Inheritance Cycle: Barzûl

After the defeat of Galbatorix, Eragon sets out to find a new home for the new era of Dragon Riders. With the knowledge that only the Eldunarí carry, they guide him across Alagaësia until they reach the destined home for the Dragon Riders. As they settle in, Eragon contacts Nasuada to tell of the place where they are settled, and to only share the information with the Riders who are able to make the journey. But when a new young Rider named Barzûl (Dwarf language means cursed with ill fate) becomes Eragon's third apprentice, the tables begin to turn. As time goes on, Barzûl begins to become eager in learning about Galbatorix and soon begins acting much like the overthrower of the Riders. Can Eragon help Barzûl before he seeps into the insane mind that Galbatorix was once enslaved in? Or will the Riders be destroyed before they are even rebuilt?


11. Impatience Flows

"Don't say you don't have enough time.  You have exactly the same number of hours per

day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci,

Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein" - H. Jackson Brown Jr.


     Colbert sat in his room with Sirath outside playing around with his new found ability of fire.  Since Taeron had decided to make his journey alone, and without him, he had been told he had to learn a good deal of magic before he could make the journey to Eragon.  He had learned why he had passed out when he said Brisingr.  Apparently, he didn't have the strength yet to cast that spell.  Every spell requires energy to cast, and if one person tries to cast a spell that requires a huge amount of magic, without having enough energy, he would feint and possibly even die.  So far, he had been able to cast a fair amount of spells within a day, but he still couldn't cast Brisingr without passing out.  Arya had been teaching him, and he was told that he could go to Eragon within the next week if he kept up with his studies.  He didn't want to be kept in Ellesméra.  He wanted to be out learning with Eragon and the other Rider.

     "Colbert, come, we are going to be late."  Arya had swiftly walked into Colbert's room and set some type of fancy cloths on his bedside.  

     "When can I go to Eragon?  I want to be there, instead of here."  Colbert complained to Arya.

     "I know that it's hard, Colbert, your blood is now with your dragon, and it want's to fly and be free.  Believe me, I understand, but one lesson that Eragon will teach you, is that being a Rider isn't just being someone who will fly free and do things that others cannot.  It's learning how to harness the fire of your dragon within your self, it's how meditating can save your life in a battle, and how you yourself can help your dragon grow too.  You're learning just the tip of what being a Rider is, and until you are ready, and you understand that you are in no need to hurry to become Eragon's student, he will not deem you ready to join him."  Arya had sit beside him, and had looked him in the eye.  Her intent gaze told him that she was right, but she didn't want to face that, that was the truth.  There was still hope that he could go early and he didn't waste it.

     "Arya, there is not enough time in the day, for I am restless, and I wish to be doing something of use."  Fire burned behind her eyes now, and Colbert knew he had said something out of line.

     "Do you not think that you are being of use here?  Do you not think that you are doing something worth while?  Do you not think for one second, that if I send you off to the mountains now, that you may not get a chance to be useful because you will be dead?"  Arya continued to inquire these things, and he hung his head guiltily.  


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    Softening her voice, she continued.

     "Colbert, we both think that it's within your best interest to stay here, and learn the magic before you join him.  He's going to push you beyond magic.  He will push you to the end of your limits regardless of your mental status.  If we get you able to use magic without wearing out, then you will be more likely to have more fun with Eragon.  Do you understand?"  Slowly nodding his head, he put on the cloths laid out for him.  He examined the ruffles and the straightness.  Confused, he just went with it and didn't ask any questions.  Seeing his confusion, Arya explained.

     "You are going to meet King Orik and the dwarfs.  After you formally meet, you will change into your armor, for it will be more appropriate at a table of dwarfs.  Also, a tutor will come by later before dinner and teach you how to act around the dwarfs and what is seen as appropriate and so on.  This is a useful skill, that you will be learning."  With that, Colbert followed her out the door, and he heard Sirath and Fírnen take off.  Walking down the hall, all the elves would stop and bow to Arya, or say blessings over her.  She would also take the time to bless them back, and say something to them about their life, or how things were going with this or that.  When they got to the throne room, Fírnen and Sirath were already sitting behind two thrones; Fírnen behind Arya's and Sirath behind a smaller one dedicated to him.  Motioning for him to sit, she began explaining what you do when the King arrives.  Because he was a Rider, he was ranked higher then everyone but Eragon, for he was the elder Rider.  Even Eragon ranked higher then her.  So, he would no have to get up and bow to Orik.  Arya kept talking.

     "Speak when you have a question, don't hold back if you doubt someone.  Remember you're nobility now, or a high ranking one, so you have servants at your disposal.  This will be different then living on a farm, you have the authority here.  Don't be afraid to step out and express yourself.  Sirath, you will also have an opinion too.  Your thoughts matter, so don't hesitate to say something either.  Orik is a fair dwarf and will take into a account anything that is said..."  Arya kept going, but Colbert had spaced out again.  He remembered when he was a farm boy, and he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted.  Now, he had to obey the rules of nobility, and such.  He just didn't think that he was ready for this.  Sirath had been the best thing that had happen to him in his life, he wouldn't doubt that for a second, but he just didn't know how he was going to remember all this new stuff.

     "Did you get any of that, Colbert?"  Arya sighed, she knew that he had listened to the first part to a certain degree, but she watched as his eyes grew faint, and far away.  Fírnen laughed, and she playfully scolded him.  

     "Uhh....yeah...sure."  Was all that came from Colbert.  Arya knew that Colbert longed to be somewhere else.  Not wanting to learn all of this.  Even she thought that some of it was boring after a while, but she didn't want to demonstrate that this bored her too.  She shared thoughts with Fírnen before a page arrived, out of breath, and very tired.

