Everything I didnt say

Luke goes back to school while the band is on break from there tour. As he meets his locker buddy "Sammy" they instantly become friends, my I add with a-little bit of crush, Sammy thought that she and luke would stay friends until she starts to develops feelings towards him but decided to keep it a secret. But starts to regret it as luke finds another love on tour. Read to see everything Sammy didn't say


2. ch2

Hey guys tell me how this is so far I hope it's ok just leave a comment when done and I'm always open to suggestions. Ok so in this ch idk it might be alittle confusing in begging bc I'm writing this at like 1a.m so I hole u lovely mates enjoy


We both arrived to class with only a little people in the room. I smiled towards Joey as I saw him sitting towards the semi-back.

"Hey Joey this is Luke and he is awesome so cut him some slack" I said a little to cheerfully. Joey gave me a weird expression saying is this the guy in the band u obsess over ? Kind of expression. Then I nod a feel my checks start to flare into a red knowing what was coming next since Joey gave me a smirk. Oh god.

" hey luke well I'm Joey, and good to know that u r awsome because I don't like to hang with people who aren't " he said laughing at himself." Well nice and cool " was all like said.

Then Joey glanced to me and wispered loudly making sure luke could hear me as he sat beside me,"so Sammy is this the guy u always talk about and non stop kissing on all ur posters on ur wall, also is he the guy u said u would give up anything for including your virgi- " I clapped my hand over Jory's mouth so he wouldn't finish the sentence even though like wasn't dumb and could figure out the rest if the word. My eyes death glare Joey as the start to feel with anger but I can feel my checks getting red and hot from the exact opsite. I was extremely blushing like crazy. Joey laughed his ass off as luke giggled a bit awkwardly at himself but then gave me a confidence smirk. What was with this boy, I mean one min he is acting all cute and shy then the next he has a sudden boat of confidence.

" sor-a uh sorry he is on meds that make him say stupid and totally not true things "I quickly said awkwardly but laughed alittle to lighten the mood. Then Luke fake pouted his lip saying"aww I thought that was cute the way u obsess over me" he said laughing

*class Bell rang starting class*

All threw class I couldn't focus I could feel Luke staring at me but I was to scared to look over at him. God when he pouted his lip and made those puppy dog eyes he looked so hot.. Wait no sam u can not mess up this friendship with like do not let your feelings get in the way. Dammit Sam u better get ahold of urself. The bell rang and the class was over quicker then I thought. Well off to next period. I grabed my books and started heading out the class when I felt somone grab my wrist and turn me around. Now I'm staring slightly above me, luke, so close

"Here's ur book back" he said giving me a inocent smile at me

"Thanks" I didn't need anything for my last period since it was p.e ugg I hate p.e I mean don't get me wrong in actually a pretty sporty girl but I don't like p.e bc u have the people who try to hard and the people who don't try at all knowing they will pass the class anyway.

*skip to end of p.e*

I walked out of the gym in nothing but a tank top and spandex since I was just playing volleyball , I went back to my locker to grab my books and head home. When I saw that Luke wasn't there I expected that he just left early since p.e was let out pretty late today. So I grabbed my books locked my locker and headed to the parking lot. When I got in my car I guess in some blink-182 and drove home from an exahsting first day of school. I got home and after like struggling opening the door a few times; bc I'm just that lame; finally opened the door to my house. I ran to my room and and threw my stuff on my bed to take a nice shower to clean off.

*skip shower*

I got out of the shower putting on some booty pj shorts and a green day shirt. I brushed my hair out until it was smooth and slick. I looked at my phone to see a unknown number has texted me,


Hey it's luke don't think I'm a creppy stalker bc I got ur phone number without even asking u


Pls respond


Sorry pls respond

Luke: pls respond ur my locker buddy u caint leave me like this


Luke relaxe I was just taking a shower


Oh well he thnx now I feel stupid

Me: how did u get my number ?


