Everything I didnt say

Luke goes back to school while the band is on break from there tour. As he meets his locker buddy "Sammy" they instantly become friends, my I add with a-little bit of crush, Sammy thought that she and luke would stay friends until she starts to develops feelings towards him but decided to keep it a secret. But starts to regret it as luke finds another love on tour. Read to see everything Sammy didn't say


4. ch 4

Hey guys yay new update. Hope u guys like it


* beep, beep, beep* ugh school, or as I like to call it hell. I slammed my alarm clock as I slowly got out of my bed. I looked in the mirror decide what to do with myself. I decide to take a shower but not wash my hair since I washed it yesterday. I pulled out my black skinny jeans and a piece of paper fell out with a number. Oh ya the cute pizza guy gave my his number, I said to myself. Should I text him? I thought to myself, maby I could talk to Ashton about it bc I kinda like Luke but I don't know if he feels the same way. I mean he probs doesn't because we r just friends. I debated back and forth with myself until I herd my mom call me

"Sam! U have to leave soon" my mom yelled from down stairs.

"Ok" I yelled back. I quickly got my Blink-182 shirt over my head and put on my vans I was to tired to do my make-up so I just put on some eye liner, mascara, and some concealer. I looked over myself deciding I looked good. My phone went off and I looked at my text.

Joey: would u like to walk to school?

I could tell he was being sarcastic with me

Me : no i wouldn't

Joey: then get in loser I'm outside ur house

Me: k I'll be down in a min

I grabbed my back and ran downstairs.

"Bye mom"

"Bye sweetie, oh wait, I'm ginning on my business trip today and will be gone this whole week. U could have a couple friends over when im gone. "

"Ok mom thxs" I yelled opening the door

"Only a few!" She yelled back. I shut the door and got in joeys car.

"Ur 7 seconds late" Joey said to me

"Oh shut up and drive" we both laughed an he started driving off

"So what did u do yesterday since u weren't at school " Joey asked not taking his eyes off the road.

"Oh well u know luke?" I asked. Joey raised an eyebrow, still not taking his eyes off the road

"The guy in that band that u Chris,and Emily r obsessed with, yes now spill did u guys have sex or something " Joey said with a smirk.

". Oh god no, u dirty minded pig" I laughed

"No I fell asleep at his house on Wednesday and woke up late on Thursday so we just decide to skip school and hang out with the guys" I said causally.

" niceeeee, your having sex with a whole band" Joey was liking at me laughing at himself. But I think he is picturing me having sex bc suddenly his laughed turned into a smirk.

"Gosh remind me why I'm friends with such dirty minds" I said sarcastically " and no we r all just friends" the rest of the ride we just small talked until we arrived at school.

" bye Joey see u later"

"Bye Sammy" he said walking away

I walked to my locker, and luke was there

"Hello hemmings" I smiled. He looked tense. His jaw was clenched and his hands were in fist.

" luke are u ok?" I said worried

"Who was that" I could tell he was trying to keep himself from yelling

"Oh that's just Joey he is one of my good friends" I said calmly at this luke loosened up and became less tense. Luke turned around in his locker and started looking for some books. I did the same

"I had a lot of fun yesterday" I smiled. Luke looked at me, he seemed to be happier now. God what is up with him.

" ya I had a lot of fun hey I was wondering maby after school we could hang out" Luke said.

"Oh ya that sounds fun we could go to my place my mom is gone for a week and she said I could have a few friends over" we started walking to class as the warning heel rang.

"Ya and do u mind if I invite the boys"

"Sure, but if we order pizza I'll make sure to get more this time so I can actually eat without u guys hogging all of it" we both laughed and sat down in our usual seats.

*class bell rang to start*

*end of school*

Luke's POV;

Sam said that me and the boys could come over, she also said that her mom was gonna be gone a whole week. What does that mean? Is that an invitation? And if it is what is the invitation for? Maby I'm just over thinking it.

I walk down the hall put my books in my locker and wait outside for Sam. I see he walking with another girl with blonde hairs do bluish green eyes. I'm guessing they just came back from practice or p.e because they r both wearing running shoes and spandex and athletic tops, they were both kinda sweaty too. To be honest Sam looked kinda hot. Wait no Luke stop, u guys r just friends, plays she might not even feel the same way. Oh gosh maybe I should talk to Ashton he knows a little bit more than me about this stuff. I was quickly snapped back to reality when I heard Sam yelling my name write in front of me. Oh gosh was I staring at her. I probably was bc now she was giggling.

