Everything I didnt say

Luke goes back to school while the band is on break from there tour. As he meets his locker buddy "Sammy" they instantly become friends, my I add with a-little bit of crush, Sammy thought that she and luke would stay friends until she starts to develops feelings towards him but decided to keep it a secret. But starts to regret it as luke finds another love on tour. Read to see everything Sammy didn't say


1. ch 1

"Honey!hurry up" my mom yelled, I was getting dresses for the first day of school I currently live in Australia and have my whole life, I have light wavy brown hair and bright green eyes. It's my senior year of high school which I have to attend right now actually. Oh and my name is Sammy btw. " coming!" I yelled back to my mom, I just slipped on some black high wasted ripped shorts and put on a blue lose top with some white high tops and put my hair in a cute ponytail. I looked myself in the Mirror, and decided that I looked super cute. I grabed my bag and headed out the door to my car," bye mom I'm leaving" I screamed as I ran out the door. I got in my car and started up as I plugged in my phone to the blue tooth and started "end up here" by 5sos. I loved them I mean I actually was in one of there classes when I was in grade school but then they started their band and now they are growing in fame. I finally arrived at school when I saw a big crowd of people huddled around someone but I couldn't see who it was so I just headed to my first period.

*skip to lunch*

I got up with my besties Chris and Emily I have known them for like ever. " hey do u guys know what that big group of people were doing this morning?" Asked Chris, "ya I herd one of the boys from5sos is retuning back to school" said Emily in a excited tone, "why do u guys care so much about them?" My other friend Joey said teasing us. We just stared at him. At. Shock.

"Because they r fucking awesome!!" Yelled Chris . We just all laughed at Chris's statement. As I finished my pizza towards the end of lunch I decide to go back a little bit early to my locker to get ready for my next class e with Joey. I was looking at my phone as I gladly saw that there were no more girls huddled around my locker. I opened my locker that was covered of different band pics and started looking for the books I need as I herd someone next to me going threw there locker slamming whatever it was into it. The person started to grunt in a deep voice of frustration.

I tried to ignore it but it kept going on and he clearly wasn't getting what he wanted I spoke to him saying," do u need help there?" I said giggling alittle bit not looking away from the inside if my locker.

"Hey, this is no laughing matter, it's my first day of school back here an I already lost one of my books.

Wait? Did he just say that it was his first day back?

I slowly look at the tall blonde figure standing in front of me. I quickly examined him noticing right away that he was wearing black ripped skiny jeans with a green day shirt. As I stat to look up to him I notice is FUCKING HOT LIP RING. Then as I start to make eye contact with him I stare at his deep blue eyes, it's the kind of eyes I could stare at and lose your train of thought.. Which I obvious if bc I noticed a hand waving in my face. I quickly snapped back into reality as I blushed like crazy biting my lip and looking at my feet.

"Like what you see?" The laughing luke said to me.

Oh gosh now Luke hemming thinks I'm an idiot. THE LUKE HEMMING IS LAUGHING AT ME

He could obviously tell I was in barest so he contained his laughter and grabed my shoulders to look at me

"Hey it's okay to be honest I was checking u out to" he let out an akward giggle.

"Oh thank god I thought u were thinking I was a complete weirdo or something" I laughed.

"I'm Sammy by the way" I said reaching out my hand expecting him to shake it. He didn't. He just looked at my hand,then me, my hand , then me.

" god u never herd of a hand shake" I said laughing a bit awkward. A huge smirk glided across his face then quickly pulled me into a hug. I stood a but shocked but returned it after.

"We r friend now we don't shake hands he winked at me. I blushed a little I don't even know why.

"So why were u so frustrated again" I said giggling

"Oh I lost my math book but I swear it was in here before lunch" like exclaimed,

" oh I see" I rolled my eye smiling

"Did u leave your locker open?" I said with a sarcastic smile.

"Well ya, I haven't quiet got my locker combo yet" luke said scratching the back of he neck.

"Well just telling u, you probs don't want to do that the jocks do that to tease new people.i should know they did tat to me"

"Oh thanks for the advise but alittle late" he smirked. I rolled my eyes in a playful way.

"Well better then me not telling u at all" I said punching his arm slightly. "Well what class do u have that u need your book for?" I asked a bit curiously. I grabbed my math book and note book as I closed my locker looking back to him, putting my hands on my hips. He looked at me with a huge expression in his face.

"Math" he smirked

"Oh well I don't really use my textbook I just take notes in class so u can borrow my book for today" I said kindly handing him my book.

"Really?!" He asked a bit surprised but pleased

"Yes but don't ruin it hemmings" I giggled a bit. We started heading over to math class as the bell rang telling us that lunch was over.

"I promise to my friend Sammy that I shall not hurt or ruin her precious book" he said with a stern serious look holding one hand over his heart and the other on the book, but we both quickly broke out into laughter.


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