Change For Better or For Worse

A new school, a new year, a new her. She was the quiet the girl who got the good grades and the girl who was bullied. She went through everyday life, but her life takes a sudden turn one day. This shy, bullied and trouble girl will now have to face her problems and losing isn’t an option. Lies will be told, trust will be broken, ties will be torn, and the truth will be revealed. It’s a good thing that nothing stays the same forever.


3. A plane ride from hockey sticks


Authors Note 

I want to thank all my readers, supporters and people who help me and encouraged me to continue writing. I have a few projects for this story in the making and can't wait to relive them to you. But until I know for sure I'll have to keep them on the down low. Also, I will be posting a new book on here called "What if America lost the war?" And, a older book called "Secret in your mist" You can check out my works for that one. I will give later details on the newest book, called "What if America lost the war?"soon enough. But, until then don't forget to vote, follow, comment and tell your friends. So off to the story we go.

Getting on the plane, I put my carry on up and, take my seat. As I sit down I start to think about how I was going to face all the people who made my life a living hockey sticks. While deep in thought, I didn't feel someone touch me. Snapping out my thoughts, I turn around and see a very good looking guy.


"Take a picture darling, it will last longer."

I turn around and mumble "Wow, someone's arrogant."

Putting, on my headphones to block him out, well I thought it was going to work.

About half way into the plane ride, I fell him stare at me. Turning to him, I say "Hi, how may I help you," I say to him with a fake smile.

"You can give me your phone number."

I stare at him for a couple of seconds, snapping out of my thoughts I say "Excuse me, I don't think, I heard that right."

"Darling," he says as he leans a little bit too close for my liking.

"You're not like the other females, you didn't fall for me straight when you saw me. And, I found that very interesting. So can I have your number."

I couldn't help but laughing now, "Okay, this must be a joke. Where are the cameras." As, I turn around and look for them. I turn to see his face, for the first time I couldn't read him. The look he gave it was unreadable, his brown eyes looked at me with such firmness making me lean far away from him. Leaning in closer than he already was, I back up. I continue to do this until, I couldn't lean any further into my seat. What is he about to do is all I could think.

As he leaned closer, until his minty breath fanned on my neck, lightly tickling my ear. But, before he can say anything we hear the digging letting us know we have landed. Of course me being shy and looking for a way out, I did the only thing that any person would have done. I shoved him back hard making him fall back into his seat. Then hopping out my seat grabbing my carry on and running towards the door blending in with the cowards. Hoping that this mystery man wouldn't notice me, I mean he couldn't right. There are a billion people who look just like me here, going to baggage receiver, I see my bags and sigh in relief. But, my panic returned again when I see mystery man grabbing them and starts walking to me. Wow, just landing in England and I'm already panic. I see this as a great start to the new school year.

"Anne, you should know one thing about me" he says as he pulls me closer to him, his hands around my waist, "I always get what I want and I want you."

At this point my eyes where as big as saucers, I couldn't believe my ears. I mean like he could have any girl in the world. And, we just meant, I couldn't believe my ears right. Stepping on his toes hard as he goes down I use my elbow and hit his nose.

"Gahhhh.........dang it. What the heck women."

"Sorry" I screamed and got my bags and ran, not caring if I had dropped anything. A million eyes where now on me. I could feel and hear their whispers, I could feel them looking at me. Hurrying fast, not wanting to be in their sight longer than I already was I found my car, got in it and drove away. I first stopped at the dorm room, and started putting away my things. Seeing as how that I was transferring from a different branch, they gave me my own room. Across the hall was my best friend Tracy. She doesn't know that I'm actually am here. I start laughing as think about the shock that's going to be written on her face.

I look at the clock and determine I had just enough time to relax before my meeting with the head principle. I start to think about how I almost didn't reorganize the place. Remembering, I had to pick up papers in the main office in 15 minutes I hurry up and got in the shower using my dove winter care soap, and then putting on my degree sexy and intriguing deodorant. But, it just smelled like baby powder with a hint of perfume. I then decided that for the meeting I wanted to look business causal. So I paired some skinny jeans, and a blouse along with a black blazer with some black hills. Approving of my outfit I grabbed my purse, my car and room keys, my headphones, perfume, lipstick. Knowing that I had my ID I didn't stop and check for it. And, with that I made my way down to the main office picking up my papers and then heading towards my car. While, walking I bumped into my worst nightmare but I wasn't going to show it.

"Oh my, my, my......well isn't it our precious Annie" she said as she came closer to me.

"What do you want Jasmine" I sneered at her. She was still as fake as she can be, but now she looked even worse, she looked like an ugly Barbie doll. You know the ones that face looks all messed up. And, it even scares the parents.

"Just to welcome back an old friend that's all," she turns to her group and tells them "You guys go, I'll catch up with you"

She came close to me and pushed me hard to where I fell on the ground and said "Remember your place runt because at the end of the day your nothing."

I got up, brushed the dust off of me and looked her in the eyes and said "Oh, don't feel threaten now that I'm back. I'm what you will never become, you're not going to break me down anymore. I'm back now and I'm stronger than before. So like the song hit me with your best shot."

As I got to the car and drove down, I stop at dunkin donuts to get my tea and donuts. And, then I wait for my Angus steak breakfast burger. As, I got to the meeting place 15 minutes early. I look for my ID and I couldn't find it where could it have gone. I think about my day and realized that I had dropped it running away from my mystery man.

"Sighing" I get up with my food, donuts and tea. I head to the building while walking, I see to the front of the building my mystery man holding my ID saying "I told you I always get what I want." 

Authors Note Again:

My posting schedule will be on: 

Friday and Saturdays....with an occasional posting sometimes in the week. But if you don't see anything new during Monday-Thursday. Then don't worry.  Been busy with school haven't found time to write yet sorry. I'm also doing a collaboration story with BaeBArtlZl . And also I have written this same chapter several times, Thank God It Finally got stayed. Stay warm, and safe. I will try to post 2 more chapters before New Years , but if I don't then See you guys after New Years. My brain is so fried right now.

So until next time, stay fresh my lovely kitties.   >.< ♡ >. < ♡ >. < ♡ >. < ♡ >. < ♡ >. < ♡ >. < ♡  >. <


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