"Like what u see?" She said In a very sarcastic tone

"Actually I was zoned out and didn't even realize I was staring" I said back sarcastically to play along

"Well then let's just get to my house so I can quickly change and hopefully take a quick shower." She laughed at her own comment. I notice her shirt showed a bit of cleavage and since I was taller I tried to take a sneak peak. I quickly looked down then back up hoping he wouldn't notice.

"Or u could just wear that " I said with a smirk

"Oh pls I bet u and the other boys want me to wear this so I could excite u all" she said with sassy but playful tone.

"Well then let's take a vote. The boys are already at ur house so we will decide on what we want u to wear"

"Ugg fine but either way I'm still gonna change"

We both got in my car and drove to her house


I was walking out of volleyball tryouts with Chris. It's the begging of the year so the volleyball team had tryouts so I decide to do it. I was just talking to Chris when I realized luke was staring at us.

"Omg he is totally staring at u" Chris said excitedly

"Ya he is probs trying to signal me to hurry up " I said laughing

"He likes u"

"Woo slow down there missy let's not jump to conclusions, ya I like him but he doesn't feel the same way" I said with a little sadness.

"Have u asked him?"

"No "

"Well then u never know" she said with a smirk

We said our goodbyes and I walked over to luke. He was still starting. I could tell he was zoned out but I thout I would have a little fun so I started to get closed and I yelled his name right in from of his face.

He snapped back to reality which I realized bc he was quit startled.

"Like what u see" putting my hand on my hip. We talked for a bit and as we were walking to Luke's car I noticed he suddenly got closer. Y is he so close, and damn he is really tall. Wait, oh gosh my shirt shows alittle cleavage. I quickly glance over at luke and I see him trying to sneak a peak. I don't say anything bc I don't wan to embarrass him. But why was he looking. I thought w were friends. Does he like me more then friends. No he can't possibly think of u like that Sam stop that. He probs just wanted to look at boobs. I mean he is a guy. But the time I finish talking to myself I realized we were at my house. We quickly ran to the door.

"Now let's see what the guys think of u" luke smirked as I opened the door

"Hey guys do u think Sam should change or keep wearing this the whole night!" Luke shouted to the boys as they made there way to great us. They all stopped and checked me out. I mean ya I'm eating short spandex and a tank top that shows a bit of cleavage. Of course they r gonna check me out. And plus I'm kinda skinny with big boons and a butt.

"U-um u should wear that" calum stuttered but was quickly replaced with a smirk.

"Damn Sam why don't u wear that every time we come over for now on" Michael said,

"U should change" Ashton said with a straight face. We all looked at him confused. Even I looked at him confused.

"What if she wears that she is gonna be giving me a boner the whole night. " we all started laughing

"Well I guess u have to wear that "Luke smirked at me

"Nice try" I wisper to him

" well I'm gonna go take a shower and change" I said running half way up the stairs.

"Can I join "calum said. I thought I would mess around with him. So I stoped and turned around and looked at him

"Sure" I smiled and Michael and Ashton were laughing on there asses bc CALUMS face is priceless. He probably wasn't expecting me to answer with a yes. I wait for him a bit ti he quickly realizes what going on and darts up the stair.

"Oh god I caint wait this is gonna be awsome" he said excitedly

"Follow me" I said with a smirk

All the boys were confused bc they didn't think I would take it this far as to bring him in my room. I shut the door. Behind us and calum was jumpy. I laughed at how he is going to react.

"Can we go in like right now" he said with a smirk

"Oh gosh calum I was just kidding" I said giggling a how is happy face quickly turned into a sad face

"That's mean I was soo excited" he complained and gave me the puppy dog eyes. I admit he looked super cute.

"I brought u in here bc I wanna play a trick on the boys, r u in or out?" I asked

"I will do it of I get to join u in the shower"

"Ugg no calum" I rolled my eyes

"Fine I'll do it if u kiss me on the check" he laughed

"Fine deal" we shine hands

"Ok so here's the plan"we sat down on my be as I explained the plan.

