The Rich Girl.

Elena Danton was an average girl who lived her school life normally, however she was the richest girl in town. When the schools 'hottie' Justin Bieber has a bet with his best friend to have sex with her, it has a serious effect on both Elena and Justin.


6. Wannabes.


 Watching him walk away was actually amusing, the way he brushed past people and they all knew him. Why did he just come over and speak to me? He probably felt bad.

"What the hell was that?" Jenny laughed as she fixed her hair. Jenny was my best friend, she was the only girl I could happily open up to without knowing it would be spread around for gossip. She had wavy dark brown hair that fell just below her shoulders. Her face was slim and tanned which made her green eyes stand out.

"I don't actually know." I laughed as I leant against the sink.

"Not in a mean way," She turned and looked at me, and then turned back to the mirror. "But Justin Bieber? Like he never speaks to us." She laughed as she held her bobby pin in her mouth. I sat back and sighed knowing she was right.

"I dunno maybe-" Before I knew Katy Richardson, Philippa Brown and Niamh Smith all trotted in group of bitchy tarts that only Katy was. I looked down, even though Katy and I grew up together and used to be the best of friends (which no one knew about) I was intimidated by her.

"You're right Lenny, that hottie wouldn't never talk to you." She faked smiled, and shoved past Jenny to another mirror. Oh, did I mention, KATY IS OBSSESSED WITH JUSTIN! It's so weird, and only Justin doesn't see it.

"My name is Jenny." Jenny spat back, she wasn't scared to retaliate, but me however, I was. Katy rolled her eyes an got out a lip gloss from Niamh's bag and started to apply it.

"Just back off Elena." She curled her lip up at me and stared at me up and down. "He is mine." She growled. I gulped and stared back at her. Jenny nudged me to reply, but I was frozen.

"He isn't your property Katy." Jenny snarled and turned back. I stayed quiet, feeling smaller and smaller as Jenny stuck up for me.

"Well, we lost our virginity to each other so...I think he is." She flicked her hair and past the lip gloss back at Niamh, who scurried away and put it in her bag. Niamh and Philippa were best friends way before Katy, but they fell under her manipulation trap and now they were stuck. Niamh had gorgeous strawberry blonde hair that sweeped round her like a Barbie doll, she was gorgeous and so nice. Philippa had straight down brown hair and bushy eyebrows which forever made her feel insecure, but her olive skin tone made her look Spanish and she was also so nice. Then Katy, the stuck up bitch who had dark bushy hair that sprung around her face which was plastered in make up. The fact she was pretty made me sick.

"Oh wow, wanna brag anymore?" Jenny mocked and folded her arms, I knew already she was annoyed at me for not saying anything.

"Sure." Katy dropped her bag and stepped forward. "I took Justin Bieber's virginity." She bent down and stared at Jenny who didn't change her expression.

"W-why don't you tell someone who cares Katy." I stood up straight, regretting it as I said it. She looked at me in sarcastic shocked way. Jenny smiled, relieved I hadn't left her alone in the battle.

"Katy, can we go?" Philippa whispered, she hated all the confrontation. Katy stood up straight and picked up her bag and turned.

"I shouldn't waste my breath of wannabes." She stormed out and disappeared into the crowd of people. I sat back against the sink and took a deep breath. Jenny smiled at me.

"Come on wannabe, I'm hungry."  She laughed and walked out.

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