What Comes Up, Must Go Down


Let the quest begin, as twelve people sail on the Argo II, to the place where one may seal their doom. Eleven Argonauts return that night, having lost one of their own, while the Lost sits on a throne. But the throne will break over time, and the Lost has no luck. For when Lost's luck is up, Lost shall go down. Cover by Unknown Soldier


5. The Death

The Kraken grabbed Rhianna and reached for Lydia, grabbing her as well. The others watched as the Kraken let go of Lydia and threw Rhianna, unknowing to where she might land. 




  I was reading a book, when all of a sudden, a horrible image flashed before me, causing me to cry.   

"What is it?"

"Megan, get Ellie. Follow me." "Okay........ I'll go get her," Megan said. When she came back, I proceeded to walk into the woods behind Bunker 9.  "Dig there," I commanded, pointing to a pile of snow. Megan and Ellie dug, until they hit something.   

It was a leg. 

We then dug up higher, uncovering an arm with an SPQR mark. We looked at each other, and dug a bit more, finding a torso with a huge slash in it. We finally found the face, and we realised who it was. We began to wonder how they were killed, and remembered that we hadn't uncovered one of the victim's arms yet. When we did, we saw the victim clutching a Roman Gladius thatwas covered in blood.   

We also found a note beside the victim, that stated, "I can never go home......."

  I cried upon seeing the face of the victim, her hair up in a bun, the freckles on her face like drops of melted copper, her dark skin like coffee with milk, and her beautiful emerald eyes glued open forever, never to blink again.  

Ellie immediately contacted the Argo by Iris Message, and they were heartbroken. 

  "What's wrong?! What is it?"

"Annabeth... We uh....."


"Jason, shut up and let me handle this," Annabeth said, Pushing Jason back.  "About Rhianna...... She's here."

"Can Jason talk to her?"

"No," Megan said. 

"Why not...?"

"We think it was suicide."  

Everyone cried, including John. 

Lydia sat looking at Rhianna's would-be-chair, muttering, "The last thing I said to her was she was annoying....."

    Annabeth gasped as she saw something extraordinary. There, in a tree, sat Rhianna's ghost, looking longingly at Camp Half-Blood. She shook her head as she heard someone whisper, "I can never go home."

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