Luke's POV;

Me and all the boys were standing there shocked. Did Sam just really agree to get naked in a shower with calum. At first I was shocked but then I got mad. My fist were clutched and my jaw was tight.

"Wait Sam let me join" Michael yelled out after she closed the door. We all sat down on the couch.

"Do u think she will actually do that" I said a bit sad now. Well now I know she doesn't like me.

"Well they have been up there for like 10 mins already" Ashton said looking at his phone

"Hey Micky can u order some pizza for us?" I asked

"Ya sure" Michael got up and left the room

"Hey ash I actually wanted to talk to u about Sam. I kinda like her but I don't think she feels that same way, well at least I thought she didn't feel the same way but now I know since she is probs making out with calum" I looked down trying to hide my face feeler with anger and pain. The thought of calum taking her from me knowing that I kinda liked her feeler me with anger. And the thought of Sam with someone else an doesn't like me feels me with sadness.

"Yess I knew u like her" Ashton says patting himself in the back

At this calum came down stairs joing us in the couch while his hair is all messed up and wet and he is shirtless and panting.

"Man that was fun" he said with a huge smirk spread across his face. Micheal joint us

"Damn calum I didn't actually think u guys would do it. What happened." As calum explained that they started to strip in her rom they made out and then got in the shower and he explained that he touched her all over and kissed her all over. This make me mad now. I jus sit there not saying anything a he goes into details in what they did.

"Where's sammy" I said angry

At this Sammy came down stairs. Her perfect light brown hair was damp and was in her natural light wavy hair. Her green eyes were sparkling. She gave a perfect smile showing her soft lips that I just want to gently kiss, I want to cup her face and just kiss her right now, she looks beautiful. She looks perfect. She is wearing a oversized shirt. Thank god it's not CALUMS or else that would have probably set me over the edge. But it stopped just after her butt and she was wearing short short pj bottoms. I quickly snap back when I realize all the boys were laughing at something including Sammy.

"Wait what did I miss" I was now so confused

"Wait u seriously didn't Herat what calum and Sammy just told us?" Ashton said still laughing his ass off

"No" I was still totally confused

"It's a joke " Sam said laughing walking up to me, she grabbed my arms trying to catch her breath. I could smell her, she smelled sweet like cherry blossoms and Vanilla.

"It was all a joke, calum didn't actually shower with me. I just we decide to play a joke on u guys to make u think that he did. As I took a shower calum just waited in my bedroom then when I was down we just put some on his hair and I messed it up a bit. Then I made him do 50 ouch ups to make him tired out. " she said all if this whole giggling. Damn I'm so relieved

"Oh gosh u guys scared me for a second" I said laughing and being more ok now

"Why were u jealous "

Ashton smirked at me and I knew he was teasing me. Sam gave me a look of waiting for my answer but she was stil smiling from what just happened.

" uh no I was just really shocked "

We all laughed for a bit more then we ate pizza we talked and laughed the whole time. It was just perfect.

"So what u guys wanna do" Michael said as we all flopped I the couch full to our limits.

"Let's play spin the bottle"Ashton suggested looking at me. I looked down hopefull so no one can see me blush.

Sammy's POV:

Ashton suggested that we play spin the bottle and looked over at luke with a smirk. Luke looked down blushing probably hoping that no one would see. Well he failed at tat bc I saw. Why was he blushing? Oh well

"Sure but I'm the only girl so let me call some of my friends" I said laughing I pulled out my phone and texted Chris, Emily , and kristy

Kirsty was one if my close friends but she was a year older so she graduated last year.

Me: hey who wants to make out with some 5sos boys

Chris: OMG really!!

Me: yep we r playing spin the bottle and need some more girls

Chris: be there in 2!

Me: Chris u live ten minutes away?

Chris:I left my house once 5sos was mentioned😂😉

Emily: yes totally be there in a bit

Krity: same be there soon

"Ok some of my girlfriend r coming in just a while" as I started to sit down the door bell rang. Oh man I didn't think Chris was serious when she said only 2 mins away. I opened the door and there I saw Chris bent over trying to catch her breath.

