Rose Smith won tickets and a backstage pass to see her favorite band in concert, Five Seconds of Summer. When she goes to meet the Australian boys they immediately connect and turn out being a group of best friends after an hour. What happens when they ask her to go on tour with them? Will she fall for any of the boys? Will any of the boys fall for her? Read Mistakes to find out!


1. Descriptions

Julia Pierce as- Rose Smith Michael Clifford -as- Himself Calum Hood -as- Himself Ashton Irwin -as- Himself Luke Hemmings -as- Himself Other characters will be added as they come into the story. >.<- ->.< -->.<-->.<--A/N HIYA!!!! What's up my beautiful people?!?!?! So this is my first book and I get it if it sounds horrible but keep reading it because I have been looking for fanfictions like this but I've only found imagines, etc. So i decided to write it myself. I update every week so be ready thanks love y'all!!
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