The Rich Girl.

Elena Danton was an average girl who lived her school life normally, however she was the richest girl in town. When the schools 'hottie' Justin Bieber has a bet with his best friend to have sex with her, it has a serious effect on both Elena and Justin.


5. Movements.


 I walked into my first lesson, still mesmerised by Elena. I just didn't understand how I hadn't seen her before? As I walked in I saw her sitting with Jenny and laughing, which then made me be bump into by my best friend Jason. He smiled and saw where I was looking and smirked at me. I had to play it cool, I hardly knew the girl. As I sat down Miss Waggington walked in and slammed her papers down on the desk an started commanding rules and work to do, which I obviously ignored.

"I saw you eyeing up that bird." Jason smirked as he swung on the back of his chair. I looked up from my phone knowing I could trust him, but for some reason I felt embarrassed.

"Nah I just-" I glanced over at her quickly, then back at Jason. "I just haven't seen her around before?"

"She is bangin' man." He laughed, I rolled my eyes and carried on searching for her Instagram. "You couldn't get her man." I was about to tell him what happened in the morning, but I looked up in shock. "I'm not even lying."

"Fuck off, yes I could." I tutted at him, almost offended that he didn't think I could fuck her.

"Bruv, she's bare fussy man, like she is the richest girl in town." My head shot up in surprise. "Last weekend her and Jenny went to Paris, like for banter! Bruv she is tight." I listened, I was so intrigued by her. She didn't seem at all like that. Before I knew it she stood up an started walking towards the bin, my eyes glued to her perky ass. "You know what, you desperate fucker." He laughed, as I turned back to him. "I bet you $150 you won't fuck her by senior dance."

"Four months?" He nodded, he genuinely was describing how tight she was, I normally would've fucked her by this weekend. "I could do it in 2 mate."

"Na man, don't waste your luck." He laughed, and looked at her. "You two will be the gossip everywhere." I nodded. "So we gotta deal?" He stuck his hand in front of me. I glanced at her, then at Jason.

"You're fucking on mate." I shook his hand eagerly, this was gonna be fun.

As the bell went I quickly stood up and grabbed the door, already planning to make movements. Jason burst out laughing knowing my plans so he headed towards the Canteen. She was collecting her stuff slowly making me look like even more a melon. As she walked over I smiled, she flushed and look down and started walking. I jumped out quickly In front of Jenny as she huffed.

"Hey so er, did my Mum actually hit you?" I asked, as I ran through people to catch up with her. She looked up at me in surprise and shook her head, she held her bag and folders very close to her, but she just watched my reaction careful. "Oh, good, she panicked bare." I laughed trying to break the ice that I thought was already broken. She laughed lightly in return and stopped outside the toilets, as Jenny came rushing over. "So you walk yeah? Look if you ever need a ride again just like drop me a text." I smiled, she blushed and looked down.

"Thank you." She replied, her voice was warm. I didn't look away until Jenny came over and bumped into me.

"Sorry Justin."  She rolled her eyes, still pissed that I didn't hold the door for her. As I glanced back she was looking at me and was smiling. I smiled back and looked down, and turned and started walking away. First movement complete.



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