Everything I didnt say

Luke goes back to school while the band is on break from there tour. As he meets his locker buddy "Sammy" they instantly become friends, my I add with a-little bit of crush, Sammy thought that she and luke would stay friends until she starts to develops feelings towards him but decided to keep it a secret. But starts to regret it as luke finds another love on tour. Read to see everything Sammy didn't say


3. ch 3

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Sammy's POV:

I woke up to a warm imp-race wrapped around me, but it was comforting. I fluttered my eyes open taking in my surroundings , then I smiled just a bit and glanced at up at Luke who was already looking at me. His eyes were still sleepy but were so bright and starting to wake. His perfect quiff of hair was all messy and and crazy but damn his bed head looked hot. I but my lip an smiled .


I woke up to alittle weight on my and a head on my chest. I rubes my eyes to get a clear view and realized it was Sammy . She just as perfect as she did when she fell asleep last night. I cuddled with her tightening my grip around her and just started at her admitting true perfection. That's when she started to flutter her eyes and slowly wake up. She looked so cute sleepy when she would rub her eyes and yawn. Then she looked at me and bit her lip. Damn she looked hot burin he lip and her smile is so contagious.

"Good morning " I said

"Good morning hemming" she said with a big grin in her face

"Well someone's happy today" I said with laughter in my tone.

" I don't even know y I'm not really a morning person" she giggled

I looked at my phone to check the time and i read 10:17 am

"Oh geez we sleeped in to late for school" Sammy quickly shot up and had a worried look on her face

"Hey it's ok we could just say we were sick and take the day off," I said smiling. At this I saw Sammy relax and smile at me

" hey we could hang out today with the boys if u want." I said hoping she would say yes

"Ok ya that sounds fun"

Yes today is gonna be so fun

Sammy's POV:

I grabbed my phone off the coffee table and saw that there was a text from my mom. Wait but I didn't text her someone else did, I read threw the text and knew like did it. But y i mean I'm not mad but he could have just woken me up.

"Hey did u text my mom?" I asked confused. Luke's head shot up and he scratched the back of his neck.

"Uh-uh ya sorry I hope u don't mind she was just texting u and I thought I could save u from getting In trouble " he said

I laughed a little bit

"Oh it's fine like but u could have just woken me up" I reassured him

"Oh well I didn't want to wake u up" I didn't know where this was heading so I just decide to change the subject" ugh I'm hungry!" I groaned" haha well then let's go make some breakfast" luke said getting up. We walked to the kitchen and we decide to make bacon, pancakes, and eggs. Luke didn't know how to make the pancake batter so I was cooking the pancakes and bacon while he made eggs. I was making the pancakes when suddenly my vision was blocked out with white puffy flour.

" oh u r so dead hemming!" I shouted as his laughter quickly turned into fear and he started running. I grabed 2 gees and chased after him when I cought up I jumped on his back and smashed the 2 eggs into his perfect hair

" no!! Not my hair!" Luke explained as he tried to get the yolk off

I fell on my ass laughing but realizing I too was covered so then I grabbed some of the flour on me and threw it on him

"Oh now that was to far" Luke said with a smirked

"Oh gosh" I squealed and started to run but I didn't know where

Luke picked me up and threw me over his shoulder

" put me down hemming" I said laughing at the situation. Luke pinned me down and I struggled to get away but he was just to strong

"Say uncle and I'll let u go but that means u have to finish making breakfast" luke laughed at his comment

" never! " I shouted in play while I was trying to get released

"Ok I can do this all day" he smirked

"Ok ok fine uncle" I giggled

"Yes victory!" He shouted as he let go of me

"Oh shut up u big dork" I said getting up to the kitchen

I cleaned up a bit since most of the flour came off while I was running around then I started cooking again

"I like my eggs scrambled" Luke said laughing

"Fine whatever" I said playfully

Me and luke finished breakfast and I told him that I was gonna go to my house to shower and get some clothes and I would meet up with him later. I drove home took a shower and I put on concealer, mascara, and some eye liner with a neutral lip color. I was just gonna leave my hair in my beachy waves while I pulled over some black ripped shorts with with a mayday parade muscle tee an threw over a flannel along with my vans. I looked in the mirror realizing that I actually didn't look to bad for not really trying. I grabbed my cars keys and headed over to Luke's house

Luke's POV:

I showered getting the eggs and flour out of my hair, recapping this mornings even. I luv how sam was so playful and she didn't get mad when I threw the flour on her. I could still hear her laughter fill the house. Her laugh made every other person laugh. She was just so filled with joy and happiness.

