Everything I didnt say

Luke goes back to school while the band is on break from there tour. As he meets his locker buddy "Sammy" they instantly become friends, my I add with a-little bit of crush, Sammy thought that she and luke would stay friends until she starts to develops feelings towards him but decided to keep it a secret. But starts to regret it as luke finds another love on tour. Read to see everything Sammy didn't say


9. ch. 7

Luke's POV

It's been days, weeks, months, since the night I was heart broken by Sammy. To be exact it's been 3months, 2weeks and 6 days. All the guys knew something was up so I just told them. I guess that date Sammy had with Blake went well. Bc now they have been dating ever since. It kills me to see her with him. Every time they hug, every time they kiss, every time he makes her laugh. I feel myself die inside. Our friendship is still strong. I guess that's good bc we still have late night movie marathons and sometimes when she falls asleep I get to snuggle with her. It's Saturday and I'm just hanging around my house. I don't really feel like doing anything. I plop on the couch and turn on How I met Your Mother. Then my phone went off


Luke: hey

Calum: get ready around 7 we r picking u up, oh and dress nice

Luke: y? Were r we going

Calum: we r going to get ur sorry ass out of the house and party

Luke: nah I don't feel like it

Calum: oh come on u haven't done anything fun in like 4 mounths

Luke: 3 months 2 weeks and 6days is not 4 months

Calum: wow ur sadder then I thought to actually be keeping count on days

Calum : u have no choice, so u even go out looking like hell, or go out looking hot as hell

Luke: fine

Calum: yay!

And with that I looked at the clock it is 5:45 I'll get ready later


It's been over 3 months since the night I spent with luke. Me and Blake have been going out ever since then. I'll admit he is a nice guy and everything. He makes me laugh. But I don't like him in that way. But I feel bad if I break up with him bc he always tells me he loves me. And he treats me so good. He pays for dinners, he hold me right he gives me soft kisses. He gets protective. I can tell he is in love with me. But I feel bad I don't feel the same way. I'm still in love with Luke. I have been since I met him. I was disappointed when he didn't feel anything towards me the night at the park. For sure I thought he was gonna tell me he loved me. But he didn't. I was Heart broken. If he told me he loved me. I would have dropped every thing to be with him. I would have canceled my date. Some part of me wanted to express how I felt towards him. It was a perfect time to tell him. I wanted to tell him everything but I didn't.

Sammy's POV

The boys said we r going out tonight. I invited Blake but he said he was busy. Oh well guess it's just gonna be us. Calum told me he would pick me up around 7:15 after he picks up luke and the rest of the boys. It's around 6:46 so I started to get ready. I flat iron my hair and so it flowed softly and looks silky. I started on my make-up. I put on some concealer, foundation, and powder. I wanted to go with a more bold and sexy look so I chose a dark redish lip color and black mascara. I pulled out my eye liner and gave it a slight winged look. I looked over at myself as I have to admit I looked pretty good,and that just with my make-up. Next part was tryin to find a dress. Ugg I have the worst time trying to make choices.I finally decide on a black little dress that shows some cleavage and the straps wrap around my neck. And to go with that I picked out some mid high heel stilettos.

Bye the time I was done it was already 7:12. Wow I finish just in time. I quickly grabbed my wallet and money an phone and walked down the stairs. By the time I finally reached the last step the doorbell rang. I walked over and opened seeing Ashton and luke standing there. The both froze.

"Yes I know I can go from 1-100 real quick" I teased

"Wow u look nice Sammy" Ashton finally said then gave me a smile

"Ya-ya u look really nice" luke looked down at his feet then walked back to the car.

"What's his problem?" I asked confused

"Ashton face a loud sigh then looked at me in the eyes

"If u only knew" was all he said

"Ok let's just go" I said

We walked to car and I opened the door to find a every seat pact. Chris was here.

"Chris OMG yay I didn't know u were coming " I jumped I the car reaching over calum and Michael hugging her.

"Ya I know it was kinda a last min thing that ash sprung on me" she laughed looking at Ashton returning the hug.

"Hey get off ur crushing my soul" Michael yelled

"Ok fine" we all laughed and Ashton started the car. We were almost there and I was already excited about tonight.