Oh well I saw u enter it locker combo and wrote it down when I saw that u left ur phone in there before u left to go to p.e so when u left I just opened ur locker then got ur number

Me: omg luke😂😂u could have just asked me or Joey and did anyone ever teach u privacy




Hey u wanna come over


Sure I would luv to just text me ur address and I'll be over soon



I thought to myself... Shit what did I just get myself into I look a mess my hair is wet I'm wearing no make-up and I'm in my pjs. I quickly threw in some black shorts and but on little concealer and alittle mascara. Oh well if we r gonna be friends then he better get used to seeing me like this. I ran down the straits grabbing my keys and out the house to my car as I followed the directions like gave me.

Luke POV:

Cool Sammy is coming over. She seemed cool even tho she was a fan she seemed real and relaxed like a true friend. Pssh I have a pretty hot friend... Wait like no u caint do this.. Just friends that's all u and Sammy will ever be.. Right? I hear a faint knock in the distance while I was thinking the knock getting louder as I snapped out of my thoughts, I barely opened the door before Sammy slamming it open saying" I'm here bitches the party is now starting" I laughed at how goofy she was she had this awsome personality were she doesn't care what people think about her or what she does.. An may u add she looked really pretty with her light brown hair in beach waves. Her hair was damp so she probs just got out of shower, and her brilliant green eyes looked so sharpe and bue- wait luke no!!

"Hey " I say finally bringing her in a hug

"Aww my new best friend gives awsome hugs" she looke up at me and I could feel myself blushing bc when she looked at me she started to giggle .. Damn I luv her giggle.

We soon realsed

"So what u wanna do mate" I said casually

"Oh my gosh we r gonna have a movie night" she screamed with excitement . She ran I've to the tv stand searching for a movie

" ya sure go ahead make yourself at home" I laughed as knowing she already did

" pls ur home is now my home I will be here to have fun with u and anoy the fuck out of u" she shouted laughing

"Oh god what friendship did I get myself into " I grounded sarcastically . Sam chucked a pillow which I was quiet shock since he was kinda far from the tv room to the doorway

"Ow u hurt me" I fake pouted and make the puppy dog face

"Oh stop it pouting and get ur lazy ass up an make some popcorn for us "she said laughing and messing with my hair.. Seeing her smile just make me smile. I got up to the kitchen and started pooping some popcorn. When it was done I poured all of it into one big bowl so me and Sam can share. when I got back to the tv room I could see Sam clearly took my advise by making herself at home while she was wrapped in a Blakey and lying out on the couch while pressing play in the remote.

"Oh good ur here I thought u died or somthing" she said giggling

"Awe that's nice to know u cared for me" I said

" oh that to I was just worried I wouldn't get the popcorn in time for the movie " she gave me an evil smile while snatching the popcorn away from my hands

" hey! No that's for both of us to share " I say laughing alittle to much then I need to be

" fine" she ground in sarcasm

"What movie?" I asked curious

"Maze runner" was all she said we snuggled together eating the popcorn, obviously we snuggle in a friendship kind of way.. Right?

* skip a bunch of movies*

Luke's POV:

I hear little faint breaths beside me as I look over to see a little Sammy snuggled up beside me asleep. Her phone buzzed and I saw that it was a worried text from her mom

Sam's mom:

Where r u?! R u ok?

Sam's mom:

Darling respond

I knew that if Sam didn't respond she might get in trouble with her mom for not texting back so I did for her

Luke on SAMs phone:

Oh sorry mom I'm spending the night at a friend house

SAMs mom: oh ok dear no problem thank u for texting back luv u have fun

I knew I shouldn't have texted her mom bc Sam might get am at me for invading her privacy, I know she kinda has a peptic about that.. Oh well hope she doesn't mind I just didn't want to wake her up she looked so calm an peaceful and inoceant sleeping. I looked over at the clock seeing that it was already 1:35 a.m oh fuck we r gonna be slagging our lazy asses around tomorrow

I decide to go to bed as I snugge with Sam on the couch closing my eye hearing her soft breaths put me to sleep

Hey guys I hope u enjoyed the chapter I will soon be updating. Aww aren't they so cute they both have a thing for eachother not realizing it.. So cute well I'll be updating soon bye luv u my mates


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