Everything I didnt say

Luke goes back to school while the band is on break from there tour. As he meets his locker buddy "Sammy" they instantly become friends, my I add with a-little bit of crush, Sammy thought that she and luke would stay friends until she starts to develops feelings towards him but decided to keep it a secret. But starts to regret it as luke finds another love on tour. Read to see everything Sammy didn't say


8. ch6

Important at end!!

Sammy's POV:

Luke already left and I was gonna take a shower. So I cleaned up wen to my room,grabbed some clothes and a towel and walked to the shower. As I turned it on to let it get warm I stripped. I looked myself over in the mirror, gosh I'm fat I feel bad for luke who had to look at me while he was changing me into pjs. I jumped in the shower. Letting the warm water trickle down my back relaxing all my muscles. I closed my eyes letting my mind and thought take over. And for some weird reason my mind wanted to think about luke. And about today. Was it a date? Or was it just friends hanging out? I caint believe luke stayed the whole night. I mean he could have just left me on the couch and left. Or he could have laid my in my bed and left. But nope he took me to my bed and changed me and slept with me the whole night. I guess that's what friends do? Ugg If I know anything about my feelings towards luke it's that I caint wrap my finger around him. If only he would say somthing. Ugh this is all to confusing I caint think straight with this. Even tho we have only known each other for about 1-2 weeks I already know so much about him. And he knows so much about me. U know what I'm just gonna give my heart a direction and follow. I caint believe I'm going to do this but I have to if I want to get ahold of myself. I'm going to text the cute guy Blake. I quickly got out of the shower. Dressed in just a plan shirt. I figured I will get changed when it's closer to the time luke picks me up.

Hey guys don't worry this isn't end of ch. I just thought I would update alittle so u could at least read somthing to hold u over. I know it's super short but I will have the rest of the ch. done tonight. Luv u guys💜💜

-Sammy 9/7/15

Hey guys here's the rest of the ch. hope u enjoy

So I pulled over a shirt and grabed my phone and sat on my bed. I already put his contact in my phone in-case I was going to do this. I took a deep berth and dialed his number. Voicemail.

"Pls leave a message after the beep" *beeep*

"Uh hey Blake,u probs don't remember me but you delivered pizza to my house and gave me your number. Well I was just wondering maby we could go out to lunch or get coffee, you know to like get to know each other. Well if that sounds good call me back thx" and with that I hung up. I released a breath I didn't even know what I was doing. Oh gosh what if he always gives out his number to girls. I don't even know him. Am I sure is name is even Blake? Oh well. He seemed super sweet. H also seemed kinda shy. And that's what luke told me so I don't think he would talk to girl a lot. Maby things will go well. I brushed out my hair when my phone went off saying I got a text, from luke.

Luke: I'll pick u up around 2. Ok?

Me: yep! Sounds great I Caint wait see u then Hemmings

And with that I just wasted time by playing music and going on twitter an Instagram. I also read a little bit. I looked over at the clock to see that it said it was 1:37 I should probably get ready if I want to look decent. So I looked threw my closet scamming threw my clothes. I wanted something cute but nothing fancy. I wanted like a causal cute. Yay that's what I want. After debating between 2 outfits I decided to go with my jean high waisted shorts, with my light pink top tied to the side and a grey cardigan. It was a lighter one since it was kinda hot. I also decide to chose my lucky silver arrow necklace. My dad gave it to me when I was younger, he said that it would protect me, idk why it was an arrow. But it always made me feel safe. Except when I was with luke. Luke always gave me the safety feeling, like we could be in the most dangerous situation even and I would feel safe if Luke was with me. I applied little concealer, foundation, mascara, eye-liner, and a natural lip color. I looked myself over and I looked really good. I let my hair fall in it's natural wavy length. I put on my white vans and as soon as I finished tying them the door bell rang. I knew it was Luke, I looked over at the time and it was exactly 2:00. I herd the door open then slam, then I herd the all to families voice

"Sammy!" Luke's voice gradually got louder. So I was expecting him that he was coming up the stairs.