"So what the plan" calum said

"What plan" I asked

"CALUMS right. If we all get drunk then none of us can drive back home. So who's gonna stay sober?" Luke said

"Ugj I guess I will" Ashton said

"Great ok now we have a plan" I said. We drove up to the club. "Wow it looks full" I said exclaimed

"Yay but I cought us passes so we can cut to front of line. " Chris says

"Sweet" Michael says smirking

We all got out of car then walked up to the front of line. We showed the guard our passes and he let us right in. Right away I was hit with loud music and large bodies of people dancing around me. When I looks around I already saw the boys dancing on the floor. Me and Chris just laughed and walked to the bar.

"2shots of vodka pls" I said to the bar tender. Sh was very pretty light blonde hair with brown eyes. Her lips were bright red too.

"Here u go" she gave us a friendly smile which I quickly returned.

"Ready on 3 " I faced Chris

"1-2-3" we quickly shot our heads back and bite down on the salt.

"Woaho!! Let's drink some more!" She said screaming in my ear

We ordered 4 more rounds and I could feel if start to kick in. Before I knew it I was being dragged out on the dance floor by Chris. We saw the boys on the other side and started making our way toward them. They were pretty drunk to. Besides Ashton. Chris begin to dirty dance up again him and I could tell he was carry pleased with Chris like this. All of us just became one big dancing group. Moving along to the music with the crowd. I danced for about 30 more min.we have already been here for like 4 hrs. Then I started to get light headed.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom" I yelled to luke over the sound of the music. He just nodded. I walked over to the bathroom I just rubbed my eyes alittle and Cooled off. I just wanted to sit down for a bit. I walked out of the bathroom and saw that the bar was full. I'll just find an empty room that I can sit in for a while. I walked around trying. To find a room. I walked in on some people and quickly closed the door. I walked to the last room and I froze. I caint believe what I was seeing. I was seeing the blonde bar tender girl with.... Blake. He was cheating on me. I literally couldn't say anything I was just standing there.

Blake quickly snapped his head back noticing that there was someone I the doorway. His eyes went big.

"Sammy it's not what it looks like" he quickly pushed himself away from her and put on some pants.

"Don't start that shit with me Blake every guy says that!! It's exactly what it looks like. I'm leaving and we r finished. For good". I stormed out of the room. I was still totally drunk so I was walking in a crocked path. But for some reason I found my way to luke. He was just sitting at the bar drinking a beer. I walked up to him with tears covering my sight. I didn't want to say anything or else I would burst out crying. He just looked at me an his expression saddened. He knew it was about Blake.

"What did he do sweetie" I was embraced into a warm hug

"H-he was cheating on me" I some how managed to get out. I could feel him get tense.

"What!! That little basturd is gonna pay!" Luke released from the hug and started to walk away trying to look of him. He was totally drunk. He walked away not knowing where Blake even was. I couldn't let him get into a drunk fight. I grabbed his wrist and swans him around so he was facing me.

"Luke don't can u just take me home" I was done for the night.

His looked softened

"Alright but we have to walk bc I'm drunk and I caint drive"

"Ok" me and luke walked out of the club and started walking on the sidewalk. I could feel the tears slowly run down my face. I didn't want Luke to see me and start to worry. But I guess I was bad at that bc he wrapped his arms around me an pulled me into a warm hug.

"Hey, hey shhh ur gonna be fine, alright" he whispered in my ear. I calmed down my breath and rested my head against Luke's shoulder a we walked. There was some breeze a we walked and of course out of my stupidity I don't bring a jacked I shivered alittle and luke noticed. He pulled off his jacket and have it to me.

"No I caint then I'll get cold luke, I'm fine w r almost to my house" I pushed away his hand

"No take it u seem to be freezing and u r having a rough time" I put the jacket on me and we went into our recent position. The rest if the walk home was quit but comforting.

Luke's POV

I got tired from dancing so I walked over to the bar to grab a beer. I was just sitting trying not to pass out when I saw Sammy standing next to me. I looked ice to see her almost in tears. I knew those tears. She had certain kind of tears. Ones were about her family she has ones that were about her friends or other things. Then she had these ones. I became very familiar with these tears bc they were always somehow related back to Blake whenever Sammy and him fought. I quickly brought her into a hug.

"What did he so sweetie" I wispered to her in a calming voice.

"H-he cheated on me" she said almost running out of breath. "What!! That little basturd is gonna pay!" I quickly stormed off not knowing were I was going but didn't want to look confused.

Hey guys sorry if this ch. sucks😕 it's not down don't worry I know I don't usually post on Tuesdays or Mondays but I was writing and I wanted to update so u guys know I am not done. The next update for the rest of this ch. won't be until this Friday or Saturday luv u mates💜


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