"Damn Chris what u do" I laughed at how silly she looked

"I-ran-all-the-way-here" she somehow mangers to get out

"Well wanna meat the boys "I raised an eye brow knowing what she well say

"Fuck ya u r actually in my way right now " we laughs a she pushed me out of the way.

"Hey guys this is Chris" I said pointing to her

All the boys said hi but Chris and Ashton locked eyes.

"Hi" Ashton said shyly

"Hey" was all Chris managed to say

The door bell ran and I left the room leaving Chris in there forcing her to meet the guys. So in a way I was doing her a favor. I opened the door to see Emily and Kristy there. I hugged Emily welcoming her in. Emily has hazel eyes with pink/purple hair with freckles to. She is also kinda pale bc she doesn't get out much. I guess u could call her a gamer girl. She was wearing black ripped shorts with a top saying" the different between pizza and ur opinion is that I asked for pizza" Emily walked to the room where she herd all the noise. I then hugged kristy. Kristy has brown hair in layers that stop just past her shoulders. She also has deep brown eyes, she has a perfect smile bc her teeth ur straight and white. She was wearing I waisted shorts with a top that was dark blue showing a little cleavage. We walked back to the room were I saw everyone laughing and having fun. Sudden I noticed everyone had a beer in there hand.

" wait where u guys get the bear" I said sitting down next to kristy and Ashton joining in on their laughter

Ashton rose his hand and looked over to me

"Ur welcome"

We all sat in a circle I sat next to kristy and Michael, kristy sat next to Chris, Chris sat next to Ashton and Ashton sat next to Emily, Emily was sitting next to luke and luke was sitting next to calum, last but not least, calum was sitting next to Michael. Luke quickly chugged his bear down so we could use if as a spinner. I saw Michael was staring at Emily. I took my change to help then both out.

" I see u checking out Emily" I smirked to Michael

"Wha-what no"

"Oh pls save it I know u like her"

"Ok fine but she is absolutely outstanding, I mean she loves video games her freckles are cute and her hair means she is creative and she also has a great sense of humor, we talked for a bit" he just smiled at the thought of her, an I mean I know this is totally cliche but it was love at first sight.

"She also loves pizza" I said

"I noticed from her shirt" he giggled

"Maby one day u guys could open up a pizza restaurant together" I winked at him giving him the idea

"Haha ya like she will ever like me"

Luke's POV:

I chugged my bear so we could spin. I placed it in the middle of the circle, and by this everyone stoped talking and focused.

"Ok who wants to spin" I asked smiling

"I will" calum reached over and spun the bottle. We all wait anxious. I took a glance at Sammy who was so focused. I realized that when she is either focused or nervous she bites her lip. She looked adorable and I just wanted to cradle her in my arms a she feel asleep on me like the other night. The bottle landed on Michael and Emily. Michael got a nervous look

"Uh guys could we actually do seven mins in heaven" he asked and he smirked at Emily. It was weird seeing him get this sudden boat in confidence

"Sure buddy" Ashton said

"Shall we" Michael reached out his hands to Emily and she grabbed it and they walked into the closet.

"Yes I have been wanting them to go first, nice job calum" Sam said high fiving calum

*mins later*

"Well there done" Ashton said and got up to tell them. I didn't want to sit I from of Sammy because if it ever landed on us it would probably be super awkward.

"Damn u Ashton " Michael said as Ashton opened up the door reaching a top less Michael and a top lees Emily.

"Ur time is up" Ashton said laughing. They quickly put on their shirts and sat down

"Ok so who wants to spin" Chris said

"I will" I said spinning the bottle

My eyes widened at what I saw Sammy and........ Ashton. I take it back. I take it all back I wish I sat I from of Sam so instead of Ashton it would be me. It would be me taking her in that closet. It would be me passionately kissing her. It would be me finding her sweet spot and making her moan. I want it all to be me but instead it's Ashton.

Sam and Ashton got up and went inside the closet I quickly started the time bc I wanted this to be over with.


When the bottle landed on me and Ashton we both just got up and went inside the closet. We both just stood there for a while. I could tell he didn't want to do anything with me. I thought this would be the perfect time to talk to him about luke.

"Hey ash, we don't have to do anything" I said that hoping he would get the hint that I didn't want to do anything.