"In my room!" I yelled back

I grabbed my phone and wallet then looked over to see luke standing in my door way. He was wearing his black skinny jeans with

A black top an a red flannel over it. I could tell he took a shower too and also tried to look good. Bc he succeeded. He looked HOT! With his hair all whiffed up and he lip ring that he was biting down on.

"Wow someone can really freshen up" I giggled passing by him.

"Same to u" he laughed

"Ready ?"

"Yep" I said pooping the p

We walked out if the house and I got in Luke's car. He was such a gentleman even tho we were friends he still opened the car door for me. We got in the car and luke started it up. Once we got going luke handed me the Bluetooth cord.

"Choose the music,and it better be good or else I'm never puttin u in charge of music ever again" Luke laughed.

"Gosh ok, no pressure at all" I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

Luke's POV:

I knocked on Sammy's door. I was kinda nervous. I mean this is kinda like a date... Except she doesn't know. Woops. She wasn't answering so I just decide to walk in surprisingly it was open. I ran up to her room screaming her name. When I got to her door way I was stunned. She looked beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The shorts showed off her legs. And the pink shirt and cardigan made her look so pretty. It was perfect. It totally described Sammy, causal but cute. I thought she looked amazing. And her shorts that shows off her legs made her look hot. I but my lip to try to contain myself. I Cant wait for today it's going to be amazing.

"Well looks like someone can freshen up" she mocked me.

"Right back at u" I said as I followed her down the stairs out the door. I was right behind her when we left the house and her waves fell perfectly framing her face. I opened the door for her

" well thank you my kind sir" she giggled getting in the car

"Your welcome my kind malady " I joked

I got in only side an started the car. I handed Sammy my Bluetooth so she could play her music I joked around with her about he picking perfect music. But to be honest. I didn't care what kind of music she liked. As long as she enjoyed it. She was scrolling threw her phone, when I glanced over at her. She was perfect. All her flaws is what makes he perfect. Perfect for me.

I came back to reality once I herd a familiar song ringing threw my ears. It was American idiot. The whole ride to the carnival was filled with me and Sammy laughing and singing alone to a bunch of songs we loved. We talked about our favorite bands and things we would like to do On our bucket list. We quickly arrived in the parking lot to the carnival. Sammy's eyes lit up.

"Hurry up u big lug, let's go, let's go!" She was really excited. I smiled at her being so silly and childish she gave me a cheeky smile.

" gosh ok hold on " I laughed as she was already out of the car on my Side of the door trying to pull me out

"I'm coming Sammy " we both laughed. God her laugh is adorable. We walked to the ticket both. Well if u mean by "walk" it was really me being dragged by Sammy. I bought our tickets and walked in.

"Have u ever been to a carnival Sammy" I joked bc she looked so happy and her eyes literally light up.

"I only went once when I was a kid and I barely remember" she said

*couple hours later*

We walked around went On a few rides and played a couple games. It was dark with a little wind. The carnival light up with lights including the Ferris wheel. This afternoon was the best. Sammy and I laughed and had lots of fun. We were walking around. I decided to make a move and put my arm around Sammy. I slowly touched her shoulder, she quickly shot her head towards me.. And she smile. Yes! She's ok with it. I relaxed right away and my arm around her became more comfortable.

"I'm hungry" Sammy complained

"Ok let's get a pretzel" I said

"Yay food" she exclaimed

We waited in line for about 3 mins when we walked up to the nice looking old lady

"Hello mam can we pls get 1 pretzel pls" Sammy asked

"Well of course, " she smiled an went back to grab our food. My arm was still around Sammy and she was leaning her head against me shoulder. The nice lady came back with a our pretzel and a huge smile on her face.