I got out of shower and put on black skinny jeans with Good Charlotte band tee. I fixed my hair up and that when I heard my door slam and heard 3 guy voices downstairsI ran down the stairs to see ash calum and Michael making themselves at home while playing FIFA

"Hey guys what's up" I said walking down the stairs. Over to sit on the couch

"Me kicking Ashton's ass at FIFA is what's up" Michael evil laughed

" shut up we just started I can still win" Ashton said shoving Michael

I went on my phone scrolling threw twitter and Instagram

"Hey guys my friend Sam is coming over we met yesterday at school so she is gonna hang with us" I looked up to see the three guys all staring at me with smiles smacked across their faces

"We r just friends ok" I said alittle bit anoyed

Ok whatever u say" Calum laughed

" the party has started" Sam shouted coming threw the door

"U always have to make a scene " I said teasing her as I brought her in a hug

"Aw u guys starting playing FIFA without me" Sam pouted sitting on the couch next to Michael

"U play?!" Michael asked surprised

"Duh" Sam laughed

"Luke I think ur friends just became my best friend"Michael said laughing

*couple hours later"


After awhile of just playing video games and just talking I started getting closer to the boys. I mean even tho I just met them it feels like we have all been best friends forever.

"Ugg I'm hungry" I groaned

"Pizza!" Michael and calum both shouted at the same time

"Oh my gosh u guys r geniuses !" I shouted I jumped on claims back and we paraded around the room shouting

"Pizza,pizza,pizza!" We then crashed on the couch and I landed on Calum and ash.

"Pops sorry I giggled as I completely fell on top of ash

"Get off me u big hippo"

I sat on top of him making him suffer before I finally got off and walked towards Luke who was laughing his ass off.

"Hey luke u have to tell u a secret " I whispered maybe a little bit to suducivly. His eyes widens

"What it is?!" He sounds excited

I leaned towards him sitting on his lap and I could feel he was getting a hard on.

"I won't punch u if u order pizza" I quickly got up laughing as the rest of the boys while luke started to blush.


Sam sat in my lap and wispered in my ear in a really sexy tone. I started to get a hard on while she just giggled alittle bit before saying to me

"I won't punch u if u order pizza" then she jumped off my lap revealing my hard boner. I mean what do u expect she was in my lap moving around and was talking to me in a sexy tone. All the boys laughed as they look at my pants

"Oh whatever I'll go order the pizza" I said awkwardly. I ordered the pizza and went back to the room seeing Sam sitting on claims lap. I mean I knew she wasn't doing it in a sexy way bc the whole couch was out of seats but I could see that calum was enjoying it and for some weird reason this got me jealous. I mean as I sat there looking at them laugh and I saw calum making his hand on her thigh but she wasn't really realizing it bc she was talking to Michael. I was about to say something so I stood up and couldn't say anything bc the door beep rang

" pizza omg food" Sam said excitedly jumping off calum slap and running to the door. At this I was relieved and saw calum sadden when she left. I shot him a death glare.

"Hey u said u guys were friends" was all calum said before attending the door with Sam

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CALUMS POV: ( y not;)

As Luke walked out the room we all quickly sat one the couch not leaving any room for Sam

"Aww u guys r mean" Sam fake pouted

"U can take a seat here" Michael said with a smirk and patted his lap

"Or somewhere better" Ashton winked at her. I was just laughing at how goofy they were being. But then I saw Sam walk towards me and sit on my lap.

"Aww that's no fair, y him?" Michael pouted

" Bc he didn't ask me to sit on his lap"that was all Sam said before smile at me and kissed me on the check. I blushed at this action. We were all just talking when I started making my hand on her thigh when she didn't say anything I thought she didn't mind so I started so run my hand lightly up and down but then luke walked in and gave me the death glare. Hey it not my fault for making a move, or at least trying to. Beside he said they were only friends.


I ran to the door grabbed the pizza and quickly shut it. I started making my way to the kitchen when I herd a knock at the door. Ugg what now. I walked over and opened making it clear that I was annoyed.

"What?" I said rolling my eyes. When I gave the pizza guy a good look I realized he was actually pretty hot. I quickly changed my attitude

"Sorry, I snapped I'm hungry " I said giggling

"It's ok and u forgot to pay for the pizza" he said smiling

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry i be right back"

"Boys who lost at FIFA?"

