The Rich Girl.

Elena Danton was an average girl who lived her school life normally, however she was the richest girl in town. When the schools 'hottie' Justin Bieber has a bet with his best friend to have sex with her, it has a serious effect on both Elena and Justin.


10. Apologies.


 I knew I shouldn't of reacted the way I did, its 100% ruined everything already. I just hate it when people call me 'El' because only my Mum and Albert call me that...well my Mum used to.

I quickly went and sat in my seat next to Jenny who immediately started having a full blown conversation with me; I just sat staring down at the table with my fingers wrapped around my pen. She glanced at me in confusion. only twice. So I suppose she didn't realise. My head shot up as soon as Miss Reading said his name, I completely forgot he was in my Science class. Feeling my heart pounding against my chest made it clear to me that he had already made a massive effect on me. I looked down as my cheeks burned a bright red colour.

"Why are you late again Justin?" She folded her arms and glared at Justin, suddenly multiple people turned and looked at me. I went even redder when she had to repeat the question .

"Just was innit." He mumbled and I could hear him making his way to his seat. I stayed quiet whilst Jenny hit my arm trying to get me to pay attention, I just couldn't deal with the embarrassment.

"Don't sit down Justin, you've missed twenty minutes of the lesson, you can spend the rest of it in Mr Johnson's office." I heard him grunt and kick the chair back under the table. I glanced up quickly and saw Jenny staring at me in confusion. He turned back and caught eyesight with me, I looked down again at my book without even thinking of looking up again. "Justin is there a problem?"

"Yeah, I haven't done nothing and you're sending me out?"

"Just go, now!" She paused to control her anger, everyone knew that Justin and her had never been on the best terms. I could almost picture him rolling his eyes and turning to leave but he shocked me completely.

"I was late because I was talking to Mr Kennedy." I looked up slowly, Mr Kennedy is the schools deputy head Justin would defiantly steer clear of him. Everyone was silent, Justin's normal motives would be to escape from the lesson whenever he could- especially Miss Readings. Pausing again, but this time to re-calculate the situation, Miss Readings voice was warmer.

"I will email him to see what he has to say Justin." He stood hesitantly at the door, waiting for her response. The class sat patiently whilst I fidgeted with anticipation. Why the hell was he talking to her? "Go and sit down and till he answers please. This whole interruption could have been dealt with quicker if you had explained to me that you were with Mr Kennedy Justin." She watched as he walked slowly to his chair, he passed me briefly and I could feel his eyes burning into my scalp. "Anyway class, start with pages 78 and make notes."

My whole body loosened as everyone broke into conversation, although people would have been talking about me. I knew he was dangerous to me, his eyes made me escape into a new place. A place that I didn't belong, but craved for.

"Elena?" I looked up at Jenny who was obviously going to question me, and then down. "Care to explain? You've barely even looked at me, let alone spoke. What the fuck has happened." She always tucked her hair behind her eyes in a state of confusion, panic or anger but I couldn't fully understand what emotion she was feeling.

"He er, he called me El." The wrinkles from her for-head vanished and her eyes became soft instead of cold. "I reacted badly." I breathed out whilst breaking into a nervous smile. "As you can probably tell." Her response was a small smile and she looked down.

"I know it's hard, but she needs to escape from you." She looked at me. "Stop blaming yourself Elena! I do not even know what you can blame yourself for?" She reached out and took my hand. "It's okay to be scared. I was when I started to fall for-" I pushed her off me and looked at her.

"What are you talking about?" I scowled as my eyes flickered between hers. Her face turned into shock and she tucked her hair behind her ear-panic.

"Oh I just thought it was because like, like because...youre beginning to like Justin, well his attention, and the way he said E- the nick name, had the same I dunno-emotinal affect that your mum had?" She hid her face a little whilst I continued to glare.

"Well no. I am just friends with Justin anyway." I looked around and caught eye contact with him, I froze, but didn't look away.  A whole wave of emotion filled my body leading me to stand up and walk over. Eyes fell on me again as I slowly sat down, beginning to react my decision. "Hi." My voice cracked and he stared at me, not even a slight sense of nervousness took over his body. He just watched me and smiled in a strange way-not a normal warming smile."I didn't mean to storm away." He looked away slowly and out of the window. "I'm not good with apologies...or awkwardness." I laughed, panicking even more.

"I can tell." He glanced at me. "Are you going to explain?"

"I'm not good at that either."

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