The Rich Girl.

Elena Danton was an average girl who lived her school life normally, however she was the richest girl in town. When the schools 'hottie' Justin Bieber has a bet with his best friend to have sex with her, it has a serious effect on both Elena and Justin.


9. El.


 I walked into school with her and nearly a hundred eyes fell on us. She obviously became embarrassed and anxious so I played it cool and went to take her hand. She looked up at me in pure confusion, why did she always do that? I was trying to make movements...which were obviously just for the bet. Shit, the bet! Jason would somehow bring it up when he was pissed and it would ruin everything...everything was obviously the bet.

 "Justin!" A voice squeaked. I tore my eye sight away from Elena and saw Katy skipping towards me with her clan of bitches. Rolling my eyes immediately, she strutted over twiddling her hair and chewing some tatty piece of gum.  "Hey Justin." She smiled fakely then turned and saw Elena and glared. I laughed and looked at her with dis-interest. "So you're hundred percent coming tonight right?" Elena suddenly stiffened and stepped behind me slowly.

"Yeah yeah of course man." She smiled and started talking when I suddenly interrupted. "Oh shit Katy I forgot to ask can two of my mates come.

"What? Oh yeah yeah babe of course...who?" She carried on fiddling with her hair and giggling fakely until I said the names.

"Elena and Jenny." She stopped stood stump still. I smiled at her and stepped closer. "Go on Katy man, it's just two girls. Surely it won't do no harm?" I winked at her and smiled more.

"Well, its just-"

"Don't worry then man." I gave her a dirty look and went to walk away, as I did she called out my name in panic. I smiled, all part of the plan.

"The- they can come, I was just going to say it's because I don't-don't know them very well." She hesitated and glanced back and forth from Elena to me.

"Sick, cheers Katy." I took Elena's hand quickly and took her away. "That was-"

"I'm not going Justin." She yanked her hand away from mine furiously. I stopped and turned back. Even though she was beautiful any mood she was in, she didn't look happy.

"What- Why?"

"Because I'm not, it's Katy Richardson! I hate her, she hates me. It's kinda our thing." She half smiled and then looked at me then back to the floor. "Look, there will be other parties that we can-"

"Fuck Katy man." I stepped closer to her and grabbed her waist. "You can stay with me." She looked up at me then at my hands. I ran them onto the bottom of her back and pulled her closer. "We're a duo." She laughed and then rested her head on my shoulder.

"Sometimes duos can wait." Her voice was a musical whisper. I held onto her then slowly loosened my grip, she held her head in the same position and didn't look up at me. "Next time."

"El-" Lifting her head suddenly she looked at me in shock, she pushed my hands off her back and stepped away quickly.

"W-what did you just call me?" She eyes darted from one of mine to the other. I didn't know what to say, why was she suddenly so panicked and conscious?

"El?" She stiffened up again and started to walk. "Wait, where are you going man?" I turned and watched her leave.

"I'll see you later Justin."

"El!-" She stiffened again and walked away quickly down the busy corridor.

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