Everything I didnt say

Luke goes back to school while the band is on break from there tour. As he meets his locker buddy "Sammy" they instantly become friends, my I add with a-little bit of crush, Sammy thought that she and luke would stay friends until she starts to develops feelings towards him but decided to keep it a secret. But starts to regret it as luke finds another love on tour. Read to see everything Sammy didn't say


11. ch 8

I was totally confused. I was also filled with anger and rage. How could anyone treat Sammy like this. Sammy is that type of person who puts in all her time and passion into something that she likes or enjoys. And it kills me to see her like this. I would never do that to her. Anyone with a right mind wouldn't do that to her. I was pulled back and facing Sammy. Her eyes were full of sadness. They looked so bright with that thin coat of water covering her eyes like glass.

"Luke can u just take me home" I could tell she just wanted to leave.

"Ok but we have to walk bc I'm totally drunk and I Cant drive" I said holding on to her hand as we make our way out the door.

"Ok that's fine" she said

We were walking for quit a bit and I realize somthing is up bc Sammy isn't talking I look over to see tears running down her face. I bring her in a right warm hug as we walk

"Hey, hey shhhh ur gonna be fine. U don't need him" I held on to her for alittle longer until I notice her breathing went back to normal. I didn't want to let go of her though. I noticed that now she was shivering. It was pretty cold outside and I don't want to be that jerk that doesn't offer my jacket. So I did just that. I took off my jacket and held it up for her to take.

"Luke no I caint. I'm fine and plus we are almost to my house" she said. I could tell she would feel really bad if she took it. But at the same time she wanted to grab that jacket and wrap herself in it.

"Just take it Sammy I'll be fine" she gladly took it without savaging anymore and surprisingly she went back into the posture on before when we were hugging. I mean don't get me wrong I liked it but I thought she was just doing it for warmth. We walked for alittle bit longer until we reached her house.

I let go and put my hands in my jeans.

"Bye Sammy see u soon and I'm sorry for all the shit that happened to u tonight" I turned around and started to walk away when I herd Sammy whisper in a yelling type of way.

"Wait! Luke can u spend the night"

I stopped. Sammy hasn't asked me to spend the night in a while. I mean we did a couple times but that's like whenever we were watching movies and I passed out on the floor and she slept on the couch. Blake got mad at her for that and they got into this huge fight over it. I felt bad. But we still had nights like that but no more nights were she would want me to spend the night with her.

"Or u could go home I just wanted u by my side " I turned around and walked up to Sammy.

"Of course I will spend the night with u " I brought her In a tight hug and kissed her forehead. We walked inside and into her room. I didn't know what she was comfortable with so I just sat on the floor.

Sammy closed her bedroom door and walked over to her closet and pulled out some sweatpants and a pj tank top. She pulled he hair up in a messy bun and took off her make-up. I made myself comfortable on the floor. When Sammy turned around he looked at me confused.

"What are u doing on the floor luke"

"Oh I thought u wanted me to spend the night"

"Ya but not on the floor in the bed with me silly just like how we used to before Blake"

"Ok " I quickly got up and me and Sammy made ourselves comfortable. I wrapped my arms around Sammy having her head rest against my chest. I could hear her whimpers. I wanted to make her cal down it hurts me to see her like this.

"Would u like me to sing to u" I whispered in her ear.

"Yes pls" she snuggled more into my chest. I want to sing her a song telling her that I would treat her better. Oh I got it. I clear my throat and start singing JUST SAYING

" u got a boyfriend, he's a total loser all ur friends tell u that he's got no future. But they like me just saying. He says he Luis u but it's all an act he's seeing someone else right behind ur back. I'd never do that just saying " I hear her softly giggle. I'm glad that I made her laugh at this time. I wanted to sing her another song to put her to sleep.

" what else would u like me to sing"

"Whatever u like, I like hearing ur voice" I see her slightly smile.

You call me up,

It's like a broken record

Saying that your heart hurts

That you never get over him getting over you.

And you end up crying

And I end up lying,

'Cause I'm just a sucker for anything that you do.

And when the phone call finally ends,

You say, "Thanks for being a friend,"

And we're going in circles again and again


I dedicate this song to you,

The one who never sees the truth,

That I can take away your hurt, heartbreak girl.

Hold you tight straight through the day light,

I'm right here. When you gonna realize

That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl?

I bite my tongue but I wanna scream out

You could be with me now

But I end up telling you what you wanna hear,

But you're not ready and it's so frustrating

He treats you so bad and I'm so good to you it's not fair.

And when the phone call finally ends

You say, "I'll call you tomorrow at 10,"

And I'm stuck in the friend zone again and again,


I know someday it's gonna happen

And you'll finally forget the day you met him

Sometimes you're so close to your confession,

I gotta get it through your head

That you belong with me instead,"

I stop singing when I hear Sammy's light breaths. She was a sleep. I kiss her forehead and play with some of her lose hair.

" I love u Sammy"

And with that I fell asleep

Hey guys I hope u liked the chapter I will try to update soon like maby later tonight sammy💜

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