you would like.

     Eragon disliked the fact of eating meat, though he wasn't a full vegetarian, the thought of eating meat all the time like Saphira did, didn't sit well in his stomach.  Looking around, he was pretty sure that he could find some edible plants and berries with the vast knowledge of the Eldunarí.  Relaying this message to Saphira, she huffed a long breath of smoke, causing Eragon to break out coughing for the next few seconds.

     I don't know how you don't like meat, and I will forever be puzzled by the theory of eating plants.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find a good dinner to eat, not just some plant that grows on vines.  With that, Saphira took a leaping jump and pumped her powerful wings downward as she took off, leaving a gust of leaves and broken twigs flying about.  Walking back to the trees, he called upon all the knowledge of edible plants the dragons knew about and began picking plants and leaves.  Within a few minutes, Eragon had a good salad going and had crushed some berries to make a dressing.  The idea  scurrying Nasuada to give her an update on how the day had gone, was quickly dismissed from his mind.  All he wanted to do was rest and think, so after eating, he lay against a tree and let his mind wander, meditating as Oromis and Glaedr had taught him once.  While he touched the minds of every living creature within a fair distance, he saw as a baby bird took it's first flight, and a squirrel gathering nuts, a wild boar charging a wolf that had infuriated him, and much more.  Finally, he found Saphira's mind and she shared with him the three bucks she had killed and that she had a good portion of meat should he change his mind and want some.  He shared also, the finding of plants and the great taste of the berries.  When Saphira finally landed where Eragon was resting, she was weary from hunting and curled up, inviting Eragon to lay against her stomach sheltered by her massive, sparkling, blue wing.  As he settled on Saphira, they melded minds until they could keep their eyes open no longer.  

     Good night, Saphira.

     Good night, little one.






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