The Rich Girl.

Elena Danton was an average girl who lived her school life normally, however she was the richest girl in town. When the schools 'hottie' Justin Bieber has a bet with his best friend to have sex with her, it has a serious effect on both Elena and Justin.


3. Car Journey.


 I climbed out of the car half way round the corner and said goodbye to Albert quickly and rushed towards the school gates that was only a 7minute walk away. I dug for my head phones in my bag to escape the hell I was about to face. BEEP! I jumped back in shock, as my heart raced at one hundred miles an hour. As I caught my breath I saw a familiar dark figure staring out at me. My eyes widened as I saw Justin Bieber staring straight at me, trying to figure out who I was. I grabbed my bag from the floor in humiliation and scrambled around for the other random rubbish in my bag. Before I knew it I heard a door slam and a slim women rushed towards me.

"Oh my god, are you okay? Did-did I hit you?" She was flustered and was staring at me pleadingly. She had long silky dark hair that highlighted her beautiful bone structure. "Oh no! Do you have brain damage, oh my god!"

"No no no!" I said louder than I expected. I coughed awkwardly. "I'm-I'm fine, it was my fault I shouldn't-"

"Do you go to Garrick East High School?" She asked surprisingly quickly, I nodded as I gulped feeling Justin's eyes burning into my flesh. "Oh thank goodness, you can come with us. Don't worry I'm not a perv!" She laughed from being so tense, I stared at her in shock. "Come on."

I know I should've said 'Thank you mam, I can walk. You didn't hit me I am fine.' but somehow knowing the most beautiful boy in our school was sitting in that car made me get in.

 I sat quietly as the traffic became heavy, and there was a small talk within the family. The little girl with big curls sat and played with a little Barbie in her car seat, whereas a girl with long blonde hair sat in the middle with a look to kill on her face as she texted. I recognised her from around school. I sat quietly and looked out the window in the little red car, hoping for the car journey to be over soon.

"So, oh sorry I didn't catch your name." The lady smiled as she looked in the mirror to lock eye contact with me.

"Elena." I smiled lightly, and loosened my posture.

"Wait Elena Danton?" She gasped. I nodded in shock. "Oh my goodness, you and Justin used to go to pre school together and you two used to be best friends!" She giggled, as I heard Justin sigh in embarrassment. I half smiled, as I remembered last year finding the pictures of us. "Oh and your Mum, errrr Joanna right?" I nodded knowing where it was going. "Ugh, she was stunning, we used to go for coffee a lot. She looks a lot like you." I nodded hoping it was the end of the conversation desperately. "How is she? Still running her business? What it is it she makes again?" If only there wasn't traffic we would've been in school by now, if only Justin wasn't in the car I wouldn't of got in and if only I got my ear phones out earlier I wouldn't be in the car.

 "She made sun cream." I half smiled and looked down.

"Oh has she stopped now?" Yes. The car was moving and we were pulling up to school, I could easily avoid the question. "What does she do now?" Shit.

"Erm." I stuttered for the right words, praying for someone to say something. "She died two years ago." The car fell silent, not in a good way. The awkward bitter silence that everyone hates. His Mum pulled into a parking space and turned back and started at me.

"Oh my god." Is that her catch phrase? "I'm so sorry, I almost killed you today and then you told me your mum is-"

"Shut up Mum man." Justin tutted and glanced at me quickly then jumped out the car.

"It-It's fine, thank you for the lift." I smiled as nicely as I could and crawled out of the car into the fresh air.


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