"Ashton" they all shouted walking over to me.

"Ashton where's ur wallet?" I asked casualty

"It's in my pocket" he said pulling it out.

"Good now let me pay the cute pizza guy and let's eat" I said snatching the wallet. Ashton gave me a confused look then smirked

"So u like the pizza guy " he said smoothly

"Shut up and give me the money" I grabbed the money then handed it to the guy

"Thanks enjoy ur pizza"

"Thank u for giving us the pizza "

"Hey I'm Blake by the way here's my number if u r ever interested. I think ur really pretty and maby if u text me I could pay for the pizza next time" Blake said blushing alittle. I giggled and took the piece of paper

" I'll think about it" I said giving him a wink and closing the door

I turned around to see all four jaws dropped.

"Damn Sam if u gonna flirt with a guy can u do it faster so we can eat" calum said. We where sitting down eating pizza now.

"I know that Blake kid he is weird I don't think u should go on a date with him " luke said looking at me. I think he is staring in my eyes bc that what it feels like, he has a jealous tone in his voice that's pretty obvious.

"Well idk he was cute and didn't seem weird to me. Plus I haven't gone on a date in a while so it wouldn't hurt. "

* we finish our pizza *

Luke's POV :

" ugh I'm stuffed" I said happily rubbing my stomach

"Well I would expect u to be stuffed on ur 5 slice" Sam laughed

"Hey we should watch a movie" Michael said excited

"Yes!" We all said in time

We got up and walked to the tv room as they all sat down on couch while I was sitting trying to pick out a movie.

"What movie? Guys" I asked

"Oh oh it should be a scary one calum smirked. I don't even know why he did tho.

"No!! " I herd Sam scream. We all looked at her

" sorry I get so scared with scary movies I making just hide my face the whole time" she said embarrassed now.

"Well don't worry I'll protect u" calum said wrapping an arm around Sam. Now I understood y he wanted to watch a scary movie.

I rolled my eyes and put in INSDIOUS then sat down next to Sam. I saw that CALUMS arms where no longer around her. As threw out the movie Sam jumped time to time buzz lying her head I'm my chest. I like the fact that when she got scared she quickly would go to me, even tho calum offers to snuggle with her. I wrap my arm around letting her lay on my she nuzzled her head in the crook of my neck and I could feel her warm breath brushing against my skin.

"I'll protect u" I said softly. I felt her relaxe a bit and cuddle closer to me. Sam feel asleep on me by the time the movie was over. Micheal just left And the other boys where about to leave to. I don't move not wanted to wake Sam up.

" hey I can take her home if u want" at this Sam woke up.

" oh gosh what time is it?" She asked confused

"11" I said

"I can take u home if u want " calum said again softly.

" or u can stay here another night" I said hoping she would say yes, I didn't feel comfortable letting calum take her home bc I knew we would try to make a move on her.

" no that alright I'll have culum take me I haven't seen my parents in a while and I think they r missing me, us I need some clothes" she said yawning.

Dammit. Now she's going with calum.

She got up and hugged me goodbye before leaving with calum.

Ugg I'll just hopefully see her tomorrow at school. Tomorrow Friday then the weekend. Yes

SAMs POV I looked at my phone that I have turned off for the day bc I was hanging with the guys.

6calls from Chris

3 text from Joey

And 4 voice mails from Emily.

Oh shoot I forgot to text them today saying I wasn't going to school.

I decided to text them when I get home. Do hoped in CALUMS car and buckled up. I looked over at him staring at me.

"Calum?" I said smiling

"Ya?" He said softly and smiled back

" r u gonna start the car?" I asked laughing when he snapped back to reality and started the car and we were on the road I was talking to calum getting to know eachother more and he is actually a pretty cool guy. He drooped me off home ad we said our goodbyes. I hugged my mom bc I haven't seen her in a while. Well only like 2 days but ya know. I went in my room changing into pjs and sent out a group text to Joey Chris and Emily

Me: hey guys sorry I didn't go to school today I slept in late and just decide to skip

Chris: oh thank god I thought u died!

Emily: I just thought u where sick

Joey: if u did die... Could I have Sparta

(Sparta is my baby husky I got for my birthday)

Me: over my dead body

Joey: that could be arranged

Emily: gosh u guys r creepy

Chris: could I have ur homework when u die I didn't finish mine

Me: oh my gosh guys I'm not dead so stop claiming stuff😂

Me: see ya mates tomorrow

And with that I turned off my phone and drifted off to sleep

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