The Rich Girl.

Elena Danton was an average girl who lived her school life normally, however she was the richest girl in town. When the schools 'hottie' Justin Bieber has a bet with his best friend to have sex with her, it has a serious effect on both Elena and Justin.


2. Morning Routine.


 I slept in late like I usually did until someone stormed upstairs in anger to wake me up, and that day was my obnoxious sister Hope. She stormed in which made the door slam into my desk knocking off a trophy.

 "Justin get up for fuck sake!" She screamed and threw something at me. I sat up and saw the trophy on the floor and glared at her. She had a tarty pair of shorts on and a tight belly top revealing a lot of cleavage as well as ass.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" I looked her in disgust, she flared her nostrils and glared back at me. "Who the fuck are you tryna impress huh?"

"No one! Just get up! Mum says she won't leave till your up, and I wanna get to school!" She stared at my in pure anger as her lip turned into a tight line. I sat back in bed deliberately to piss her off and raised an eyebrow.

 "Of course you are, you wanna see your pull don't ya." She grunted at me in anger.

"I don't have a pull Justin!" She shouted. I stood up and pulled on some trackies, leaving my top half bare.

"Alright Hope whatever man, pick up the trophy." As she bent down I turned and basically saw her ass.

"You're dutty Hope, fucking get changed." I tutted and hopped down the stairs and got confronted by my 3 year old sister Lily who squealed and jumped on my leg. I half smiled and tried to shrug her off. "Morning Lil." My Dad shoved past us and grabbed his briefcase, I gave him a dirty look and walked into the kitchen to find my Mum and my oldest brother having an argument.

"Just clean it up Matt!" She spun round in frustration and looked at me in anger. "Oh so you decide to come down now? You have two minutes, eat at school! Go up and get dressed now!" I groaned and turned and ran upstairs and threw on some clothes and a hat. As I stared in the mirror I saw Hope slowly walk in with a pair of jeans and the same top on and slouched on to my bed. I half smiled and turned and looked at her, even though she was the most annoying I got on best with her.

"See that's calm." I smiled and grabbed my bag. She looked up at me and looked down. I stared at her in confusion. "What?"  She looked up at me if she was going to cry. "What is it Hope man!"

"My pull!" She blurted out. I raised an eyebrow at her in confusion. "He got with Abi this morning." I really couldn't give a fuck, but I had to act like I did.

"Abi, as in your best mate?" I glanced over my shoulder as she nodded, I took deep breath and turned. "Who is this geeza? Let me talk some sense into him." She jumped up at me.

"No no no! No one has forgotten about what happened with Lewis, so no!" She stared at me in desperation as I searched my mind for Lewis. "Promise me you won't? Justin!" She shook me.

"Yes man, get off me!" I pushed her back. "Look just don't chat to either of them yeah." I turned and tried to smile at her. She looked down, nodded and walked out. I let my body relax as I fell back onto my bed and shut my eyes.

"Justin!" I heard my Mum yell. I sat up. "Justin! For god sake were going!" I jumped up and forced myself to face a day at school.

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