"Oh thank god, I mean no offense ur pretty and everything but I just like u as a friends. But I kinda also like ur friend Chris " Ashton said this blushing. Well it was dark but I could tell he was blushing.

"Ash, I actually want to talk about luke"

"Oh really" my eyes started adjusting to the dark and I could see Ashton smirking.

"Ya I mean I kinda like him but I mean if he doesn't feel the same way I don't want to ruin our friendship. " I said nervous

"Look it obvious that u like him so just play flirty for a bit and u guys could talk about it. And who knows maby he likes u back" Ashton then winked at me.

"Well what if he doesn't like me?"

"I think u should ask him that yourself"

"Well actually I was also thinking to go on a date" I started biting my lip and playing with my fingers

"With luke! Ya totally go for it" he said excited

"No I mean with the cute pizza guy"

"Oh, why would u do that?"

"Well I mean I don't want to chance things with luke so I was just gonna go out with that guy"

"Well I get that u don't want to chance things with Luke but somtimes u have to take chances to see what makes u happy. I mean should u settle for average, knowing if u just only took a chance that u could get something better. And plus imagine you would just be regretting it the rest of ur life if u never took that chance with luke " I nodded as I was processing everything Ashton just said.

"Well thank u Ashton that helped a lot I still have to think about it. " I said hugging him. Then u herd a knock on the door.

" ur time is up" I herd luke said

Me and Ashton both looked at our selves and we looked exactly like how we came in.

"Maybe we should mess up our hair a little bit " Ashton said

"Ya good idea" we both messed up our hair a little bit and walked out.

Luke was standing right there staring at me. For some reason he looked worried.

"Hey" he smiled slightly. But then gave Ashton a death glare. I remember that Ashton said to take chances to I was going to take small one. Without even thinking I grabbed Luke's hand and walked back to the couch. By the expression on his face he was surprised at first but then relaxed. I hope to god he doesn't think this is weird.

Luke's POV :

Sam grabbed my hand as we walked back to the couch. Her hand was so tiny but fits perfectly in mine. Her hands are smooth and soft. I held her hand back once we sat down. I was just getting use to the feeling of her hand in mine. I dot know why but the feeling of us holding hands I felt sparks. Me holding her hand felt like in some way I was claiming that she is mine and that I'm her's. And I love this feeling. But then she let go and even tho she wasn't looking at me I gave her a confused look.


I got comfortable holding hands with luke. It made me feel safe. I didn't want it to get akward bc we were holding hands for a long time now so I let go and made an excuse to sound the bottle. We played for another 30 mins. We"

were holding hand for a while until Emily and kristy said they were leaving. Calum and Michael where going to take them home so it was only me Chris Ashton and Luke. Chris and Ashton got very close and flirty this night. I think they might go out, and I totally ship them. They would make such a cute couple.

"Bye guys" I said as they left

"So what should we do now or do u want us to go home. " I asked luke and ash

"Ya it's already 11 but I still got energy" Chris said giggling.

"We could watch a movie?" Luke suggested

"Ya let's do it" Chris said

"Last one to the couch has to make the popcorn" I shouted we all ran to the couch. Chris one first then me then Luke, ash was last.

"Aww that's no fair" he pouted

"Go make the popcorn peasant " I teased

"Ugg fine u guys suck" Ashton said turning around

"I'll help u " Chris said jumping off the couch towards ash. I knew what she was doing. She was trying to get my along with luke. A I came to this conclusion Chris looked back at me and winked.

"I knew it" I shouted

"U knew what?" Luke asked

"Oh nothing" I said

"Fine u guys make-out while making pop corn but me and luke get to chose the movie" I yelled towards ash and Chris to the kitchen

"Thanks for the suggestion for us making out" Ashton joked

Me and luke laughed. I got up towards the tv stand.

"So what do u wanna watch "

"A scary movie" luke said laughing I glared at him with begging eyes asking him not to

"Nooo pls u know I hate scary movies" I was begging him now

"Relax u have me to protect u" luke said patting the seat next to him. I gave him a hesitant look.

"Relax we r friends and as ur friend it's my job to protect u" luke said reassuring me

"Fine but don't complain if most of the movie my head is on ur chest or shoulder. " I said

I was putting in the movie when Chris and ash came in looking a little bit like a mess and I could tell they actually did make out bc Chris shirt was inside out.