     "Dröttning, Master Rider Colbert,"  The page bowed to both of them as he addressed them.

     "The king dwarf is within the boarders, and will arrive in a few minutes."  Arya nodded, dismissing the page.  She turned to Colbert.

     "Are you ready?"  

     "Ready for the most boring thing in my life?  Yeah, bring it on."  Colbert had for sure expected to be rebuked for that statement, but to is surprise, it looked as though Arya was trying to suppress a grin at the comment.  Thoroughly pleased with himself, he smiled to himself.  The huge double doors open, and in strode a short, stalky man with a long beard.  Behind him, a plethora of soldiers.  Saluting to Arya, and to him, he greeted them.

     "Queen Arya, always a pleasure to see you, as well as you Master Dragon Fírnen.  And you, young Rider and your dragon, it is very good to have you in our midst."  His gruff voice sounded as though he had swallowed scratch paper, but Colbert could see light behind his eyes.  After he had greeted Orik, and had shared some exchange, he was dismissed to his new manners teacher, and was taught how to act at a dwarf table.  Don't drink so slowly, eat fast, and eat a lot.  Laugh and crack jokes, don't have many manners.  Participate if there is a food fight.  Enjoy their company, etc., etc.  After that, he went to Blödgarm for his magic lesson, and also for combat training.  He was then summoned to get ready for his dinner.  Washing his body as well as he had ever, he put on his armor, and attached a sword to his belt.  Feeling silly that he was going to dinner in full scale armor he detached the sword and left it resting on his bed.  As Arya walked in, yet again, he saw she was in her full scale armor, and not a piece out of place.  Giving him some last minute direction before she let him go, she ended with, 'why is that sword on your bed?  Strap it on!  We must go!  Now!' With that, she swept out of the room, like she had a tendency to do, and left him by his bed fumbling with his sword buckle.  Finally, it clicked on, and he ran out his door, down the stairs, and into the dining hall.  The guards saluted to him, and open the doors, admitting him in.  Arya had already taken her seat at the head next to Orik.  There was a seat next to Orik, so he assumed it was his, that was, until a battle scared dwarf sat there.  Completely lost, he just stood there.  Directing his thoughts to Sirath, 

     Where am I to sit?

     I don't know.  I don't sit at tables.  

     Quite a help that was.

    Try asking Arya.  He directed those last thoughts to Arya, and she glanced over to his direction.  Motioning for him to come over, he walked over awkwardly.

     "Your seat is the one next or Orik.  The dwarf sitting with him now, is an old war general who think's he's better than a Rider.  You must go over and politely ask him to move.  If he refuses, then he refuses in front of his King, which would prove to be very bad."  Shooing him over, he half stumbled half fell next to the old dwarf.  Clearing his throat, 

     "Excuse me, general dwarf, I think you are in my seat.  Would you kindly move please?"  Not paying any attention to him, he continued to talk to the dwarf to the right of him.  Orik looked on at the predicament, but didn't say anything.  Looking helplessly over at Arya, she gave him an encouraging smile, and began talking with Orik, though both continued to watch the situation.  A little louder, Colbert said,

     "Excuse me!  I think you are in my seat, dwarf."  Abandoning all sense of politeness, he had practically yelled at the dwarf.  Still the dwarf did not even bat an eye.  Rage began to burn up within him.  Rage from rejection when he was a farmer, frustration when he had first fallen of Sirath, anger toward the other Rider just leaving, Eragon not taking him, Arya pushing him.  Everything was coming up.  

     "Dwarf, you are in my seat, and if you do not get out of it, you will have no legs to get up on to move.  Now get out of my seat!"  Finally the dwarf turned around to look at him.

     "And who might you be skinny?"  That burst his bubble.  Lunging at the dwarf, he caught him at the neck and pinned him there with no effort at all.

     "I am the Rider of Sirath, apprentice to Arya and Fírnen, soon to be apprentice to Eragon and Saphira.  Second Rider since the fall of Galbatorix, and now, a very pissed off Rider."  With that, he threw the dwarf half way across the room, and took his seat.  The dwarf got up from the floor and began toward him with fire burning in his eyes.

     "Why you little - "

     "ENOUGH!!!!!"  Orik shouted.  Slamming his mug of ale down on the table so hard, the cup broke and it's contents spilled everywhere.  

     "Therdorli!  You are of mine blood, and are making mine kind look a fool!  You are banished from this dinner, and are hear by stripped form all titles that belong to yourself.  You have insulted a Rider, and the Elf queen herself!  You are no longer of mine race.  Now go!"  The dwarf looked stricken, but no matter what he said, no dwarf would turn a head to him, or even acknowledge his presence.  Colbert felt bad, he hadn't meant for this to happen.

     Don't feel bad, Colbert, it is an ancient dwarf law, that has been placed upon him.  From now on until his death, no dwarf will talk to him, and no dwarf will acknowledge him.  It is an old law that will forever be in place.  Plus, Orik was going to do that eventually, he was just looking for the opportunity to, and you gave that to him.  Fínen thought to him.  Still, it didn't make Colbert feel any better.  The meal went on with the dwarfs making jokes and laughing, all forgetting about what had occurred just a few hours before.  Colbert tired to laugh and joke around to, but the jokes died on his lips, and the food and ale tasted like cardboard.  Sirath sensed his uncomfort, and suggested a fly around the city for a while.  All to happy to be excused from the table, he mounted Sirath and they just flew in silence.  Enjoying the views and the serine night.  Still tingling at the back of his head, his impatience gnawed at him like a dog gnawing on a bone.

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