Rose Smith won tickets and a backstage pass to see her favorite band in concert, Five Seconds of Summer. When she goes to meet the Australian boys they immediately connect and turn out being a group of best friends after an hour. What happens when they ask her to go on tour with them? Will she fall for any of the boys? Will any of the boys fall for her? Read Mistakes to find out!



*Time skip to an hour before the concert the next day*

Every time I had to try and apply my eyeliner, every time I would try my hands would start shaking because I thought about meeting the boys after the concert. I finally got the wing done and decided to get changed and do my hair. I changed into a Gray shirt that said what ever, black skinny jeans, black vans, and I curled my long black and blue hair. I grabbed my favorite bag and put put my phone and earbuds in. It was about a thirty minutes before the concert so I decided to go. When I parked and got out it was absolutely CRAZY! Everywhere I looked there was someone in a flannel or a 5SOS shirt, I grinned, MY PEOPLE!! It took me about fifteen minutes to get to the front of the line of the merch stand and all I got was a lanyard, the split face shirt, the face posters, and the Hey Violet CD. I got in my seat in the front row, yeah yeah I got twenty tickets but I only have two friends and they absolutely HATE the guys. (a/n and that is actually true DON'T HATE ME I LOVE THE GUYS)

*Skip to after the concert* 

Now, my hands were shaking. I almost started hyperventilating, buuuut that would be weird and would make a big scene so i controlled myself. Ashton was walking on the stage looking where to throw his drum sticks and he looked down at me and smiled, handing me the drum stick. Right as it entered my hand girls started attacking me. Thankfully I could easily get out with the drum stick because I was so short slid down and crawled away. I found a security guard and showed him my pass he smiled and guided my to backstage. Well, at least he's nice. When we started going down a hallway I could here Michael scream,

"LUCAS HEMMINGS GIVE MY THE GODDAMN CONTROLLER YOU LOST NOW I GET TO PLAY" I laughed quietly and the guard rolled his eyes and looked at me saying,

"there're always so damn loud," I started laughing and I was about to respond when Luke yelled.

"HE CHEATED SO I GET TO GO AGAIN!" After that Ashton screamed

"I DIDN'T CHEAT YOU CAN'T CHEAT AT FIFA LUKE!" By that time we were in front of the door and I was NOT okay. The guard, and guessing from his name tag his name was Tim, gave me a reassuring smile and opened the door yelling.

"Alright boys, put the game down and come here!" and like a bunch of trained dogs they surprising left the game and went to Tim, even Michael! They all looked at me confused and Tim smiled and said. "Boys, meet Rose. She won backstage passes and will be with you guys for the next hour. Don't hurt her or kill her please. That's way too much paper work." I giggled and Michael rolled his eyes and looked at me, "Hi Rose my name's Michael, well you probably already know that. Have you ever played FIFA?" Oh okay right to the point, I blushed slightly which I NEVER DO. "Um no?" He looked at me with wide eyes and dragged me to the Xbox. As I was pulled away I heard Time laugh and say don't kill her Michael! I sat down on the floor next to him and he started teaching me how to play, and after my second game I had beat him and he started freaking out. So I had to play Ashton, Calum, and Luke and I beat them all. Then Michael started teaching me how to play almost all of the Call of Duty's After about forty minutes we were all like best friends and once the hour past Tim said, Okay it's time to go and the guys started complaining and asking me to stay longer Tim looked at me and I said, "I would love to," and as Tim nodded the guys all bear hugged me and I laughed but started wiggling around because I couldn't do this thing called breath. 

"I WANT TO GO TO PANDA EXPRESS!!!" Michael screamed out of nowhere and Luke hit him on the back of the head.

"Stop screaming Michael" Luke said rolling his eyes but he still smiled a bit. 

"SHUT UP LUKE" and with that Michael ran to the nearest security guard to see if we could go and he came back five minutes later with a sad look on his face. 

"He said we can't go because we don't have a car and we can't take the tour bus out because the fans would notice it." 

"We can take my car if you'd like, I can bring it around back." I said smiling and Michael pretty much tackled me in a hug. 

"THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ROSE!" I laughed and shrugged, "No problem." I got the car around without being seen and the guys hopped in and Michael started looking through my CD's they mostly consisted of Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Green Day, and- well, I think you get it. Michael put the All Time Low CD in and Therapy started blasting through the speakers. I smiled and turned the car off as we went inside and got something to eat.

*Skip to after they ate and are back at the venue*

I sat playing FIFA with Luke and the game was about to end and because I was winning he kept trying to mess me up and I kept laughing and leaning away whining his name(a/n THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DIRTY OKAY? OKAY) Then Ashton said, 

"Guys we need to have a 5SOS meeting.right.now." The guys could tell how serious he was so they followed him and Luke looked at me and smiled, "It won't take long Rosie I promise" I laughed, "Rosie?" He blushed and smiled "Yeah I like that" I smiled back at him "I like it too" We were having an amazing moment until Calum came out and rolled his eyes. 

"Luke, your a part of the band too ya know! Lead singer you play guitar ring a bell?" (a/n Ooooo sassy Calum!!!) 

"yeah yeah I'm coming." Luke got up and followed Calum out the door. I sat on the couch and went through twitter seeing Ashton and the guys had followed me and after about fifteen minutes I went on Instagram and saw Ashton posted a video of us singing Therapy in the car, and I also saw Bryana Holly commented saying Who the hell is that?!?!? You better not be cheating on me Ashton! ugh. I never liked her much anyway. Twenty minutes later the boys FINALLY came back and Michael looked at me smiling." Rose or as Luke calls you, Rosie we all know that we just met but it feels like we've been friends forever and you seem really cool and we talked about this for thirty minutes and we finally decided. Will you Go on the rest of this tour with us?" I stood there with wide eyes and I didn't know what to say but finally i opened my mouth and said."Yes!"








Hello! Sorry I couldn't update yesterday I got my laptop taken away :( but here it is! and to anyone who does like Ashton's girlfriend I'm not trying to be rude but she will be in the next couple chapters and I like her slightly because she makes Ashton happy but I don't really like her because she has bullied people and made fun of them. And it's the people like that who made me go into depression and cut etc etc ENOUGH OF THAT SAD STUFF! I'm on a writing kick, like, I know what I want to write so I write it fast so I will update again either today or the next couple days I promise! Thanks everyone byeee!

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