"Um Chris I think u might wanna fix ur top" luke said laughing. Chris and Ashton's face turned bright red.

"Uh so what movie?" Chris said

"Scary" I groaned

"Ah yes this is gonna be awsome" Chris said jumping on the couch. Chris loves scary movie. She says it always gives her a rush and excitement

Ashton sat next to her putting his arm around her as they cuddled. the separated the popcorn into 2 bowls one for them and one for me and luke. I sat down next to luke. It was totally comfortable bc we were close friends. Well I wish we were more than that. At the begging of the movie I was really scared so I jumped on luke and Buried my face in Luke's chest as I held on to his shirt. He rapped his arms around me and cradled me while stroking my hair and rubbing small circles on my back. Then feeling more relaxed I place my head in the crook of his neck

"Thank u" I whispered to him

"Hey I told u I'm here to protect u. " he said in a smooth voice which was very calming

Luke's POV:

Sam was getting scared and the more scared she was getting the closer she was cuddling next to me. Until this one scene scared the crap out of her and she literally jumped on top of me. She nuzzled her face into my chest and rolled up in a ball. I wrapped my arms around her. I cradled her, holding on to her like she was the most precious thing on earth. I stroked my hands threw her soft silky hair. I closed my eyes just soling in the moment. I wanted this moment to last forever. I suddenly felt a warm small breath on my neck

"Thank u" she whispered to me

"Hey I told u I'm here to protect u" I whispered back the rest of the movie we cuddle some parts I wasn't watching the movie and just looking at Sammy. When ever she was scared her eyes would go big. If and she would hold on to me for dear life. When the movie ended I saw Ashton and Chris were passed up tangled in each others bodies. I looked back at Sammy and saw her passed out in my arms. She looked so peaceful, her hair fell perfectly framing her face her soft lips where slightly open where I could feel her breath escape her nose would time-to -time cringe in the most adorably way. This Moment I realized , I didn't like Sammy. I didn't LIKE her laugh, I didn't LIKE her smile, I didn't Like the way she would play with her fingers and bit her lip whenever she gets nervous, I didn't LIKE the way she was so happy and cheerful and had no problem messing around. I didn't LIKE Sammy, I knew this was something more powerful, something that meant more to my heart. I was in love with Sammy Castro. Yes! Yes! I LOVE SAMMY I want to scream it in a roof top so everyone could hear me. I never actually fell in love before and this is something stronger then that. I want to protect her. I want to care for her. I want to get into trouble and do stupid stuff with her. I want to make memories and have late night talks with her. I want to love her. I LOVE her laugh, I LOVE her smile, I LOVE the way she play with her fingers and bits her lip when she's nervous, I LOVE the way she is so happy and cheerful, I am in love with her. As I came to my realization. I couldn't stop smiling like a crazy idiot, I mean I know I only knew her for a few days but I love her. I didn't want to wake her up but I had to take her home.

"Sammy get up I have to take u home" I whispered softly in her ear.

" can I just stay hear for the night" she groaned and rubbed her sleepy beautiful eyes staring back at me

"Ya u can stay the night" I was smiling even more like a crazy idiot She placed her head back on me and closed her eyes.

"Y r u smiling so big u dork" she giggled lighty

"I have my reasons, now go back to bed" I carried her up to my room bridal style. And placed her in my bed. She was still asleep but was in some very uncomfortable clothes it looked like. So I placed her on my bed an pulled out some of my pj bottems and one of my shirts. Now the next part don't think I'm weird or like a pervert. I changed her out of her clothes and changed her into the pjs. I quickly admired her body she was perfect. I mean she did have some slight scares and bruises that didn't look to bad but she was perfect in my eyes. I laid down next to her as we cuddled.

"I love u Sam and I promise soon I will let u know how I feel, I promise soon" I kissed her for head and drifted off to sleep.

Hey guys. OMG the feels toward the end of this chapter. Sorry kinda lonly so I just porded out my feelings. Lol anyways I hope u guys r enjoying the book if u are a like it or leave a comment. Ur guys comments and likes is what's keeping this book going. I will update soon my luvs. Oh sorry this chapter was pretty long ok well like or leave a comment I would love to hear ur guys sugestions. Luv u mates💜

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