Rose Smith won tickets and a backstage pass to see her favorite band in concert, Five Seconds of Summer. When she goes to meet the Australian boys they immediately connect and turn out being a group of best friends after an hour. What happens when they ask her to go on tour with them? Will she fall for any of the boys? Will any of the boys fall for her? Read Mistakes to find out!


2. What.The.Actual.Fuck.

Rose's POV    

"This is Sirius XM Hits One, Spyder Harrison here and we are about to call the lucky fan who will win twenty tickets to Five Seconds of Summer's sold out show in St. Paul Minneapolis!" I sat on my leather couch, phone in hand listening to my favorite radio station to see if I had won the contest I entered weeks in advance. I heard the man, Spyder, I think, talk about the rules, how you must be eighteen years or older until finally I heard those two amazing words, Its ringing. I felt a vibration in my hand and I looked down to see that an unknown number was calling me, I tried my hardest not to fangirl because it might not be him, but I answered the call and as professional as I could I asked, 

"Hello?" I drew in a deep breath as I heard a pause. 

"Hello lucky winner! You have just won twenty tickets to see Five Seconds of Summer!" my hands started shaking, I couldn't speak, my mind kept yelling ANSWER HIM YOU DUMBASS!!. All I could say was uh-uh, and hearing myself say it on the radio didn't make it any better! 

"Uh, hello? Are you there?", Then, my mind clicked and I finally talked before he hung up.

"Oh! Yes that's me!" 

"Oh okay then, we have a surprise for you!" I let out a sigh of relief but started to get worried, oh god, what was the surprise?!?! 

"Okay, what is it?" I tried to sound professional but the occasional stuttering kinda gave it away.  

"If, you can name this song in ten seconds or less you will win two backstage passes to meet the boys after the concert!" My heart started beating faster than normal, what song could it be? Of course its a 5SOS song, I started listing all of their songs from Out Of My Limit to She Looks So Perfect.

"Okay here we go," I put my phone on speaker and set it down getting ready, because I REALLY wanted those passes. I mean who wouldn't?!  (a/n and if you wouldn't love to meet these amazing boys why are you here lol >.<) 

"My girlfriends bitching cause I always sleep in she's always screaming when she's calling her friends she's kinda-"  As soon as I heard Michael's guitar I knew it was She's Kinda Hot but i didn't want to be wrong so I waited until Luke started singing. As soon as I heard bitching I screamed, "She's Kinda Hot!!!!" 

"Woah! A bit loud aren't ya! well congratulations you won! Just come to the studio any time before the concert tomorrow and we'll give you the tickets and the passes!" Then, he hung up and I started dancing around screaming.







Hiya!! So, I know its a short chapter but I'm going to update again today or tomorrow and I will update at least once every week from then on, probably more but idk :-). ANYWAY! You're probably thinking, I already know what this story is going to be about, the girl falls in love with one of the guys, they get married The End. NOPE! I made this fanfiction because I've been looking for one like this for a long time but I never found one which made me sad, buuuuuuuuuuuut, I'm making it myself so if you like it favorite, like and comment! I LOVE feedback!


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