"Here u go , u too" she said

"Um how much is the pretzel" Sammy asked

"Oh for a couple like u to it's in the house, u kids are adorable together " she had a huge grin on her face

"Oh um well uh thank u" Sam said awkwardly and we both walked away.

" well that was weird "Sammy said breaking the silence.

"Ya it kinda was" I said nervously

It was akward for only a couple seconds. Then the awkwardness slowly slipped away for some weird reason, and Sammy was closer to me she rapped he arm around mine and we walked side by side together.

"Oh my gosh luke! Look!" Sammy said pointing to a muscle booth

"U wanna play, pls let's play, I wanna win that big teddy bear" she said giggling

"Oh ur so on" I said

We walked up to the guy and payed him for both me and Sammy

"U didn't have to do that " Sammy pouted

"What do u mean" I asked

"U didn't have to pay for me , I have money if my own"

"Nah it's ok let's just see who had more muscle," I smirked trying to change the subject. Sammy grabbed the hammer, and slammed it against the thing and the bar rise to about half way

"Well not bad for a-little lady" I said sarcastically.

"Oh like u can do better stick" she mocked. Yes I did look a little skiny but I actually have quit some muscle in me. I grabbed the hammer,I took a deep breath. Then !wham! I banged the hammer on the thing and the bar rose and got the very top.

"We have a winner " the game guy said

" I'm a very strong stick" I smirked at Sammy. The guy handed me the bear it was a decent size. I knew how badly Sammy wanted it. The bear was big enough to cover my face and stomach. I walked up to Sammy and handed her the bear.

"Here Sammy, it's for u" I was blushing so I hid my face behind the bear.

" no luke u won that far-and-square"

"Nope, I won it for u" I could feel my face on fire. That's how badly I was blushing. I herd her giggle and I felt the weight of the bear lighten. Sammy was hugging it.

"Thank you luke" she smiled. Now she was blushing. It makes me feel good about myself when I can make Sammy blush. We walked a-little more side by side, Sammie's one arm wrapped around my arm. And her other arm carrying the bear.

"Oh luke let's play that game" Sammy said already running to the booth I jogged to keep up with her. When I got there she had a huge grin on her face.

" what did u do" I said sarcastically

"Pay-back time " she said I walked over to pay the man at the both but he said I was already payed for. Oh gosh Sammy already payed for me. I walked over to take my seat next to Sammy. It was one of those games that u sit and try to shoot the water in the hole. The more water u get in the hole it raises ur bar.

"I should warn u, I'm pretty good at shooting" Sammy says smirking

"Well let's see" was all I said

"3.2.1go!"the man yelled. Right away I was trying to shoot threw the hole all I herd was Sammy's perfect laugh right next to me. I was half way up when the buzzer goes off.

"We have a winner!" The man yells I look over to see that Sammy reached the top.

"What would u like" the man asked her

"Umm can I have the big penguin" she pointed to a penguin the same size as the bear she has. Maby a-little smaller. The man hands her the penguin.

"Wow! U got a penguin to rub it in my face" I laughed.

"Nope I got the penguin for u" she says handin me the penguin.

"Sammy I caint" I said

"Nope u have no choice, u r keeping the penguin, so whenever u look at the penguin it reminds u of how I beat u at shooting" she laughed.

"Fine" I giggled as I took the penguin from her. We walked around for another 30 mins. And it was already 9:30.

"Hey u wanna go somewhere" I asked her

She nodded her head.

We walked back to my car, and I open the door for her and put both of our animals in the back trunk. I started the car and drive off to the park. The car ride was filled with music and us laughing about the day. We talked about silly moments like when I was coping the clown. We talked about funny moment like when Sammy got whip cream on her nose. We also talked about fun moment like when we went in some rides and played carnival games.

"So where we going" Sammy asked

"We r going to the park" I said smiling to myself

We arrived at the park. And it was peaceful. The stars were bright. We got out of the car and I grabbed a blanket for us to lay in and one I case it got cold. I also grabbed the picnic basket and beer. I bought nicer beer since it was a special occasion. I laid down the blanket and me and Sammy laid next to each other.

