The Rich Girl.

Elena Danton was an average girl who lived her school life normally, however she was the richest girl in town. When the schools 'hottie' Justin Bieber has a bet with his best friend to have sex with her, it has a serious effect on both Elena and Justin.


1. Morning Routine.


 I rolled over onto my stomach as my alarm chimed. As I rubbed my eyes I held down on the microphone which allowed me to listen to the daily special. My head slummed into the coolness of my pillow making my eyes slowly shut again.

 "Morning El!" My head shot up as Tina's  (the head chef) voice rang into the microphone. I grunted lightly as a response, which she had learnt to understand. "Right today you can either have croissants with jam and butter, salmon and egg on toast or coco pops." I could almost hear her putting the salmon on as it was my favourite.

 "I think you know Tina." I replied quietly. I heard her laugh and then it cut off. I rolled back onto my back and stared up at the ceiling and wondered why I hadn't got into the shower. I almost fell out of bed as my whole body weight fell onto me, when I finally got into the shower and got dressed into a casual jumper and jeans the microphone dinged telling me my food was ready. I grabbed hold of my bag and phone which then led me to skip down the stairs.

 "Honey." I turned quickly to see my Dad. He had a light baby blue long sleeved work shirt on which was open at the top revealing his chest hair. His spikey grey hair made his skin look more of a olive tone. His dark trousers fell down to his ankles leaving him with his usual posh work shoes. I half smiled as he bit into his slice of toast and walked around with his glasses at the bottom of his nose as he read the paper. "I am away this weekend for a business trip, so Albert will be looking after to you, as well as everyone else."

"When doesn't he?" I mumbled lightly and headed towards the kitchen to collect the food. Albert was a ageing genuine man who was my butler. We did get along, I knew ten times more about him than I did my Dad. Only because he used to be best friends with Mum, that's why Dad hired him.

"Is that okay with you baby?" I cringed at him saying 'baby' to me as I grabbed my food, knowing he hadn't looked up from his paper.

"Do I have a choice?"  I mumbled lightly yet again, I turned to see him munching on his toast but staring at me. My eyes widened as I was afraid he heard me.

"Well? Is it?" He looked at me as if I was delusional. I half sighed and sat down and started eating.

"Yep Dad, that's fine. So how come you're-"

"Got to go honey!" He dashed over and kissed my forehead and put his glasses in the box. I rolled my eyes in annoyance knowing that he wouldn't care about me anyway. Work work work, that was all he ever did. I suppose it was a distraction? I looked down and carried on eating slowly as Tina shuffled out. She was like a big teddy bear, who truly did love me and I loved her.

"Was it nice El?" She smiled. I nodded and smiled. "Your Dad told ya about his business trip then?" She started to wipe the plate with her cloth. I rolled my eyes and nodded, as I began to stand up. "It's alright love, we can have a party can't we!" I smiled and grabbed my keys and phone. "See you later pet."

"Bye Tina." I walked over to the wall microphone and held down for Albert. "Morning Albert, I'm ready to go."

"What car today Lana?" I smiled as only my Mum used to call me Lana, he was the best memory I had of her.

"Range Rover?"

"Of course, see you down there." I started heading towards the car and sat down letting my mind realise all the stress.





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