What Comes Up, Must Go Down


Let the quest begin, as twelve people sail on the Argo II, to the place where one may seal their doom. Eleven Argonauts return that night, having lost one of their own, while the Lost sits on a throne. But the throne will break over time, and the Lost has no luck. For when Lost's luck is up, Lost shall go down. Cover by Unknown Soldier


2. Flashback

After the quadruplets were big enough to eat normal food, Rhianna and Jason were forced to go on the quest with the other ten. Marie decided to stay and help Megan, Ellie, Mavis, and Melody with the kids while the quest group was gone. Rhianna had to be locked up in a room until the Argo II had set sail. Even from down in the engine room, her sobs and wails could be heard inside the camp, filled with so much sorrow and sadness, even Chiron had to force back tears. Angel boarded the ship as help for the twelve, and as soon as they set sail, Leo opened the door to the engine room and found Rhianna there, curled up in a ball, a pool of tears around her.

"Rhi, you can come out," said Lydia as she walked down the stairs with Hazel and Angel.

"Never! Not in a thousand years...," Rhianna wailed.

"You'll starve."

"I don't care.That's better than the misery I'm in! I was so happy.... And then.... And then....," she stuttered.

"They went all Hunger Games on you," Leo finished.



Back on the deck, the others were going insane from the sadness in Rhianna's wails.

For example, Percy made Frank tie him up on a pole so he wouldn't run down there.

Jason was rocking back and forth, clutching his knees to his chest and mumbling incoherent words.

Piper was almost ready to pull her hair out.

Frank made Hazel tie HIM up on a pole.

Melody was talking to herself.

Annabeth was humming a tuneless song with a crazy look in her eye.

But, Nico and John weren't phased. John sat in the shadows, whistling a song his mother taught him. Nico was sharpening his sword.


Of all the people going insane, Jason was the most affected, because he wasn't all that happy about having his kids taken away from him either.


When Lydia, Hazel, Angel, and Leo went back upstairs, they told everyone that Rhi had cried herself to sleep.

"She needed a good nap. She was so sleep deprived, she could hardly move," said Angel.

"While we were down there, we had to make her eat," Lydia explained.

"But after she went to sleep, she was perfectly fine," Leo finished in a reassuring voice.

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