"It's beautiful" Sammy said looking at the brightly light sky filled with starts. The starts sparkled in her green eyes. Making them stand out even in the darkness.

"I know, just like u" I exclaimed. I looked over at Sammy to see we reaction she was blushing.

"I saw that u had beer" she said giggling

"Well yes I do" I pulled out a beer for her and one for me. We sat up and Sammy laid her head in my shoulder while sipping her beer time to time.

"I think it's funny" Sammy said not leaving her eyes off the starts

"What ?" I asked

"Even though I have only known u for a couple weeks, I feel like we have been friends forever" she was looking at me with a huge smile ate red in her face. This is the moment. This is the moment I have been wait for

"Sammy I need to tell u something,"I said

"Yes luke" she said it with hope in her voice. And I knew she wanted me to say it.

"Sammy in in l-"

*ring*ring*ring* I was rudely cut off by Sammie's phone going off. She looked annoyed. She looked at her phone then back at me

"I'm sorry can I take this? It's kinda important" she said

"Oh ya uh go ahead. " Sammy quickly answered the phone

"Hello" Sammy said

"Oh hi and that's fine"

*other person on line speaking*

"Sounds perfect "Sammy said

"Ok see u then,it's a date" and with that she hung up. And that's the moment my heart shattered into a million pieces. Sammy was going out with another guy? How? How could she do this? I thought she felt the same way about me. I wasn't even mad. I was just heart broken. The moment I was about to express my love for Sammy, she was my first love. Another guy calls and swoops her under my grip. I was so close. She was almost mine. She was almost mine to hold, almost mine to kiss, almost mine to snuggle with and comfort when she needs it. She was almost mine to say I love u. She was almost mine.

"So what did u want to tell me luke" she looked disappointed. I don't know why though. I gosh she just asked me what I was about to tell her. What do I say. I can't tell her now she is dating another guy. But what if I do tell her. And she does feel the same way. And she doesn't even want to go one this date with the guy. Maby that's why she is disappointed. I wanted to tell her everything. I wanted to pour my heart out to her. But I caint be selfish. She has feelings for another guy obviously. I caint mess up her feelings and our friendship like that.

"I am in love wi-with beer" I quickly stutter and hold up my beer and chuge it down.

"Uh ok " she laughs awkwardly like sh is disappointed in my answer.

"Uh maby we should head back" I said

"Ya let's do that"

We pack up and head back to my car and get inside. It was a bit awkward.

"Uh so who was on the phone with u" I asked heart-broken

"Oh well u know the pizza guy Blake? Well we r gonna try to go on a date" she said looking out the window.

I was even more heart broken. That she chose someone that she badly had a conversation with I've someone she knew longer.

" oh ok" was all I said. The rest of the car ride was silent and Sammy was soon asleep. I felt a year roll down me cheek.

"Why? " I wispered to myself out loud

"Why not me" was all I could think about

I arrived at Sammie's house and looked over at her. There she was looking so damn perfect while she was sleeping and all I wanted to do was just hold her in my arms. But I Cant. And that's when I feel another tear roll down my face.

I caint look at Sammy. I cant let her see me like this. I cant have her worry about me. I softly rock Sammy back and forth trying to wake her up.

"Sammy I'm at ur house" I whispered trying to bit let my voice break.

"Ugg" she grounded as she rubbed he eyes and fluttered open.

"Oh thank u like for such a feet day. I had a lot of fun " she gave me a slight smile. She grabbed her bear in the back and left the car into he house. The moment I saw her disappear into her house. That when I lost it I cried my heart out. All the way back home. All my thoughts towards Sammy, was everything I didn't say.

Hey guys I hope u liked this ch. I know it's really sad😢 well I will be updating soon luv u mates

Sammy 💜 9/13/15

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