What Comes Up, Must Go Down


Let the quest begin, as twelve people sail on the Argo II, to the place where one may seal their doom. Eleven Argonauts return that night, having lost one of their own, while the Lost sits on a throne. But the throne will break over time, and the Lost has no luck. For when Lost's luck is up, Lost shall go down. Cover by Unknown Soldier


8. Killjoys

The next morning, the crew arrived in Egypt. They had to find the god Sobek. 

"Carry on my wayward son, 

There'll be peace when you are done,

Lay your weary head to rest,

Don't you cry no more...."


The beautiful, yet harsh sound of an electric guitar wailed through the ship, waking everyone up. 

"Who is that?!" The others swarmed out of their rooms, but couldn't figure out who it was. Then they realised who wasn't in the hall.   

Rhianna sat in the mess hall, singing and playing her guitar. She had never told anyone about it, afraid they would laugh.   

The others stood at the door in awe, watching her as she played. She finished, and they began to clap. From the side of her face, you can see her eyes widen.  She stuttered. "H-How much of that d-did you-u hear?!" 

"All of it. It was amazing," Hazel whispered. 

Jason was too shocked to speak. He muttered something incoherent, and Rhianna messed with his blond hair, trying to get a part of it to stay down. She slid his glasses onto his face and searched for hers. 

"Oh, so you'll fix his hair, but not mine?"

"Leo," Rhianna laughed, "yours doesn't NEED fixing. However, Superman's does."  

Jason blushed and Percy yelled, "JASON'S GOT A CRUSH!!!!"

"Naw, Perce, he's just married to me for no reason."

Lydia was getting annoyed with the back and forth, so she handled it herself. "Your death will PROBABLY  be caused by you being sarcastic at the wrong moment. You do know that, right.....?"

"Killjoy," Frank muttered.   


A/N: THIS ONE IS SHORT, BUT I DONT CARE. I don't feel that well, having probably twisted my ankle by falling down the stairs at the House o' Dreams...... And I'm just too lazy to write, I also have writer's block.

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